10 Things You Should Never Do With Your Sex Doll

TPE and Silicone sex dolls are popular in the market, and many people think they can do whatever they like. However, if you want a fantastic sex doll experience, you must follow some guidelines. After all, real love dolls are an investment that you need to care for.

The guidelines will also enhance your premium sex dolls longevity and ensure that your safety and health with the sex doll are secure. The top ten things you must not do with your realistic sex dolls include:

1. Do Not Share With Others

The number one rule of buying a sex doll is not to share it with anyone. The sex doll is for your pleasure only, and sharing it with others can lead to hygiene and health issues. It doesn’t matter if your family member or close friend wants to borrow the lifelike sex doll, as you must set sex doll boundaries and say no.

While infections and STDs are not an issue, if only you use the life-size sex doll, it can become a problem when sharing it with others. For example, if your friend has sex with the love doll and then you use it, an infection can transmit through the doll. The probability of this sex doll transmission happening is low, but it is still a risk.

So, set sex doll boundaries with your close friends and family and never share your real sex dolls with them. It will ensure that your best sex doll lasts long and doesn’t harm your health in any way.

2. Do Not Open The Arms Or Legs Of The Sex Doll For A Long Time

With so many advancements in technology, TPE and Silicone sex dolls are highly realistic. Even the limbs of such Japanese sex dolls are as flexible as that of a real woman. Therefore, you can easily bend your lifelike sex doll in any position you like to fulfill all your fantasies.

However, be careful not to leave the arms or legs of your petite sex dolls open for extended periods. That is because it will cause stress on the sex doll’s joints, which might lead to the tearing of the Silicone or TPE material. Besides that, it will also decrease the life of your sex dolls, and it will increase the risk of premium sex doll injuries.

Even when you store your best sex doll, you must do it in a natural position. The best way to store a sex doll is to keep it lying down with closed legs and arms. So, be careful and never open your sex doll’s limbs for long periods.

3. Do Not Expose Them To Direct Sunlight

Any object that is constantly exposed to sunlight will fade, or discoloration can occur. For example, even when you leave wooden things in the sunlight for a long, you will notice the color fading. The same applies to life-size sex dolls as the high temperature can cause damage to the TPE or Silicone skin.

Exposing the sex doll to direct sunlight will lead to the rapid aging of the Silicone or TPE material. In the long run, sunlight exposure will lead to a decrease in smoothness and life expectancy. So, if you live in a hot region, be sure to store your real sex doll in a cool or dry place.

You will benefit the most if you store the sex doll in a place with no sunlight. Doing this will enhance the life of your BBW sex doll and ensure that the TPE or silicone integrity remains intact.

4. Do Not Lay It Straight For Longer

Never leave your TPE sex dolls lying down or in a sitting position for a long time. If you are going on holiday or don’t plan on using your real love doll for a week or more, it is best to hang her in a compression-free position. However, when you do this, you must lean your silicone sex dolls on an object to ensure they remain tension-free.

Besides that, you must never place your lifelike sex dolls on a rough or hard surface, and that is because it can lead to the deformation of the sex doll’s back and hips. Instead, you can use soft memory foam for your sex doll to reduce pressure on her spine.

TPE or silicone material is elastic, which is why it can lead to deformations. For the best sex doll storage, you must be careful and follow these precautions. If you don’t, you will notice severe depressions and deformities in your sex doll’s skin.

5. Never Let Your Doll Get Wet

Moisture is one of the biggest enemies of TPE and silicone sex dolls. Because of this, you must always guarantee that your sex doll remains free of moisture and water. You have to clean and wash the sex doll regularly, but you should always use a soft cloth to dry her completely before storing it inside.

Before storage, you must also check if all the sex doll orifices such as the mouth, anus, and vagina are dry, as many people don’t pay attention to these sex doll areas. If you leave water in the sex doll, it can breed bacteria and viruses. Because of this, your experience with the sex doll will be unhealthy.

Keep in mind that TPE is a waterproof material, but it is porous. That means if you leave the sex doll wet for a long time, the water will seep deep inside and damage the material. It will also make your experience uncomfortable when you have sex with the sex doll later. Therefore, you should always keep your life-size sex dolls moisture and water-free.

6. Avoid Dressing Her In Dark/Faded Clothes

Many people dress silicone sex dolls in unique costumes and clothing to do role-play. To keep your sex doll looking fantastic, you have to follow some rules. A general rule of thumb is always to make your sex doll wear high-quality clothes made from safety material.

That is because if you dress your sex doll with low-quality clothing, it will cause staining on the premium sex dolls’ skin. Dark clothes are a big no, and you must always consider this factor before dressing your sex doll. Some sex doll stains can be stubborn and might cause permanent damage to the doll.

Another sex doll clothing rule you must remember is never to dress her in tight clothing, and that is because tight sex doll clothing will compress the silicone or TPE material and cause deformation.

Finally, you must not wear discolored clothes on your TPE sex dolls, and the colors can stain the sex dolls’ skin, and the stain might not come off quickly. So, in summary, you must avoid tight, dark, and discolored clothing items.

7. Never Use Disinfectants That Can Change The Texture Of The Skin

Harsh chemicals are a big no when it comes to sex dolls because they will ruin the material. That is why you must never clean your TPE or silicone sex dolls with harsh cleaning agents. In addition, disinfectants contain a high amount of alcohol, which can ruin the texture of your sex doll’s skin.

Besides that, you must also avoid using harsh soap on the sex doll’s skin. Instead, we recommend using a mild hand or dish soap for cleaning, ensuring that the soap is scent-free. Scented soaps can also cause damage to the sex doll’s skin and material.

Whatever cleaning agent or soap you use must be little enough not to leave residue on the sex doll. The best practice is to use a soap or cleaning agent specifically created for TPE sex dolls.

8. Do Not Use Perfumes Containing Alcohol

We have already established the fact that harsh chemicals can cause realistic sex dolls harm. We understand that a good smell can turn any on in minutes, but you must resist that urge.

Perfumes with alcohol can damage your sex dolls’ skin for a long time. The most vulnerable material is silicone in terms of alcohol, which is why you must never use it on your silicone sex dolls. We suggest using it on her hidden body parts, such as armpits, if you want to use it.

You can also purchase a perfume that is alcohol-free for your Silicone or TPE sex dolls. Many sex doll vendors offer such bouquets as people buy them to enhance their sex drive. You can ask your vendor if they provide these perfumes for sex dolls.

9. Put Pressure On Her In Unrealistic Positions

Never put pressure on your sex doll’s body by putting her in ideological positions. Yes, lifelike sex dolls are as flexible as real women, but they are not made for unrealistic sex. If you do this, it will bend the sex doll’s skin, leading to deformation and cracks.

Humans can work on their joints and make them flexible, but sex dolls don’t have that luxury. It is beyond a sex doll’s capacity to go into these positions. If you put such pressure, your sex doll might crack or tear, and you will have to purchase a new sex doll.

That is why you can experiment with your sex doll but don’t do ideological positions that can put additional pressure. You can try some kinky places with the sex doll that will not hurt her limbs. These include doggy style, reverse cowgirl, standing, and many others.

10. No Regular Cleaning For Them

Finally, you must clean your realistic sex dolls regularly as it can affect your hygiene and health. After every sex, you must thoroughly clean your sex doll. If you are not using it, you must still clean it once each month to ensure it remains safe and healthy for you.

You should take care of it, or it can lead to an infections breeding ground. Even after each cleaning session, you must dry the sex doll entirely before storage. Doing this will ensure that your sex doll remains healthy and does not cause any harm to you in the next lovemaking session.

These are the top ten things you must never do with your life-size sex dolls. Once you follow these guidelines, your lifelike sex dolls will last a long time and offer you a better experience. It will also reduce any health risks and ensure you have safe sex with sex doll intercourse in no time.

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