100% Money-Back & 100% Authentic Dolls Guaranteed

All Branded Dolls You Bought At elledoll.com Are 100% Authentic Dolls ONLY

ElleDoll is one of the best online sellers of authentic, realistic silicone and TPE sex dolls. We never compromise on quality and customer satisfaction. One of the best things about our brand is that we are an authorized and certified seller of sex dolls.

We get authorization certificates from many of the high-quality sex doll manufacturers. So you can be sure that what you are buying is an authentic product. We do not sell counterfeit products, and we stand behind our claim. This is why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all our sex dolls. If there is an issue with the sex doll you receive, then we will get you a replacement or offer you a full refund of your amount.

How Does The Whole Process Of Money-Back Guarantee Work?

When you receive your sex doll, we recommend that you take photos of it while unboxing it. Inspect your realistic sex doll from top to bottom and see if everything is okay and according to what you ordered. If you find any issues, take photographs and report the matter to us using the form available on our website. Try to be as detailed as possible when you mention the problem or problems with your sex doll. You can send us photos and videos of the problem so there is no miscommunication about the issue. Our staff will review your complaint and see the pictures and videos, and once we verify that there is an issue with the detail, our support staff will contact you for the replacement or refund process. Contact us here.

Is There Anything That Is Not Agree With The Money Back Guarantee?

Several things don’t agree with the money-back guarantee. You can check them below:

Used Dolls: We recommend inspecting the doll as soon as it arrives. We won’t accept a refund for a used doll. But we will try to do our best to solve the problem for you.

Damage Caused by User: If, after reviewing the doll, we find that the damage was actually caused by the customer’s mishandling of the doll, then we reserve the right to refuse any replacement or refund on the respective order.

Minor Skin Imperfections: Minor skin imperfections caused during the manufacturing process that does not affect the doll’s overall appearance do not make the doll qualify for a refund or replacement. Sex dolls will have certain marks because of the manufacturing process, and these birthmarks and things make your doll unique.

Nails and Eye Lashes: Your doll’s accessories like nails and eyelashes can become loose during transportation. If they are open, use glue to apply them back on. The company is not liable to provide a refund in such a case. Here is a detailed guide on how to fix it.

Makeup: Since each doll is handmade, with semi-permanent makeup, there will be a slight variation in makeup, usually within acceptable limits. We will send you pictures of the doll to confirm before sending it to you; if it turns out to be a little different than you expected, we will do our best to correct it for you. However, once you have received the doll and changed your mind about the makeup, in that case, you will need to remake up the doll yourself.

Custom Dolls: Dolls explicitly built for you will not be automatically eligible for a replacement or refund just because you don’t like the end product. If you are not satisfied with this doll, we are happy to discuss a return and refund, but we cannot guarantee an automatic refund unless it is genuinely faulty or not as described or ordered. It can be challenging to refund a doll made only for you and will consider your case individually.