Best Silicone Sex Dolls

Today’s realistic sex dolls are made of two materials: High-Quality TPE and Medical-grade Silicone. The two materials have a lot in common; both are highly malleable, stable, and safe for the body.

The material used for sex dolls was silicone at the beginning but then people have found the TPE material to be the replacement, which is softer, cheaper. And now, there are many TPE models on the market. But users with sufficient budget will still tend to choose Silicone Sex Doll

Silicone doll is attractive to people who want a lifelike real looking partner. It makes your intimacy more realistic. Whether your reasons are stressful or living alone, a silicone doll would be your best solution.

The details of the body curves and skin texture of the dolls made of this material are very realistic. They have flexible joints that enable you to achieve different poses.

Advantages To Buy A Silicone Sex Doll

Delicate & Lifelike Makeup

The excellent silicone material makes love dolls easy to apply makeup, stable makeup, and not easy to fall off. Using high-quality cosmetics and professional makeup techniques can turn a doll from an ordinary head into an exquisite beauty right away.

More Realistic Skin

The silicone material can create skin texture and body veins on the chest and arms. And it could make spots on the skin. Very similar to the female skin.

Flexible Skeleton

Silicone dolls are high-end products, and manufacturers are at the forefront of improving the skeleton. To reduce the weight, the producer improves the material of the structure. It used to be made of stainless steel. Now it may be a high-strength lightweight plastic or fiber material.

More lively fingers and toes

The detailing of the fingers and toes of the silicone doll is more textured and pleated, and the color of the joints makes the hands and knees more realistic. The shape of the finger joints is easier to adjust and can do different activities.

Soft & Real Chest

Silicone is slightly less soft than TPE, but if the breasts and hips are too weak, they will lose their realism, and the touch can be different from real people. A soft gel material inhected to the doll’s chest. The entire bust looks pretty natural and closer to the softness and high elasticity of a natural person.

Plump & Elastic Buttocks

Like the breasts, it can fill the hips with latex or soft silicone to make the ass rounded and elastic.

Realistic Labia Vagina

Silicone love dolls generally use a separate vagina. The vagina material is not the same as the body; The softer premium silicone material ensure the user gets fantastic sexual pleasure.

Longer Life

Unlike TPE, the silicone material gives the doll a longer life. However, it is still necessary to pay attention to the care and maintenance of the love doll; the silicone cleaning process is relatively simple.

How Can I Choose The Best Silicone Sex Doll?

As a rule, choosing the doll’s face seems to be the preferred option; we don’t recommend doing that. Because every model has a removable head, you can replace it by simply purchasing additional heads.

We recommend starting by choosing the body:

  • Height: the height of the doll varies from 140cm-170cm. Do you like petite or tall?
  • Various sizes of breasts, ranging from A-H cups. Do you like small chests or giant?
  • Buttock: there are wide hips, or slim butts, etc. Do you prefer regular hips or plump hips?
  • Type: Japanese, European, Anime & Fantasy, there are other variants, etc. Which type is your favorite? 
  • Color: hair; skin; nail color, and so on. You could choose your favorite.

As mentioned above, the choice of the face can be independent of the body.

Your personal preference is the key here. Just make sure that if you want to change to a different head, the skin color of your sexy doll’s face matches the skin tone of your chosen body so that it looks coordinated.

The Best Our Pick Silicone Sex Dolls

Nagashima is the kind of girl you can’t forget at first glance.

Her amber crystal eyes look such charming on her little pink face that you can’t help but look at her more than once.

Every detail of her is lifelike, her delicate and smooth skin, slender and long legs.

The way she shyly strokes herself with her head down will make you go crazy.

Her moans will excite you sexually and make you more explosive until you are delighted. Bring your first love home now!

She is a perfect silicone girl, with her slim waist and full hips forming a sexy curve, whether delicate facial features or look at her back.

In all silicone dolls, she is one of the youngest.

She may not be cheap, but the moment you receive her, you will thank yourself for the investment because you will not want to leave her for a moment, and she’ll bring you much more fun.

Megan is a Top Lifelike Silicone Sex Doll. She has silky, wheaten skin, and the faint freckles on her face are gleaming.

The spots on the chest are too realistic to makes you feel like your real partner is next to you.

But you don’t have to care about her feelings; she’s always ready to party with you. She is eager to do many things with you; please allow her to fulfill all your sexual desire and fantasy.

Mica is a petite Asian girl with fair and smooth skin. Her eyes are a charming mixture of brown and gold, and she is the perfect combination of youthism and erotic art.

She looks gorgeous. When your hands stroke her smooth, delicate, almost poreless face, l believe your penis will cock up against your jeans.

And that’s not all; her close-set breast naturally falls on her thin waist; you can also make love with her at the same time with her chest sex; it will be an incredible moment. Please don’t restrain your desire; satisfy your own needs.

Also Great Silicone Sex Dolls

What Can Silicone Dolls Bring To People?

A silicone doll can help:

Someone socially awkward and lonely.

Long-distance couples

Single people, people who live alone for a long time

People who have experienced emotional trauma

Spiritual Support for the elderly and widows

The pure love of dolls, or like to collect

A couple is looking for a thrill in the bedroom. They would be the perfect home wrecker.

SinoDoll- A Nice Silicone Doll Brands We Recommend

A Perfect Compromise Of Realism And Sex Usage

To make silicone dolls have a better sexual effect, Sino Doll added a soft mixture to the critical parts of the doll’s body, such as breasts, belly, hands, and feet.

This technology helps you to benefit from a good silicone visual sense while also making your doll soft in key body parts. Sino Dolls are particularly popular in Europe and America because they optimize the beauty of the doll and make it more comfortable.

If nothing compares to the softness of the TPE body, then for those seeking realism and the usage of love dolls, Sino Dolls is a perfect compromise.

ultra soft body parts

The Advantages Of Silicone Sino-Dolls

  • Lifelike Vagina
  • Ultra Soft And Realistic Breasts
  • Gorgeous Features Western Face
  • Realistic Balanced Out Bodies With Curves

Genuine Breasts To See And Touch

Their ultra-soft breasts are very genuine to see and touch.

The shape of their full chest is natural. When they lie down, their boobs are slightly stretch out and when they are standing, their breasts are relaxed that like the real human boobs.

Although it doesn’t give you the same effect compared to the TPE material, their boobs wobble more realistically and naturally. The TPE made breasts swung in a broader range which tend to rebound.

The details of their areola and nipples are also very realistic and attractive.

Compared with TPE, these super-soft breasts will better evenly distributed in your hands, and you will find that touch their boobs is a wonderful thing

silicone doll breast

Interested In Other Types Of Sex Dolls?

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