How to Choose A Male Sex Doll For Women? —The Ultimate Guide For newbies

The Male Sex Dolls Industry Grow Rapidly For LGBT Groups

With the spread of sex education, the rise of artificial intelligence, and the proliferation of non-traditional pornography channels, the share of the sex doll industry is growing rapidly, and demand is increasing.

Since the male sex doll launch, sales have risen by about 5% to 15%. This popularity is primarily due to the gradual destigmatization of sex toys and the social tolerance of LGBT groups.

Most people think full-size male sex dolls only cater to original gender heterosexual women. Now, male love dolls were being rolled out to a broader market as manufacturers began to cater to various sexualities. Men, women, lesbians, and gay men all want to try real male sex dolls

In this increasingly progressive society, more and more women are pursuing demanding careers. As a result, we usually have no time to fall in love, and it is not easy to find the right man. And the same reasons apply to gay men. We need companionship and need to be loved. Therefore, the best male companion choice is a male love doll in addition to cats or dogs. When we drag ourselves home each day, we open the door and see not an empty house but a friend sitting there waiting for me; this simple companionship can instantly relieve my current tiredness, no longer feels like a cold home. This is why we need him!

How to Choose A Male Sex Doll

A realistic, life-size, handsome TPE male o Silicone male sex doll can be the dream man you want. They will provide you with comfort when you need him most, listen to your needs, support all your ideas, ensure that there is no deception, and will quietly stay by your side.

We believe there are many more reasons to choose a perfect life-size male sex doll. Whether you are looking for an all-inclusive masturbation experience, a threesome in your bedroom, or a long-term companionship, these realistic male sex dolls can meet your unique needs.

Through this article, we hope to take you through the history and use of sex male dolls, the benefits, as well as tips on how to select and maintain them, and to help women and gay men get the best partner for them. For you to get the most out of your dolls, please take a moment to read. Don’t worry; any of your needs deserve to be taken seriously! All of us are here to offer our utmost support and acceptance.

The benefits you get when buy male sex doll

As mentioned earlier, sex dolls are not only for sex; contrary to conventional wisdom, they are more like a perfect companion. You can make a good friend quickly because they do not care about giving but provide you with everything you want, including sex, companionship, etc. Unlike the ones you’ve encountered that question your whereabouts, complain about you, cost you money, and then go around leaving messes or other behaviors that make you hate, etc. For such a good partner, all you have to do is to clean him up after using him, that’s all. But, not only that, there are some advantages as follows:

An ideal substitute to a dependable Partner:

They can be the best solution to heal your wounds. Whether it’s because of a painful breakup or the loss of a loved one that has left you with some spiritual loss, anxiety, etc., you may find it hard to love again sometimes, at least for a short time. And this is the time when you need the most companionship, and a wonderful life-size male sex doll can provide you with support and comfort anytime; you don’t have to face it alone.

No judgment:

Maybe you live alone a lot and sometimes find yourself wondering how to enter a relationship. Then you can use the real male sex doll as a practice object to learn how to treat your future partner. And most importantly, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes, being afraid of causing upset, etc. They don’t judge you; you can keep practicing through him, adjust, and become the person you want to be.

Safer & Convenient:

Many countries have taken steps to improve the safety of sex products, whether it’s prostitutes or some other service. However, we still believe that it is safer to choose a doll. Every doll is a virgin, and after you use it, bathe him, he’ll be a new man. It means more protection for yourself and the ability to satisfy your needs without any risk of sexually transmitted diseases or infections. And your best male sex dolls are always in a sexual mood (including oral and anal sex), and you don’t have to make any appointments or wait for them.

Variety of Sexual Pleasures:

If you’ve ever had a challenge in the bedroom, experienced boredom, or want to try something different, or are a couple who would like to explore, please bring a muscular male sex doll. Let the sexy male sex doll become the unique light bulb; he can help spice up your sex life into some new tricks to recover the lost excitement.

Come in Different Shapes & Sizes:

The dolls are designed to enhance the needs of different people, fulfill your good wishes, and allow you to choose a partner with specific needs. You can even customize a unique type, such as your favorite celebrity, anime character, or which hero character, and so on.

Increase Sense of Well-Being:

Trust me, once you see a handsome, most realistic male sex doll around you that your mind will wander and stimulate your dopamine production, and your mood will be delighted. Please imagine this scenario: Your Man in a sports vest, muscular, sweaty during a workout, eight-pack ABS rolling up and down; or just sitting on the couch in his boxer shorts and smiling at you. Wherever your imagination takes you, you can make it happen. Your male sex doll is too masculine to resist, and as long as you have him, he is your source of joy.

Don’t worry; your man will be happy to give you whatever you want, as long as you’re so glad. All of our male love dolls are designed to be very sturdy, durable, and have a rigid bodies. You won’t be able to resist exploring more possibilities between you. So please don’t suppress your needs; enjoy them boldly and get now!

Things you need to consider before purchase realistic male sex dolls

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When buying your partner, please ask yourself a few questions that will help you find the right man, and we’ll give you some pointers:

How to choose my male love doll body size?

In life, height is an essential element of masculinity. Likewise, taller dolls tend to be more attractive. The average height of a full-size male sex doll is between 5 feet and 6 feet, while a female doll tops out at 5 feet. This means that male dolls are heavier than female dolls.

For first-time buyers, it’s normal to be surprised by the weight of the doll. If you’re worried you won’t be able to handle them well, we recommend you choose a small male sex doll first (still with a 9-inch penis) and then consider buying a larger one later. Just make sure the doll you choose doesn’t limit your enjoyment.

One more thing: how much storage can you provide for a doll? You can also choose the right size doll for you based on this. Of course, this depends on how discreet you want to be with him.

In conclusion, please refer to these basics to select the doll size that best suits you:

  • Your Body Size
  • Your Experience
  • Storage space for your dolls

How You Play:

Most people are equipped with a removable penis, and you can determine the size of your penis depending on your mood at the moment.

Gay, lesbian, woman, or couple play. Whether or not you want to have anal/oral sex. Then, determine the size and type of men based on that. It means you have a great deal of flexibility in your play and are entirely within your control.

Penis size:

We all know that size matters. So whether you are a lustful woman or a man who craves length, our sexy male dolls are designed for you. You can boldly choose a particular penis size that you can’t find in the men around you, fill your craving process, and try more exciting games. Even better, these real male sex dolls know how to use what he has to his advantage, and last a fantastic amount of time. We guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised when you see your male love doll for the first time.

The material. Which one is better?

We have two materials for you to choose from. TPE or Silicone male sex doll, both of them are very reliable and safe materials. The choice of material combinations for male dolls is Silicone Head + TPE Body,Or Whole TPE, Or whole silicone male sex doll. Which is better?

In short, TPE is the most commonly used body protection material. The main advantages are cost-effectiveness, soft-touch, smoothness, elasticity, and the ability to twist and turn with sexual movements, giving you a live feeling. In addition, TPE is hypoallergenic and phthalate-free, which prevents the formation of allergic reactions. But it is heat-sensitive and cannot be exposed to high temperatures, which makes the cleaning process a little more careful.

Silicone: It is more expensive and is mainly used to make high-quality female dolls. Because it’s more visually realistic, lifelike, and has a natural skin texture. In addition, it is heat resistant, which makes it easier to clean and lasts longer. But it’s not as stretchy as TPE, not as soft – but it’s also as realistic as touching a male muscle.

To be honest, each of these two materials has its characteristics, and they both have their loyal fans. Unless you are already very experienced with one of these materials, we suggest you don’t compare the two too much. Just buy the type you like that appeals to you, and don’t get stuck in the material selection process.


For a real male sex doll, he’s a long-term value investment. While there is a lot to consider when picking the best male sex dolls, it ultimately depends on your budget. Overall, the price of a new male sex doll can range from a few hundred dollars to ten thousand dollars.

Obviously, as with any other product, we have to admit that money is everything. The more high-end they are, the more options you will have. We recommend choosing a better, safer, and more durable material as far as your economy is concerned. We are not advocating that you spend all your money to invest in this partner. Just budget a little more within your means to get the best for yourself.

We also suggest not buying one you don’t like just because it’s cheap. You can wait until you have enough budget before buying the one you love the most.

Appearance & Modification:

First impressions are the most crucial. The great thing about having a realistic male sex doll is that you can customize who to your preferences to make him look like you want. You decide it all from skin color, Asian, white, or black to hair, beard, shoulder joint type, etc. And you can also give up some of your most annoying features.

Some women have a special attachment to the penis, which can add extra sexual pleasure. Also, if you like Shemale sex dolls, this is a great option. While it may cost more, but a fully personalized doll will only make your experience endlessly fun and exciting.

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Frequent Questions or Concerns of Lifelike Male Dolls for Sex?

Is It Weird to Want a Real Male Sex doll? Will people ridicule me?

Not at all. Don’t worry. There are probably two things in life that people will never hate: Appetite and Sexuality. Please don’t be shy to face these basic needs. They deserve to be taken seriously. The sex doll industry is rapidly growing, and we believe it will be considered normal to have a male love doll shortly. The number of male love dolls we order each month is catching up with the female sex dolls. Maybe someone close to you already has one.

Can Women Enjoy Sex With Male sex dolls?

Yes, A girl would enjoy sex with a life-size male sex doll. Women tend to be tactile enthusiasts, and many girls like dolls because they feel real. And ladies are looking for the whole feeling when they have intercourse; they like to touch, while caring and kissing are more critical. Also, with sex male dolls can always enjoy the dominant experience.

Man and Male Love doll Sex?

Male love dolls have anal and oral sex characteristics for the gay community, not only for women but also for men.

And there is one significant advantage, sex between a man and a real male sex doll may be more accessible, easy to operate, only need to clean up after use. The two most common options are oral and anal sex. Although many men also like to be penetrated by their dolls, you can choose a different way.

Is Sex With a Male Doll Worthwhile?

According to doll users, they are pleased with their investment. Having this man adds a lot of fun to their lives, and look forward to spending time alone with him every day. Of course, we also ensure that they look lifelike, attractive; he’s precisely your male god.

How to Care Male & Gay Sex doll?

How do I Clean Them?

The first thing you should do is clean it after use, which is the most natural and effective way to maintain it. If he is made of TPE material, he must be thoroughly washed not to produce bacteria.

Silicone and TPE dolls can be gently washed with mild soapy water (not hot water), using soap to water ratio of 1:5. Clean with a microfiber cloth. If he has a non-removable mouthpiece, you can dry it with a tampon or a fan, Pat it dry with a towel, and then air dry.

Be careful to dry the part separately, such as wigs and faces. Please do not use detergent when cleaning the hair; it may harm the doll’s hair. Regular shampoo or plain water will do. If you have a removable penis, take it off and wash it separately.

When cleaning the TPE doll, rub a little bit of baby oil on it. If you don’t have one, talcum powder or cornstarch will work. It will help his skin stay smooth and will make your man last longer. Note, before oiling or powdering him, let him lie down or hang up.

Use of Lube is a Must:

Be sure to use Lube and water-based. Choose High-quality lubricants that will help improve durability and reduce friction and pressure. Lube can also further enhance the experience, making the whole sex process more enjoyable. Rest assured, this water-based lubricant will not degrade the quality of the doll and is latex-friendly, just like any other lubricant.

Use condoms during sexual intercourse to prevent fluids from spilling.

Avoid to do These to keep your doll long life:

  • If you have both silicone and TPE male sex doll, please store them separately
  • Do not let TPE come into contact with the silicone. A chemical reaction will cause its degradation.
  • Avoid direct sunlight on your man’s body because it will dry out his skin
  • Your dolls are your long-term companions and quite expensive, so treat them gently.

Inspect Your Man for Damage Regularly:

When you clean your male sex doll, please check it to ensure it is in the correct position. Although your male sex doll will not be easily destroyed, make sure it is always in perfect condition for your subsequent use.

How do l store my Male & Gay love doll?

When you’re not using your doll, you should ensure you save it properly. Never store your doll near home windows, humidifiers, or any other resources of wetness. If you do not desire your doll to begin molding, make sure its orifices are dried out (Put a paper towel inside to prevent it from getting wet)

You can select to store your male love doll in:

  • Cupboard (hanging option needed)
  • Original package box
  • Storage box or bag

If you have any further questions about doll care, please click here(

In short, there is growing awareness of the benefits of sex dolls. Combined with the range of options available on the market that match or exceed human beings, sex love dolls are becoming more and more popular among women and men. Unlike before, people are open to the idea of having a doll. So it’s okay; it’s time to start pleasing yourself, fulfilling your simple desires.

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