How Do I Choose The Right Height of Sex Dolls?

To make the most of your realistic sex doll experience, you need an ideal height for your doll. It is one of the most critical factors because height affects the weight of the sex doll. Besides that, height also determines the comfort and pleasure you will derive from having sex with your doll.

If you are searching for an appropriate height for your best sex dolls, you have come to the ideal place. Please keep reading.

What Size Sex Doll Should I Get?

Tall sex dolls always equal heavyweight. A mini sex doll is relatively easier to carry, but you still need a suitable height. That is why it is crucial to understand the various heights you can opt for your sex doll.

Because that the sex doll’s height should be realistic and reflect actual women. Otherwise, your sex doll will be too heavy, and it will hinder portability. The heavier her weight is, the harder it will be for you to carry her around.

So, unless there is a specific preference, we recommend choosing a height below medium. Once you do, you will love having sex with her as it will enhance your experience. We also have the ultimate guide for newbies on how to choose a doll, from body type to breasts shape, etc. If you need to know more, please click.

Why Is the Love Doll So Heavy?

Silicone and TPE sex dolls are heavy because they don’t have air inside them. Instead, such dolls have an interior metal skeleton. The dolls look realistic because the metal interior forms the bones of the sex doll, which makes it heavy.

Now that you know the interior material, you should know that the exterior is silicone or TPE. Even these materials are heavy as they tend to be thick to offer you a realistic feeling when touching your sex doll. Of course, the taller your sex doll is will use the more metal, TPE, and silicone.

As a result, you will end up with a heavy sex doll that you will have trouble lugging around. That is why it is essential to understand the ideal height to ensure ease of portability and a better sex experience.

How To Choose The Right Height?

Here are the most crucial factors to consider before deciding the ideal sex doll height for yourself:

1. The Approximate Weight Of The Sex Doll’s Height

Here are some of the top height ranges you will get from a sex doll and their approximate weight:

65cm – 100cm Mini Sex Dolls Height Range

A mini sex doll of a height range of 65cm to 100cm is the smallest category. Because of their height, these sex dolls are the most lightweight. If you don’t have a place to hide the doll or don’t want to carry a heavy doll around from one room to another, this is the ideal height for you.

Remember that a mini sex doll will not provide the same experience as a full-sized sex doll. Think of the mini love doll as a small masturbation toy to help you reach completion. These dolls weigh from 5kg to 12kg, so they will not feel like a genuine woman.

101cm – 140cm Small Sex Dolls Height Range

These are small-range sex dolls that will fulfill all your sexual desires. Remember that as you get closer to 140cm, your sex doll will become heavier. Many people choose this option because it allows you to have an insertable vagina option, as you will not find it in a mini sex doll.

However, this small height range of sex dolls means more maintenance and care as you will have to be cautious while storing and using them. To prevent staining, you should lay a white sheet beneath the doll before storing it. Besides that, you should not lay anything on top of the sex doll to prevent damage.

141cm – 160cm Medium Sex Dolls Height Range

The medium-height sex dolls will start weighing about 30kg or above. However, the best part about the sex doll is that it is highly realistic. The realistic height will allow you to fulfill all your sexual kinks and desires.

The medium-height sex dolls will also allow you to experiment with more sexual positions. They require proper maintenance and care, but it will be worth it in the long run. You will get the most out of this doll as it gives the same pleasure as a real woman.

161cm – 169cm Sex Dolls Height Range

The life-size sex doll height range is ideal if you want your sex doll to resemble a real woman significantly. The prices will be high some, but it is an investment in your sexual pleasure. These sex dolls are highly bespoke and come in various models.

Life-size sex dolls are made from TPE or silicone, depending on what you want. Remember that the weight of this doll will be heavy and weigh around or more than 35kg, which might not offer much portability. To ensure the longevity of the sex, you will have to indulge in proper care and maintenance.

170cm – 180cm Full-Size Sex Dolls Height Range

Finally, these sex dolls are the tallest of all. If you get turned on by incredibly tall women, the height may be ideal for you. However, they are cumbersome as they weigh around 35kg, and you might have to store them in your room if you plan on using them often.

These full-size sex dolls are also the most expensive of the lot. That is why it is only good if you like tall women and occasionally use the sex doll to fulfill your sexual fantasies. The weight might also make it challenging for you to try different positions.

2. Choose The Appropriate Sex Doll According To Your Height

When choosing a realistic sex doll, your height also matters as it will affect your experience. So, you will have to choose a sex doll that will be ideal for your height. To calculate the perfect height according to your own, you need to -15cm from the sex doll height.

For example, if your height is 170cm, you can 170 – 15 = 155cm. The 155cm is the lower limit that you can bear when it comes to the doll. However, your upper limit will be 170 – 10 = 160cm.

So, that means you can get a sex doll of a height between 155cm to 160cm as that is the maximum height and weight you can bear. If you get higher than this, it will be challenging and uncomfortable for you to use and derive pleasure from the doll. It will be too heavy for you, and you will get tired of lugging around the doll.

If you don’t have too much strength, it is better to stay between your limit and choose a sex doll accordingly. Once you do, you will have the best sex doll for your height that you can use for a long time to come.

3. Select A Suitable Love Doll Based On The Doll’s Butts

The sex dolls’ butts and hips will also determine how fantastic your sexual experience will be. As a general rule of thumb, you should always opt for a butt that is bigger than yours. For example, if your hips are 80cm, you could choose a doll with 83cm hips.

Choosing a realistic sex doll in terms of hips will ensure your comfort and guarantee that you can try all sexual positions comfortably. Besides that, it will also maximize the comfort of your sensitive genitals during sex. Keep in mind that if the doll’s butt does not fit your height correctly, it will be a burden and inconvenience.

Typically, the butt should be 3 to 4cm larger than yours. That is why you should always ensure the butt’s measurements are closer to yours for the best sex.

Different Heights, Different Specs

There is not one universal ideal sex doll for everyone. Everything depends on these factors and your height to ensure the best experience with your doll. Besides that, you also need to remember that dolls from different heights and manufacturers will have other specifications.

For example, not all 169cm sex dolls will weigh the same depending on the supplier and brand. In the end, the weight will determine the ideal height, and factors that contribute to weight include the brand, proportions, height, material, and much more. Therefore, we recommend you should always go through specifications in detail before purchasing a sex doll.

Once you figure the sex doll’s ideal height, you can invest in the best sex doll of your life. The sex doll will last long, and you will be satisfied with everything it has to provide you.

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