Sex Doll FAQ’s

Most frequently asked questions

Shopping Basics

Each of our dolls is handmade, and all Sex dolls are made in the brand’s China factory.

Yes. These photos were taken by the professional camera and were not been edited in any way so the sex doll you are gonna get would be 100% the same as photos.

But it doesn’t include the clothes. Our doll will usually come with a dress, which is a simple skirt

It depends on the brand. In general, a sexy, simple dress, a cleansing enema, a pair of gloves, a wig and instructions, and a blanket to wrap the doll for storage

Yes, it is most vital for us to protect your personal information. We will pay special attention to user privacy. Given that we are an internet-based business, we know how important it is to protect your information. We do not store any unnecessary data on our computers, which means that your information will not be leaked or accessed improperly.

We ship carefully and won’t share any data with any third-party marketing companies. Please don’t worry that others will know you’re shopping with us. If you’re worried about your privacy, you cannot enjoy your sex dolls. That’s why we take it so seriously.

Besides, our website is encrypted and secure to protect all data and transactions. We bring our customers to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing shopping environment

Be careful. There are many dolls on the market that are copies of big brands. These dolls are usually much cheaper, but the quality is low, they do not meet the CE/RoHS manufacturing standards, and have obvious health risks.

Therefore, we recommend that you’d better choose from brands manufacturers or trustworthy source to buy dolls

Storage and Maintenace

Must avoid damp, dusty, or excessively be exposed to the sun places. When you are not using a doll, the best site is to naturally put her on the bed.

It will minimize the stress on her endoskeleton and is the softest to her artificial body. She will wait for you patiently, reminding you that she’s yours.

It will be more convenient when you want to play with her again. It is how most of our sex doll owners operate.

Your doll needs careful maintenance to extend her life and ensure maximum durability.

Read our step-by-step instructions on how to clean it. Please click here

Shipping & Returns

It depends on the individual customization options. Still, generally, you can expect your doll to arrive 2-5 weeks after you place an order, usually 2-3 weeks. Some models take a little longer.

Making a beautiful sex doll is a complex process that takes a long time, as each doll is handcrafted by experienced experts.

We will bring your dolls into the world as fast as possible, but we will not compromise the quality of the dolls to ship them more quickly; these things do take time to make step by step.

We can assure you; they are worthly the wait! It just takes a little time, a little love, and a little patience — We genuinely appreciate your waiting.

Customer service is the most important to us. Unlike other suppliers, if you find any defect after receiving your doll, please contact us within 24 hours. We will provide you with a satisfactory solution.

All our dolls have gone through stringent quality control procedures to ensure that these instances are very unlikely.

Use Details

You can choose without a condom. As long as you wash your sex doll with mild antibacterial soap and water after use every time, you can have unprotected sex with her. However, if you ejaculate inside her, it will complicate the cleanup and make it difficult to get her properly cleaned every time.

Must avoid damp, dusty, or excessively be exposed to the sun places. When you are not using a doll, the best site is to naturally put her on the bed. It will minimize the stress on her endoskeleton and is the softest to her artificial body.

She will wait for you patiently, reminding you that she’s yours. It will be more convenient when you want to play with her again. It is how most of our sex doll owners operate.

You can choose to have protected or unprotected sex with your sex doll and enjoy it in the way you like. Just remember to clean your doll regularly to prevent the accumulation of dirt.

Using condoms is not mandatory, but many people recommend it.

Only water-based, non-greasy, and transparent lubricant

Sure! You can dress up your doll in any way you like. You should washing any clothing before wear. The skin of dolls is durable, but great care still needs to be taken to avoid staining.

Avoid any tight clothing or dark colors that may compress the TPE and distort it. The best choice of light color clothes, soft. You can dress your doll in whatever clothes you like; We offer bust/waist/hip circumference measurements

You can’t drag the doll with your armpits because this can easily cause tearing. We suggest you hold your doll like a bride.

Of course, please be careful about the obstacles you may encounter around you (such as corners of furniture, doors). Please be careful not to scratch your doll’s hands and feet

Remember, since the doll is not a real person, it needs to be treated with care. For a new beauty, the joints may be a little stiff at first, so be careful to move the limbs. After a few days, the joints will be a little loose.

If you want to move the arms and legs of a doll, kindly remember to move the arms and legs back to their original position and then continue switching to a different place

Yes, it must not exceed 40 degrees Celsius (human body temperature 37 degrees) within 15 to 20 minutes. After heating, TPE will maintain this temperature for a while.

Remember to be careful not to heat your love doll with too high a temperature. TPE material will melt under excessive heat and may even damage the steel frame inside your love doll’s body


Sex dolls are the most exquisite toys you can buy. TPE or Silicone shapes a simulated sex doll, and it is designed to mimic the size of a real person.

We provide high-quality medical silicone dolls and TPE dolls. All our dolls’ joints are flexibly assembled skeletons that will allow you to use them in any position you can think of.

Our dolls are sculpted by experienced sculptors and provide realistic sexual pleasure. And the body is stimulated with realistic vaginal, anal, and oral sex openings (mouth for TPE and a few silicone models)

All of our sex dolls are made from the highest level of safe, non-toxic materials. All materials have relevant certificates, reports, and FDA certification that prove safe to use

First, let us see what material TPE is made of and its characteristics in sex dolls. TPE is new material (compared to silicone). It is a mixture of rubber and plastic.

Advantages of TPE: TPE can be stretched repeatedly and immediately back to its original length; it is much softer than other materials, feel more delicate. And because of its flexibility, it can support many different positions.

Another advantage of TPE sex dolls is that they are cheaper than silicone sex dolls, although they are more realistic.

TPE materials are recyclable. It is also extraordinarily hypoallergenic and does not cause any allergic reactions.

Disadvantages of TPE: If your doll has a stain on it, it isn’t easy to clean. This material is very porous, and you should clean the vagina and anus as much as possible. If you don’t clean well, be careful, you may see some moldy mold to the touch but can quickly solve this problem with some baby powder.

It’s hardly heat resistant, so showering with her could be a problem**

Advantages of Silicone: Silicone is easier to clean because it’s not as sticky as Thermoplastic elastomer. It’s more expensive, but also more heat-resistant, stains and water, and you can bathe with your doll. It is visually more realistic and requires less maintenance than other sex doll materials.

Like TPE, silicone is also hypoallergenic. Silicone sex dolls have the most realistic vagina and anus, which is a great benefit for most people. Cleaning it won’t be a problem because it disinfects quickly. We also do not recommend the use of alcohol to sterilize but use a softer cleaning tool.

Disadvantages of Silicone: For some people, a big drawback is the price of silicone dolls, which are much more expensive than TPE.

So, which one is better? It depends on your budget and whether you want to take a hot shower with your doll.

Do you think it’s more important that the vagina and anus look real?

You need to answer these questions to make your best choice!

Because every material has its admirers, each has its advantages and its differences. It would be best if you made choices based on your budget and preferences.

Custom options

In fact, The movable vagina and a built-in fixed vagina are what it sounds like. The built-in vagina (traditional vagina) that vagina is directly embedded in the body, just like a real woman. It gives them an almost indistinguishable experience, authentic.

Removable vagina (insertion into the vagina): The vagina is inserted into the body in the form of a tube, which you can insert or remove from the doll. And if you want another type of vagina, you can replace it.

Features of the built-in fixed vagina: To be so close to a real woman.

The inside of the vagina has a stimulating texture.

Safe for human contact

Non-removable, non-replaceable

It’s not easy to clean.

Features of a removable vagina: The inside of the vagina has a stimulating texture.

Safe for human contact

Easy to clean

Easy to dry completely

Replace if there is a problem

Insertion requires skill

Which one is better? 90% of our customers prefer the built-in vagina because it provides the most authentic experience. If you think it needs to be completely realistic, you can choose the built-in vagina, and if you want it to be easy to pop out and clean after use, you should consider a removable vagina.

Most TPE dolls have an option called “Standing feet”. It adds three screws that extend from the pedals to the bottom of the feet; these screws are easily noticed and are considered rigid reinforcements; so that the weight of standing will not crush, cut or damage delicate skin. However, due to the screws protruding from the skin, these areas are prone to severe local skin tears. Do not stand on your doll for long periods as it will damage the doll.

Regular Feet VS Standing Feet: Standing feet are better for storage and extend the doll’s life by preventing damage from improper storage. When your doll can stand on its own, it becomes easier to try more poses.

Standing feet are the same size as regular feet. It is flat and bends down, cannot be left or right. You can put her in any shoes, but only wear flat shoes when standing to prevent falls. We provide all dolls with regular or standing feet for you to choose from.

Which one should I choose? It depends on how you use the doll! If you don’t mind a small metal implant in the bottom of her foot and want her to stand more often, standing feet are for you.

If you think you don’t need to use her standing and prefer more natural and normal-looking feet, then regular feet are a better choice


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