Purchasing a sex doll is an immense commitment. As a high-value item, we comprehend that these are not merely sex toys; they are long-term value investments.

This is why we support our customers’ guarantee to the utmost extent. In addition to being the best quality and perfect inflatable doll, you will also get extra protection. Suppose we have a significant error in your order or product. In that case, we will compensate, assist you in repairing, or possibly replace your doll free of charge if it is a prominent manufacturing error.


Good to know before ordering:

  • Quality Control: We have established a strict quality control system. Each doll will go through a thorough inspection and multi-procedural testing before leaving our factory. Included privacy-protected outer packaging and guaranteed logistics, then just sent out to you. Therefore, your doll will not have any damage or defects.
  • All dolls are 100% authentic: We are one of the best sex doll manufacturers. All our sex dolls are CE, ROHS, 6P, MSDS Certificated.
  • Dolls are delivered straight from China, where our Manufacturing facility lies.
  • All sex dolls will arrive in new and original condition, perfect working order, and exactly as described/displayed on the website.

Damages & Warranty

  • We do not supply refunds for any other factor aside from an item harmed on arrival.
  • We support whatever we make. If the product is discovered to be faulty and needs to repair work or return, please get in touch with our solution group initially; we will certainly give you the most effective service( And also, we will certainly likewise approve reimbursement or substitute if required. Typically, there would undoubtedly be no quality trouble after our rigorous quality examination.


  • Skin slight imperfections or color:
    Sometimes, the skin color looks a little different between the computer screen and in real life, which is normal.
  • User damage:
    Please be careful when you start using your doll; all dolls have undergone a thorough quality inspection before sending them to you. The insurance will not cover any human-made damage.
  • Finger & Toe Nails:
    If a nail falls off during shipping, please use our lash & nail glue to re-attach because we use light glue to make the buyer can remove sure nails.
  • Loose Eyelash:
    Each doll comes with a protective eye mask(spongy); if the eyelash falls off, you can re-attach it with our lash & nail glue by yourself.
  • Makeup Difference:
    We have a professional makeup artist to make the doll’s makeup according to the photo. However, there is no guarantee of a 100% match, as they are artificial; each doll may be slightly different from the picture but in rare cases!
  • Used DollAny used doll is not eligible for this guarantee.
    We are proud of our excellent customer service. We will always make a sincere effort to resolve any problems you may encounter during the purchase process.
    However, the sex doll industry has stringent laws about “Used” dolls that we do not control. And any Used sex doll is considered personal.
  • Custom doll:
    Suppose you have any specific requirements or custom requirements (including changing skin color, nipple size/vagina color, etc.). In that case, your doll will be considered a custom item and is for only your use.
    Suppose you are not satisfied with the doll. In that case, we will sincerely discuss how to return the doll;
    But we cannot guarantee a full refund automatically unless the doll is defective or does not match the description/order. We will consider your situation individually.
    If you have any problem with your order, please feel free to contact us, or send an email to sales@elledoll. com.

If you have any problem with your order, please feel free to contact us, or send an email to

Orders as below cannot be canceled:

  • There can not cancel the order for hair implants because implanted hair is handmade and take a long time to be made.
  • There cannot cancel orders for silicone dolls because it is very costly if the order is already processed.
  • However, if you need to add items, change the details, or cancel your order, please do this within 24 hours. An order cannot be changed or canceled once processed since it’s a personal custom-made product. If your order has already been in processing, any changes or cancellation would be subject to our Return & Exchange Policy.

Before you place an order, please make sure everything works correctly. If you need any helps, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re on standby 24/7

Kindly Reminder:

Please check your dolls as soon as they arrive if you notice a defect in the product or see that the doll is very different from your order. Please report to us detailed photos and videos within 24 hours:

Customer satisfaction is very important to us, we will do our best to fix any issue immediately.

If you feel entitled to compensation or replacement, please do not use your doll. Please keep it in new and unused condition, with the box and all the packaging material. Suppose it is evident that your product is broken, and the fault comes from the factory process. In that case, we will pass the information to the factory and negotiate with them for a new one for you.

We appreciate any feedback from you. It can help us to cooperate better with our manufacturers to avoid recurring these problems in the future. Wish you a happy life!