How Can I Make My Sex Doll Look Like Her Online Picture?

Do you want them to look as beautiful as her online photos after you purchase a love doll? You may be wondering how they were able to take such wonderful pictures. First of all, you know that these dolls are handled by professionals in specific studios, with unique outfits, styling, and lighting. These factors add up to produce a great photograph.

In addition, even the real love dolls have their makeup done by professional artists. Finally, the dolls are posed according to different characteristics. That is why if you want the same love doll as the online picture, you will have to make her look like that. If you’re going to do that, you are in the right place.

Follow These Tips For Your Dolls

Here are the top tips you can follow to make your real love dolls look like its online pictures and do a shoot at home:

1. Do A Glamorous Look

Make your best sex doll look glamorous by doing makeup on her. If you are not familiar with makeup, you can watch a video tutorial and follow the steps. Once you do, your sex doll will look fantastic.

2. Dress The Sex Doll

Life-size sex dolls feel incomplete without their outfits. So, dress your sex doll in the outfit that gets you going the most and makes her look glamorous. When you do, she will look her best, just like her online pictures.

3. Prop The Sex Doll Against An Object

If your premium sex doll does not have standing feet, you will need to prop her against an object. That can include furniture, a wall, or a chair. It will help you copy a picture of her at the angle you want.

4. Use The Power Of Natural Light

Natural lighting is fantastic for taking pictures. So, open your curtains and blinds and ensure that the photography room soaks up all the natural light. If you don’t have many windows, you can move your full-size sex doll outside to take her pictures.

5. Use Various Angles

You can pose your real love dolls from many unique angles. For example, you can take a picture from upwards, side, low-angle, and much more. You can indulge in clicking as many photos as you can of the sex doll to get the best shot.

6. Use Water For A Wet Look

If you want your sex doll to look sexy and wet, you can give her that look by using a spray bottle of water. Gently mist it on her face and body to achieve the perfect look. After that, you can get rid of the water using a cloth.

That was your complete guide on how you can take pictures of your genuine love dolls and make them look like online pictures. These tips are essential to follow to make your sex doll look like her online pictures. Once you do, your TPE / Silicone sex doll will look fantastic, and even her glamorous look will turn you on, and you can satisfy yourself sexually.

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