How Can I Take Photos Of My Love Doll?

Premium sex dolls are a work of art, even though most people don’t have that perspective. Due to its highly lifelike appearance, so the sex doll looks appealing to everyone. Of course, everyone wants to take pictures of such works of art and beauty.

If you are thinking of taking pictures of your silicone sex dolls, you shouldn’t worry. Many people do this to show it to their friends or look at the sex doll pictures later on. If you wonder how to take the best photos of your real love doll, you are in the right place.

Here is everything you must know about capturing pictures of your love doll.

Take Photos In Your House

Many people keep their young sex dolls private, and rightly so. After all, you might not want other people to find out that you use a lifelike sex doll. It is a personal choice, which is why you will need privacy.

You can take pictures of the full-size sex dolls in any room of your home. All you have to do is create a gorgeous setup to bring the best sex doll picture. Here are some tips for styling and arranging any room in the house:

  • Palace Arrangement: Create a palace-style room by dressing your sex doll in a robe. You can create a royal look using many items
  • Sweet Arrangement: Create a nice and sweet style in the room by filling it with colorful balloons, vibrant flowers, and colorful lollipops
  • Goth Arrangement: If you like a dark and moody room, you can create a Goth arrangement. Use black and red backgrounds, dark clothes, and much more
  • Of course, we gave you the top three examples. You can use any sex doll arrangement you like to make your realistic sex doll look fantastic. You can dress and do makeup on your sex doll according to the theme you choose.
  • There are many possibilities for creating a stylish room for your best love doll. You will love taking pictures of your premium sex dolls and experimenting with the room when you do.

Take Pictures Outdoors

  • If you don’t like the lighting in your home and want to use natural lighting for sex doll pictures, you can take photos outdoors. Keep in mind that this is a tricky option because taking pictures outdoors means other people will see you. That is why it is best to take photographs where not many people come.
  • If you have an outdoor area in the home, you can even take pictures of your sex doll over there. However, be sure no neighbors can pry and see what you are doing. You also can set your backyard to suit the theme of what you want your sex doll to look like.
  • For example, you can do a summer shoot of your premium sex dolls by dressing her in a summer dress, putting a flower crown on her, and taking amazing pictures. The best rule to follow here is to take photos during golden hour, and that is because the lighting is just perfect, as it is not too harsh or dim.
  • Another idea is to take your full-size sex dolls to the beach or the lake. Ensure that you go when there is not too much rush because you don’t want people to get angry at you. Dress your sex doll in a bikini, bathing suit, or surfing outfit to take the best pictures by the water.
  • If you think a lake or beach is too crowded, you can also go to an inaccessible forest in your area. You can think of your sex doll as a fairy or an elf living in a jungle and dress her accordingly. Take your tripod, and even you can pose with your sex doll.
  • After all, the forest is remote, and no one will disturb you and your likelife sex dolls. So, you can take many photos, and you can take all the props you need to create the best scenery and moments for clicking fantastic shots.

Share Photos On Doll Forums

  • Who said you have to keep the pictures of your realistic sex dolls only with you? If you are creative and love photography, you can also share your excellent clicks with other users on sex doll forums. Many people post pictures of their premium love dolls online, and you will see hundreds of them.
  • All the owners use beautiful sceneries, various gestures, and unique angles to create the best pictures of love dolls. After all, it is a memory, and you can share sex doll pictures to exchange views of different real sex dolls. The best part is that you might even find great friends on these forums that share the same interests as you.
  • Besides that, you can also share tips with your fellow sex doll owners on how to take better pictures. Sex doll forums are a great way to connect with other sex doll owners and share different tips. You can also share techniques on how to make the experience even better with your lifelike sex dolls.
  • Finally, you can see sex doll pictures on forums to get more ideas for your next shoot. Check what accessories, clothing items, and other things the various sex doll owners are using. You can then take inspiration to create the best pictures next time.


  • That was your complete guide on how you can take the best pictures of your best sex dolls. Taking pictures of sex dolls is an art and a hobby you can partake in a while enjoying the sexual benefits of the love doll. It will allow you to go beyond the sex dolls’ only purpose and make your experience more attractive.
  • So, what are you waiting for? Decide how you want to take the pictures of your full-size sex dolls and do a photo shoot soon. You will love the results.

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