How to Dispose Of Your Sex Doll?

A realistic sex doll is an accessory that is the need of time. People who crave company and ones who crave intimacy but don’t get it can get it all with the help of sex dolls. They are great for many different reasons; however, when you get a sex doll, you have a particular purpose in mind. Once that purpose has been fulfilled, and you think you no longer need sex dolls, what can you do with it? Well, would you ever want to give it to a friend of yours? Not. It’s a deeply personal thing to have, and once you feel you don’t need it anymore, it’s time to dispose of your sex doll.

Reasons to Dispose Sex dolls

Many different reasons will compel you to dispose of your sex dolls. We will see some of those reasons in this blog post.

You Are Married Now

One of the most fundamental reasons to dispose of your sex doll is that you have finally found the person of your dreams and decided to settle down. Now you only want intimacy between you and your wife, do you think it is better to get rid of the sex doll. And when you are happy about marrying the love of your life, you wouldn’t even worry that much about disposing of a sex doll.

Your Sex Dolls Is Damaged Beyond Repair

Over time your sex doll can get damaged for several different reasons. Sometimes the damage can be too severe that it gets almost impossible to get it fixed. So when this happens, it is time to dispose of your sex doll. You might not want to part ways with your realistic sex doll, primarily if you have grown fond of it. However, a love doll that is disfigured and damaged will not be able to fulfill your sexual needs.

They Have Run Their Course

Like all things, sex dolls also have a sort of shelf life. Once they have been used enough, it’s time to dispose of them. When extreme wear and tear starts getting prominent on your sex doll, it means that it has run its course, so it’s time for you to get rid of your love doll.

You Got a New One

Another common reason to get rid of your sex doll is that you have got a new one, and you don’t enjoy that much with the old sex doll you have. When the premium sex doll has been used so much, it can cause a lot of damage to the doll. Over time, you would start feeling that you cannot enjoy it as you used to do before. So it is the perfect time to get a new one to fulfill your sexual desire and dispose of the old one.

It Looks Like Your Ex

One of the best things about sex dolls is that can customize them to look exactly like your dream girl. Imagine if you and your girlfriend were in a long-distance relationship and she agreed to have sex dolls customized so that it resembles her, would you want to keep her after you guys break up? The chances are that the answer would be NO. You would like to move on, and a customize sex doll that resembles your ex-girlfriend will bring back some memories about the time you guys were together. Heartbreak is excruciating and can cause you a lot of stress, so it is better to get rid of the sex doll instead of keeping her inside your house where you feel sad looking at her.

You Want To Convert Your Sex Dungeon Room to Something Else

If you had a particular room for sex or your very own sex dungeon in your house, then it would be difficult to dispose of all the stuff from there. If you don’t seem to find a specific place for the items you took out from your sex dungeon, then it is better to dispose of them than keep them in your living room or bedroom. It wouldn’t be good if you suddenly got guests coming to your house or if you already have children in the house.

Effective Ways to Dispose Of Sex Dolls

It might be hard to understand for people who have never got a sex doll, but once you start getting it on with a love doll, you get attached to it; you become fond of it. A realistic sex doll isn’t just your sexual partner, but it can also give you a sense of company in these unpredictable times of lockdown. So because of these reasons, getting rid of your sex doll can be more complex than you think. However, as mentioned above, specific reasons compel you to dispose of your sex doll, and disposing of them in such scenarios does seem like the best option to go for.

When you want to dispose of your sex doll, think about different ways you can dispose of it and decide accordingly. Your decision shouldn’t hurt anyone, or it shouldn’t make anyone feel uncomfortable. Don’t worry if you can’t think of ways to dispose of your love doll; we are here to help.

We will now discuss some of the most efficient and practical steps to dispose of your realistic sex doll.

Sell Your Used Sex doll

Well, believe it or not, but you can sell your used sex doll for money. It is the perfect thing to do if you are not that attached to it, and you need to get some of the money back that you spent on getting the realistic sex doll. If you sell them, you will get many offers. A used sex doll may not have the same charm as the new one, but it can indeed be helpful to those who cannot afford to buy a new one. Make sure to perform a full cleanse before you sell it.

Use Repair and Recycling Services

You can find repair and recycling services for sex dolls. You can take your sex dolls to these services as well. Some of them will take it off you for money, while others will ask you to donate it. Whatever you plan on doing, keep in mind that this is a great way to dispose of your sex doll. In a focused world on green technology and recycling things, repair and recycling centers for sex dolls are the perfect place to get rid of your sex doll.

Dispose of it in Trash

If you are thinking about disposing of your sex doll, what better and more convenient way to do it than by disposing of it in the Trash. This is one of the most basic ways to dispose of your sex doll. However, you should be extremely careful about a few things.

Possessing a sex doll is a deeply personal matter, and it can make you feel embarrassed if your neighbors or your grandmother sees it near the garbage bins. If you don’t feel anything for your sex doll and you have already thought about getting rid of your realistic sex doll, then try to tear it up and break up down into smaller pieces that can fit inside the trashcan. This way, you wouldn’t have to go through the embarrassment of people knowing that you used to have a sex doll.

Bury It!

If you were attached to your sex doll and you enjoyed its company as well as its intimacy, then she can be buried. You know it’s not a human being, but just because you spent time with it and it was your partner in tough times, you want to give it a proper goodbye. You want to be respectful towards it. It will all be for your satisfaction. You took care of it like it was your family, and now that it has become damaged beyond repair, you want to respectfully bury it like you would do to any other loved one. Even if people judge you, let them do it.

Remember, your sex doll never complains of you, so it is okay to carry out her last processions as you prefer. If you had a name for your sex doll, don’t forget to get a tombstone for it. This way, you can never forget your sex doll for all the good times she gave you and all the times she gave you company and kept you from feeling lonely.


So if you are looking to dispose of your realistic sex doll way, we are sure it would be no longer a problem for you. We have discussed a few of the most valuable and effective ways of disposing of your sex doll. You can choose a way that best suits you;

However, going for the recycling option makes the most sense, but if you have a soft heart for homeless people who don’t get to enjoy a lot of pleasure in their life, you can donate it to them. Or if you want to squeeze some money out of your expensive sex doll, then it’s best to sell it. You can sell it online or sell it to anyone you know looking for a used sex doll at a relatively lower price. You can easily find buyers for your sex doll online, and it wouldn’t take much time to get it out of your house.

So no matter the reason, once you have decided to get rid of your sex doll. Check out the ways mentioned above of disposing of your sex doll and go with the one you think works best for you.

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