How To Dress Up My Sex Doll Make Her Perfect?

Sex dolls are more than just masturbation aids, that is why you need to dress up your sex doll. Many people prefer to dress their love dolls rather than have sex with them. They would like to have their dolls They enjoy treating her as their soul mate, taking care of her, and attending various events at home, such as dinner parties, movie nights, dances, etc.

The great thing about clothes is that they open the door for exciting and fun role play, where you can buy costumes for yourself and sex dolls and engage in some fantasy-based romance.

Your girl deserves more than your precious time to choose a sexy outfit for her. At the same time, you will also get a lot of fun moments. Lingerie, sexy play costumes, cosplay, etc., various styles are waiting for you. She is your girl; you can dress her up according to your preference, be bold and try it. We will share some popular ways for your reference

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Sex Doll Clothes Tips

Bodycon Dress:  

A simple bodycon dress does look like it would fit most real dolls and is easy to put on. Then pair it with a pair of brightly colored underwear just like the beautiful girls you see on the street.

Sexy Lingerie Sets:

Due to their perfect body, as long as sexy light-colored lingerie and thong, your doll will instantly become a supermodel. You can buy many different lingerie sets to change them regularly. You will always regret this decision because compared to other clothes, let your doll wear it looks not only very sexy but also relatively easy to wear.


A quality nightgown makes life easier. Quiet evenings, you hold your doll and touch her silky pajamas; you will revel in the wonderful moments

Sexy Lace Dresses:

Turn your silicone or TPE doll into a beautiful seductress. A high-quality lace dress looks pretty impressive on a doll. The lace pattern at the top helps accentuate the doll’s bust and makes her look even more stunning.

Short Skirt + T-shirt:  

If you choose this style, consider pairing it with a pair of long socks. This style looks highly energetic and cute. A plunging neckline top and mini skirt always add some heat to the romance.

Skirt + Blouse:  

A multi-colored plaid skirt paired with a plain shirt and matching hair tie is the student girl you’ve been dreaming of.

Thin Fabric T-shirts:

When the doll is wearing a thin T-shirt, you can see her nipples clearly, as well as the curve of the perfect buttocks in that sway. She is pretty fascinating and seductive.

Sports Bra And Gym Shorts:

If you like your doll to look like a girl at the gym, dress her up in sports clothes. She will instantly become the sporty girl you like.

Blonde lady wearing lace dress drinking wine

Change Her Hair

A change in hairstyle or making a new hair color is like changing the appearance of your realistic sex doll. Hair is arguably the most significant way to change appearance. Don’t hesitate to have them boldly. Just by styling the hair differently, you can get different characteristics of the girl. Let’s try:

  • You could start by finding a new wig for your doll. You can choose sleek ballet buns, faux bangs, plain ponytails, beach-style waves, mini braids, and more. Any hairstyle that causes you a preference can be given to your doll.
  • A wig will give her a different look. When you dress her up as a rock and roll girl – you may want to go with blonde hair. However, when you want more of a fetish or an innocent girl – dark hair would be your best choice.
  • You can get different hairstyles, such as short, long hair. Choosing the right hairstyle will give your doll a new look and make her look more gorgeous than ever.

Use Accessories To Dress Up Sex Doll

Cosmetic tools for sex dolls

Accessories greatly complement anyone’s look and style and extend to the realism of the doll as well.

  • A little bit of jewelry: Jewelry can make a girl shine more. Buy your doll some jewelry such as a necklace, rings, or even bracelets. The most important thing is to add sparkle to her body; you know a lady looks great in jewelry. You don’t have to buy expensive ones. Like we said before, even a plain bracelet or a necklace can serve that purpose. It’s a little unfair to leave a girl without jewelry. Complement her captivating look with some jewelry. But it is best not to wear earrings to avoid pulling the skin of the doll.
  • High heel: You can buy a nice pair of stiletto heels to go with your doll. But please be careful not to let her stand for a long time.
  • Perfume: Fragrance can arouse one’s sexual urges and will make her more attractive when your doll with it. Do not spray on her skin, but lightly on her clothes to avoid damage her skin. However, silicone and TPE are both inert to a certain extent, and certain chemicals in perfumes may react with the doll’s skin. Therefore, the best advice is don’t use it.
  • Nail polish: Purchase different nail polish or nail patches according to your preference and repaint her or change the color. Make sure not to spill on her skin.

Enjoying Role-Playing

  • Role-playing is one of the great ways to enjoy your wildest sexual fantasies through having sex with your doll. You can also dress up in role-play to create an exciting atmosphere during sex.
    Get some inspiration from movies or porn that have a sex scene you want to recreate. Once you get started, you’ll have a steady stream of new ideas pouring out Wouldn’t it be cute to dress your life-size doll in a sexy military costume, Star Wars costume, or Christmas Santa costume?
    Dressing up your doll for Halloween can also be a fun and enjoyable experience. With various outfits, dress your doll up as your favorite character which is most anticipated.
  • There are many professional costumes to choose from for role-playing: nurses, teachers, police officers, air hostesses etc
  • You can even select formal wear if you like to talk to people who wear suits. Our only advice is that you should pick clothes that fit your doll’s body type.
  • You can dress her up as a teacher and let her “educate” you on intimate subjects.
  • Your doll can fit into a Japanese schoolgirl; that “naughty girl” requires strict discipline. With her high ponytail, she looks even more innocent, and you’re about to get laid with.
  • The red corset with thigh socks and high heels makes her look attractive and will make her exude the sweetness of being in love with you

How To Choose Clothes Size For A Doll?

  • You can use the size chart and measurements to determine the right size for your doll’s clothes.
  • With full-sized and realistic dolls, it’s a pretty simple process. These are very similar in their measurements to a girl so that you can find the appropriate sizes.
  • One of the most effortless size references: many of the dolls on the website are wearing women’s S size. So don’t need to purchase too big.
  • Dolls over 150 cm can be purchased directly from adult clothing.
  • If your love doll is a small-breasted sex doll about 140cm, then you can choose children’s clothing. Please note, when buying, it’s best not to mention what these clothes are for.
  • The biggest problem will come from the breasts of dolls. Many men like to get doll with large chests, and they often aren’t in proportion with the rest of the body. This disproportion means it’s difficult to find tops and skirts that fit your dolls. Please try to choose the loose style or elastic garments, which can cover their body shape if you have a particularly busty doll.

Where Can l Buy Sex Doll Clothes?

  • Many doll owners always buy online as it is convenient.
  • If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you can check your local social media groups or find a store near your home that has an end-of-season sale.
  • No matter what kind of women’s clothing you purchase, be sure to soak and wash them clearly before using them.
  • Doll owners also often use local buying and selling groups to buy used clothes for their dolls to save money. This is because used clothes are very cheap, and social media organizations make it easier for people to find such clothes.
  • If you want to buy bikinis, lace underwear, or sexy lingerie, we suggest you buy a new pair instead of buying used ones!

Note Of Dressing Up Sex Doll

  • Avoid wool clothes (It won’t stain the skin, but it will fall on your sex doll, and the lints is extremely hard to remove)
  • Avoid dark clothing. Both silicone and TPE are easily stained because the pores on the material’s surface can directly absorb the color of the clothes, and it is almost impossible to get out. We would recommend choosing all light-colored.
  • You should treat your sex doll like you would treat yourself. For most clothes, you can wash them a few times to see if they fade. Before putting your doll on, make sure it has been cleaned.
  • Suppose you have dark color clothes that you want to give your doll to wear. Please tie a little fabric on the doll’s fingers first and test to see if the color will fall out.
  • When dressing your doll up, color isn’t the only thing to look for. You should also pay attention to the weight and tightness of the clothes.
  • Avoid storing her while wearing underwear and corsets. You can put these on them before you go to bed, but you shouldn’t leave these on for very long, or they may leave permanent dents in your doll’s skin
  • Weight also important. Be careful, for large pieces of clothing such as jeans or coats can cause some problems depending on how you store your doll. If you put it on a bed or in a box, the clothes’ extra weight will press against the doll’s skin. Over time, this may deform the skin a bit. It is not necessarily very noticeable on some parts of the body, but it may look slightly flat on areas like the chest and hips.
  • Over-tight, long-sleeved, and one-piece clothes are not suitable for silicone dolls.
  • Safety pins are helpful. You can tie too-big shirts and skirts to the hooks so that your dolls can wear beautiful and slim-fitting clothes.
  • Tattooing sex dolls is not recommended. Unlike the human body, the material used for a sex doll, especially TPE, may not catch the ink as perfectly as you might think. If desired, we recommend using disposable tattoo stickers. Even with them, make sure they’re on the part of the body where there’s less friction. The cleavage, front, and sides of the arms and legs are all suitable choices.Suppose you have dark color clothes that you want to give your doll to wear. Please tie a little fabric on the doll’s fingers first and test to see if the color will fall out.

Advantage Of Dressing Up Sex Doll

  • That’s because love dolls aren’t just designed to satisfy the sexual desires of their owners; they’re meant to be another kind of companionship, like your friends. As most people say, your clothes initially define a person. The same goes for sex dolls.
  • They are a great companion for some people who find it difficult to bear living alone. It is safe to say that these inanimate figures often disparaged by most have saved thousands of lives and continue to save many more.
  • Since sex dolls have super perfect figures and pretty faces, they can easily manage different styles of clothes. You can dress up her look according to the girl of your dreams , so making her more attractive and gorgeous is one of the most valuable investments for you. The equivalent of buying one can get a variety of different girls.
  • She exudes thoughts that bring it closer to an actual person. We’ve mentioned many times how doll owners like you fall head over heels for their dolls. This means that a sex doll has something far more significant than her body. Isn’t it?
  • Buying accessories, shiny jewelry, fancy clothes, etc., are all a way to express your wild thoughts to your doll. So that can safely say this small change creates a particular link between the doll owner and the love doll, which goes beyond mere sexual desire.
  • To be precise, a well-dressed doll is more likely to turn you on than a naked one. So, whatever from the sexual perspective and the point of view of your companion, you can easily see the feasibility of dressing up your doll. Most importantly, engaging in this activity with enthusiasm is the perfect way to inspire your relationship. Make more fun of your life.

Changing your sex doll’s clothes is a simple tip to make your happy hour colorfulness. Variety is the spice of life, full of adventure and joy and a way to keep your doll interesting.

Try it, and you’ll see how much of an impact it makes. You’ll find that this little change can get you one that’s almost as good as new! Go ahead and create this beautiful thing by simply dressing your sex doll

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