How to Store Your Sex doll?

There are many ways you can use to store your sex doll. It does not require much space, and you have many options, from storage baskets to hanging racks. It is best not to choose a method that doesn’t ensure the right fit for full-size sex dolls or gets damaged in storage.

Besides that, not storing the sex doll appropriately can also cause disorganization or hinder your privacy. Here is everything you need to know about keeping your realistic sex dolls to make an informed decision.

Why Do You Need To Store Your Realistic Love Dolls?

If you don’t understand why you need to store your best sex dolls properly, here are the top reasons:

1. Involving Hinders Privacy

Privacy is one of the most important aspects of living alone or even with someone. You don’t want everyone to know certain things about you, as many judge others with sex dolls. Besides that, sex dolls are your personal property that you don’t want anyone to see or have access to.

It is always ideal to choose a storage option for your sex dolls because of privacy issues. It will allow you to keep the doll away from everyone else and keep your personal life private. After all, you don’t want to share the doll with anyone or bring it to light that you use it.

2. Disorganizes The Room

Your room is where you spend the most time, which affects your mood and how you feel. If your room is cluttered with lots of clothes, sex dolls, and other items, you will not feel good. A great way to feel better is to organize your room and keep everything in its designated place.

That is why it is crucial to find the right storage option for your best sex dolls. It will enhance the look of your room while ensuring you feel positive while you are spending time in it. Be sure to check the shape and size of the sex doll before you decide to store it in your room.

3. Not Easy To Break

The main reason why you should store your best sex dolls is that it offers them protection. If you have TPE sex dolls, you need to ensure their storage even more because their appearance is dry, leading to cracked skin if stored improperly. Once you store the sex doll, it will be in that place without any harm.

Keep in mind that you can quickly fix cracked skin on a sex doll. Don’t attempt to do it yourself, or you can damage the doll even further. However, you should always ask your manufacturer about which method to use.

4. Keep It Clean And Easy To Maintain

TPE sex dolls can quickly attract dirt and dust. That is why you will need to maintain it again and again. That is why to keep your dolls clean and maintain them easily; you need to store the dolls in a clean place.

Storing the sex dolls in the right way will guarantee that they stay in new condition, and you will not have to put much effort into maintenance from time to time. In the long run, the appearance of your sex doll will remain fantastic.

What Are The Storage Methods?

Here are the top storage methods you can use to store your sex dolls:

Vertical Storage Options

Many people hand the sex dolls while keeping the limbs in a neutral position. A vertical storage option means you can easily hang your doll on a rack or closet inside your home. Here are the top vertical storage options you can use for your realistic sex dolls:

1. Sex Doll Stand-Up Feet

The sex doll stand-up feet is an expensive storage option, but it is our top recommendation as it is one of the best vertical storage options. However, you can only do it if your budget allows you to do so. Keep in mind that many sex doll stores also offer the standing feet add-on for less than $100.

This is the ideal option if you want your doll to stand in your room or inside your closet. A stand-up feet add-on is a good idea for individuals that don’t have enough space or alternative options for storage. It will allow you to ensure your doll stands in a room or closet, and you can also dress it up to make it look like a standard mannequin.

Some of the best precautions to take to guarantee you are storing the doll the right way:

  • Don’t stuff it in your closet between your clothes, as they might stain the doll
  • Be sure it stands perfectly before moving your hands
  • Don’t keep many things near or ensure that nothing is on top that could fall on the doll

2. Wardrobe

an opening wardobe to store sex doll

If you have a wardrobe with ample space for full-size sex dolls, you can always store the doll in the wardrobe. You can easily hand the doll inside the wardrobe without worrying about weight or size. Using a wardrobe is one of the most cost-effective sex doll storage options out there.

Even factories that sell these items hang their sex dolls. You can also hand the doll inside a wall mount on the wardrobe. Doing this will relieve the pressure the doll will face on the back and joints. In the long run, it will help you avoid any damage or disfigurement to your doll.

Here are some precautions to take to ensure the storing the doll in your wardrobe the right way:

  • Don’t allow the doll to hang freely. The best way to store is to place a soft cushion to bridge the gap between the feet and the wardrobe, or you can ensure the feet touch the ground. If you let the doll hang freely for a long time, the neck can get injured because of prolonged strain
  • Don’t drop unwanted weight such as your clothes on the doll
  • Cover the doll with a lightweight cloth for extra protection
  • Lock your wardrobe to ensure privacy

3. Sex Doll Hanging Racks

hanging racks lifting two sex dolls

Sex doll hanging racks are specifically designed to store your realistic sex dolls most efficiently. You store the sex doll vertically by hanging it on the rock. Keep in mind that your sex doll will not contact other surfaces while it is hanging on the rack, which is why it is a fantastic storage option that will not cause damage to the doll.

An important point to remember when it comes to this storage option is the space you will use for storage. That is because it requires some space, and you can’t leave the doll openly in any room. So, be sure to designate a separate spot to hang your full-size sex dolls in privacy.

Here are some precautions to take to ensure the storing the doll through hanging racks the right way:

  • Dolls are fragile, which is why you should keep a gentle hand when moving the sex doll or hanging it on the rack
  • Lock your rack or ensure it is stored in a safe place that does not allow access to other people
  • Do not add any unnecessary weight to the top of the love doll.

Horizontal Storage Options

Now that you are familiar with all the vertical storage options, here are the top horizontal options you can use for your silicone sex dolls:

1. Use a Doll Storage Case

Among horizontal storage options, using a storage case is one of the safest options for realistic sex dolls. Storing in a case will keep the doll safe from any damage or harm from external things. Storage cases for sex dolls are designed with extra cushion and padding to protect them for long-term use.

The storage case is an investment as it will ensure your sex doll stays in perfect condition for a long time to come. However, a storage case is heavy on the pocket, that is because an adult sex doll storage case can cost you anywhere from $600 to $800.

Some precautions to take to guarantee to store your realistic sex dolls in your storage case the right way:

  • Carry the doll properly and gently place it in the box
  • Keep the doll in a neutral position without bending any limbs
  • You don’t need to cover your doll with anything inside the storage box

2. Bed Storage Box

bed storage box

Do you want to hide your sex dolls most effectively while keeping them safe from damage? Well, if you do, then the best way is to keep inside bed storage boxes. It will make your doll easily accessible to you as you can use it in your room whenever you like.

If your bed has this option, you can start storing it in no time. It is also a cheap option as you don’t need to spend extra money to store the doll under a bed. However, to avoid unnecessary damage, you need to take precautions while storing under the bed, which include:

  • Use a lightweight cotton covering or cloth on the doll
  • Keep some padding underneath the doll to protect her back
  • Ensure the limbs or neck are not folded
  • Don’t keep other items inside the storage box
  • Keep the doll in a neutral position

3. Keep It On Your Sofa Or Bed

If you live alone or don’t care about people entering your home and looking at sex dolls, you can simply keep the sex doll on your sofa or bed with a light covering. It is not the most preferred option because it offers too much exposure. However, it is a cost-free option if you don’t have an alternative storage option.

You can also keep the doll on your bed and sofa and hide it under a pile of clothes, but that will give a messy look. If you decide to do this, here are some precautions to take:

  • Keep your sex dolls in a neutral position
  • Avoid putting unnecessary weight on the sex doll
  • The method is not suitable for long-term use
  • Don’t keep any sharp objects nearby
  • Ensure that the clothes on top of the sex doll will not stain it

4. Shipping Crate

Do you not have another storage option for your sex dolls? If that is the case, you can opt for a shipping crate. It is free, but it is not recommended for long-term use. Some precautions to be taken when using this method:

  • Ensure the crate is not torn from any corner
  • Don’t keep the crate on wet flooring
  • Be gentle when storing and taking out the doll, and don’t pull with a force
  • Wrap the doll in a light and soft blanket, then place it inside the crate

5. Under The Bed

If you want easy access to your sex doll each night, just keep the realistic sex dolls under the bed. Many people use this method because it is an easy and accessible option. Besides that, you don’t need to worry about carrying your sex dolls to another room for sexual pleasure.

However, keep some precautions in mind when storing the doll under your bed, which include:

  • Place some foam or cushion and then keep your doll on top to protect her back
  • Cover the doll with a light cloth
  • Check on your doll if you haven’t taken it out from under the bed in a while
  • Don’t store sharp items under your bed
  • Keep the doll in a neutral position

6. Storage Couch Bench

If you have a couch or bench with a storage unit in your home, you can utilize it for your full-size sex dolls. It is best to understand the dimensions of the bench or sofa before deciding to place your doll inside. A storage couch bench is also ideal for storing silicone sex dolls.

Here are the top precautions to take when storing your sex dolls inside a couch bench:

  • Place some padding such as foam before placing it inside
  • Ensure that the cushions don’t lose color and stain the doll
  • Cover it with a light cloth

7. Sex Doll Cotton Muslin Dust Bags

Using cotton muslin dust bags is perhaps the most efficient and appropriate method to store your best sex dolls. That is because muslin is manufactured from 100% pure cotton, which will protect your sex doll in the long run. So, no matter how long you keep the doll inside the bag, it will not incur any damage or defects.

All you have to do is slide the doll in your dust bag and store it in a room. The dust bags prevent the doll from humidity, dust, sunlight, and other things that might contaminate it. It ensures privacy, and you don’t need to take precautions when storing your doll this way.

8. Large Carton Box

Finally, you can simply keep your sex doll inside a large carton box to store it optimally. These boxes are cheap and easily available, and you only need to calculate the height and width of your sex doll. All you have to do is wrap the doll with a light covering and gently place it inside the box.

After that, store the large carton box elsewhere to avoid prying eyes and unwanted access. Keep in mind to keep the box dry at all times, or the water will leak and damage the doll. You can store the box in a separate room or under your bed.

Some Tips On Storage

By now, you have understood all the appropriate storage methods you can use to keep your realistic sex dolls. The method you choose should reflect your budget and preferences. However, here are a few things you need to keep in mind no matter what storage method you are using:

  • It is always advised to keep some padding or support under the back and butt to prevent the sex doll from defects, abrasions, and disfigurement
  • Don’t store your doll next to sharp objects or clothing items that might stain your doll
  • Don’t store your doll in extreme temperature as it can deform the appearance in the long-term
  • Avoid storing your sex doll under direct and harsh sunlight. Exposing your doll to harsh sunlight for a long time will lead to fading of skin, color, and other features
  • Don’t store your sex doll in a stretched position, or it will cause strain to the neck or one of the limbs
  • Never fold the limbs of your sex doll while storing it
  • These are the top tips you need to remember no matter what storage method you are using. It will guarantee the longevity of your doll and ensure it looks perfect at all times.
  • For more details on maintenance and cleaning, please click here


That was your complete guide to understanding what storage method is best for your full-size sex dolls. Once you follow these guidelines, you will choose the ideal storage method according to your budget and preferences. Once you do, your doll will stay safe for a long time to come.

Realistic sex dolls are an investment, and you need to prevent them from damaged at all times. So, choose the best method for your needs and store your doll perfectly.

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