How To Use Sex Doll For Oral Sex?

Thanks to the marvels of technology, the sex doll industry is gaining much progress. The love dolls are flexible, have soft skin, and feel much closer to real women. The manufacturers are constantly working towards adding more features to make the real love dolls even more appealing.

Even when it comes to oral sex, full-size sex dolls can give you as much pleasure as you need. If you wonder how to use your sex doll for oral sex, you are in the appropriate place. Here is what you must know about sex dolls and oral sex.

Real Women Problems

Many people like oral sex with realistic sex dolls because they are better at it and give you anything you need. When it comes to getting blowjobs from real women, there are many problems. For example, a real woman will not always be in the mood to satisfy you orally.

Some women also use it to control you, manipulate you, and give you oral sex only when you have been on good behavior. If you have been through such things, it is always better to have silicone sex dolls to satisfy your needs. Some women are also lazy and don’t enjoy giving oral sex.

So, even if you have a partner, you can always invest in real love dolls to give you orals sex when you need it. The experience will be the same, and you will not have to depend on your partner to satisfy your sexually all the time.

The Benefits Of Oral Sex With Love Doll

You might be wondering that getting oral sex from TPE sex dolls is not the same as a real woman. However, it is even better, and you can reach completion through a real love doll’s blowjob too. Here are the top benefits of oral sex with a premium love doll:

1. Love Doll Do Not Get Tired

Humans have limitations, but the best sex dolls don’t. Real women get tired and need a moment to catch their breath, or they start gagging. However, gasping and stopping will not be an issue with silicone sex dolls.

Sex dolls will give you a nonstop experience without any breaks, which can help you get the most pleasure. Of course, you will not have a real tongue rolling on your genitals, but a love doll’s tongue is designed to give you maximum satisfaction. So, you can keep using her to finish in no time.

2. Sex Dolls Are Very Clean

We all know that STDs are the worst thing to have after having sex with someone. These risks are always there, and they can cause some real issues in an individual’s life. However, you will never face this problem when it comes to real love dolls.

You need to clean your sex doll after each use and frequently to keep it nice and clean. You will not receive any infections, and you can have as much sex as you want without worrying.

3. No Trash Talks And Always Ready For You

When it comes to blowjobs, men like it simple, and they want women to keep giving them pleasure without any breaks. However, many women like talking dirty or random things during the blow job, making the experience terrible.

Of course, when it comes to life-size sex dolls, you will not face such an issue. The sex doll can keep going while you enjoy oral sex with her, and there will be no talking or breaks in between.

Besides that, women are not always in the mood to give blowjobs, or sometimes they have other responsibilities and can’t hook up with you. That is not a problem for realistic sex dolls because they are always at your service. The sex doll will never say no to you and will always be there for you in your times of sexual need.

4. Cum In Her Mouth

Not all women will allow you to cum in their mouths because they don’t like the taste or have other issues. However, you can cum in the mouth of your sex doll as frequently as you like, and you can also cum on any of her body parts if you wish.

Of course, you must remember to keep the love doll clean after you come in her mouth or other body parts, and doing so will keep her body pure for the next time you want to use her for your sexual gratification.

One Disadvantage

While the real love dolls offer so many benefits to owners, here is one disadvantage you might face when it comes to a sex doll giving you oral sex:

The Best Sex Doll Itself Has No Temperature To Offer

The only drawback you will face from silicone sex dolls is that they have nobody temperature to offer you. Women are warm, and you can feel that warmth when they put their mouths on you. So, when it comes to a sex doll, you will not feel as much heat as a real woman.

However, the doll can give you a blowjob in many positions, and it will be slippery enough if you use Lube. So, if you like the warmth of a real woman too much, you might not be delighted with the love doll.

How Can I Use My Love Doll For The Best Oral Sex?

Here are the top four ways you can enhance the oral sex experience with your genuine love dolls:

1. Use Lube

Lube is your best friend when it comes to getting a blowjob from TPE & Silicone sex dolls. Applying the appropriate amount of Lube will realize the experience is as fantastic as a real woman. You must cover the whole mouth of the sex doll with Lube.

Keep in mind not to overuse the Lube, or you will make her mouth too slipper. Ideally, the mouth of your petite sex doll should be moist. After that, you can choose a position for her to give you the best oral sex.

2. Keep The Natural Positions

You can get oral sex from your love doll by making her kneel in front of you while you sit on any surface. You can also customize the sex doll to make her eyes look at you while giving you oral sex. Such customization will ensure eye contact during oral sex so you can feel even more fun.

After all, many men desire that the woman directly looks at them during a blowjob. Another natural position you can try is to make your sex doll lay on the bed with her face up while you penetrate her mouth. Both these positions will offer you a fantastic experience, and you will want more.

3. Weight And Pressure

Most real love dolls out there have realistic weight and pressure that feel like a real woman’s. That is why you can also place her hands on your hips while you penetrate her mouth. The weight and pressure will be natural, and you can get oral sex from her for years to come.

Even after years of use, the doll’s face will not go out of shape or offer you a dull sensation as there is more wear and tear. You will also not receive oral herpes or any other illness after receiving satisfaction. Therefore, you can have oral sex without any issues.

4. Gently Grabbing Her Hair

If you want the oral sex to feel even more realistic, you can gently grab the real love dolls’ hair while you are penetrating her mouth. Doing this will turn you on even further and ensure you get a deep-throat blowjob. Many men use this technique to get the most out of a blowjob from silicone sex dolls.

So, grab her hair and make her go as deep as you like. Because of this, you will cum in no time and feel satisfied. Be sure not to get too rough as the hair or head might get damaged.

Customizing Your Sex Doll For The Perfect Blowjob

Finally, you can customize the best sex dolls according to your desires. You can go for many appearances, from a dumb blonde girl to a bold redhead; you can customize them as much as you like.

You can experiment and create the woman of your dreams with luscious lips, a soft tongue, and a deep mouth. Now, please think about your dream blowjob and girl, and make them come true with your genuine love doll.

Final Words

That was your complete guide to using the silicone sex dolls for oral sex. Be sure to customize the sex doll so you can cum more efficiently and receive the best blowjob of your life. Once you do, you will love the sexual experience as the sex doll will be there to cater to all your oral sex needs.

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