Is It Cheating To Use A Sex Doll In A Relationship?

There is no doubt that sex dolls have become an essential and in-demand item during the pandemic. They are a great item to possess. However, if you are already in a relationship or married, buying a sex doll might be a tricky decision.

One question that most buyers face is if purchasing and using a sex doll would be considered cheating. Some are even concerned about asking their partners because they don’t know how their partners would react. Maybe they will feel that you are no longer attracted to them and want someone with a different look, including hair color, eye color, and distinct facial features. This may lead your partner to believe that you are trying to cheat on her; however, that is not always the case. Like the example mentioned above, it all depends on how one perceives sex dolls. Where one person might think of it as cheating, another might think of it as a healthy alternative. Let’s talk about the use of sex dolls in a relationship in detail so you can easily understand if it is considered cheating or not.

What do people think about the Use of Sex dolls?

  • There is no generic answer to the question above. The use of sex dolls in a relationship is entirely subjective. Even when you are not in a relationship, you might come across people who frown upon the idea of you possessing a sex doll. They would rather see you be alone than improve your mental health and sex game with the help of a realistic-looking sex doll.
  • The world will always be judgmental. You cannot please everyone. The only person whom you should care about pleasing is yourself. If you are single and you want to use a sex doll, go for it. It’s your life, and you have every right to feel good precisely the way you want.
  • If you are in a relationship or married, you can still use a sex doll; however, it is ideal to discuss this with your partner. Again, this is an entirely subjective topic. Some people may consider it okay, while others may not like it. In many relationships, even the girl may ask to introduce a sex doll in the relationship. So it all depends on the individual and collective choices and preferences of all people involved in the relationship.

Does the use of a sex doll affect your relationship?

  • People worldwide are using sex dolls for sexual reasons and for creating a sense of companionship during this pandemic. However, one may also think if these sex dolls will affect your relationship with your partner. As already mentioned, using a sex doll is entirely subjective, so if it will affect your relationship depends on what you and your partner feel about it. If you are both okay with it and want to bring it to the bed as a third partner, it may be instrumental in improving your relationship.
  • However, if you use the sex doll without discussing it with your partner and find out about it, it can cause you some trouble. Your partner may also know that you use a sex doll to fulfill your sexual desires when she is not around. If your girlfriend is on board with the plan, this can do wonders for you and your relationship. In such a case, it can be beneficial to your mental health to have a sexual release whenever you want, and your partner is happy with it.
  • Even though the decision to use a sex doll is subjective and you may or may not consider it is cheating, there are still some instances where it is okay to use sex dolls and others that are just sort of unethical in a relationship so they can be considered as instances of cheating. So let’s take a look at both sets of models.

These cases are not considered cheating

If you use a love doll in a relationship, please talk to your partner first.

If you plan to use a sex doll in your relationship, it is better first to discuss it with your partner until you are both on board with the idea. It will be great for your relationship, and discussing it with your partner will mean that you can enjoy having sex with the sex doll without having to worry about how your girlfriend will feel about it. She may even think of it as a good option, which will bring us to the next point.

You and your partner play a threesome with a doll together.

It is also not considered cheating if you and your partner want to add a realistic sex doll to your sexual adventures. If you have always dreamed of having a threesome, but you don’t know how to go about it, then discuss using a sex doll for your threesome experience. It will not be considered cheating if you and your partner both want to do this tremendous and kinky experiment.

Your partner is unwell.

Sex is an essential aspect of any romantic relationship, and it is also a vital human need. If you don’t have sex for some time, then you are bound to feel a little cranky. However, what should you do if your partner has been unwell for some time and you want to experience a sexual release? Well, then, in such a case, you can have a raunchy time with your realistic sex doll. However, it is best to discuss this with your partner as well. It will show your partner how much you care about her by not disturbing her when she is unwell or recovering.

These cases are considered cheating.

Now let’s take a look at some instances that can be considered unethical. If you want to have a smooth relationship with your partner, then it is vital to check out the following points. These points are a big No-No when using a realistic sex doll when you are already married or in a relationship.

You conceal the existence of the doll.

One of the essential things you should avoid is to conceal the existence of your sex doll. Imagine your girlfriend visits your house, you enjoy great sex, and as soon as she opens the closet to get some clothes, she sees the sex doll you hid in the closet right before she came to your house. It is going to make her feel betrayed and lied to. She may get angry, and it may ruin your relationship with her forever. She may also question the need for the sex doll, and at that moment, it would be tough to communicate your reasons for using the sex doll effectively. This is why the ideal time to discuss this is before you start using the doll and when both of you are calm.

You have sex with a love doll more often than your partner.

It is also alarming that you have more sex with your sex doll than your partner. In some cases, your partner might like it. She may not have the same sexual appetite as you; however, if you have a beautiful realistic-looking sex doll and you tend to have sex with her every day while you only visit your girlfriend once a week, then it would be considered cheating.

You have to ask yourself what your girlfriend would think about the discriminatory treatment between her and the sex doll. She calls you every night to ask what you are up to, and you tell her I was having sex with my sexy and premium silicone sex doll. She may not like it, which is why most men might lie about it, also a sign of cheating. So always keep your partner happy and have more sex with her instead of the love doll.

You’re addicted to Your Sex Dolls and dissatisfied with your partner.

If you are sexually addicted to your sex dolls and only find sexual comfort in them while ignoring your real-life partner, this can also constitute cheating. It clearly shows that you are not serious about your relationship and don’t find your partner sexually attractive. Instead, you find your customize realistic love dolls attractive. This can hurt your girlfriend and may even end up breaking your relationship.

Is it wrong to use sex dolls in a relationship?

It isn’t wrong to use sex dolls in a relationship; however, you shouldn’t get carried away with it. As discussed previously, if you get sexually addicted to your sex doll and give less importance to your real-life girlfriend, it can be very disastrous for your relationship. Other than that, using a sex doll should be considered the same as using any other sex toy. Does using a dildo or a vibrator make your girlfriend a cheater? Is it wrong to use these things? If not, then the use of sex dolls shouldn’t be frowned upon because it is just another category of sex toys.

The Real Reason behind the Use of Sex Dolls

We are discussing whether using sex dolls is good or not; however, now let’s discuss why people feel the need to use them. First, let’s take a look at some of the reasons.

You are single, and you want to enjoy a sexual experience with a partner.

You need companionship when you are feeling lonely.

You want to improve your sexual technique and overall stamina.

You can get a realistic sex doll customized according to your desire which means that you can have sex with a sex doll with all the features you like in a woman.

You are far away from your home and your partner, and you want to experience sexual release.

You and your partner want to experience a threesome without adding a real person in bed.

Using a sex doll can help in improving your mental health.

They want to see why other people are trying it. They want to experience what all the fuss around sex dolls is about.

Every person is unique, and they all may have their reasons for using sex dolls. However, these are just some of the primary reasons why people use sex dolls.


Using a sex doll is a subjective decision, and it all depends on each person and each couple to decide whether they can allow a sex doll in their relationship or not. Some may say that as long as there is consensus, there is no cheating, but if one of the partners disagrees and still the sex doll is used, then that is outright cheating. Because their realistic bodies cause the main issue, they are exquisitely beautiful and look like real women.

So get your partner’s permission first, then you can use the doll together; we believe your partner will thank you for this decision because you will experience endless fun!

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