Is It Necessary To Buy Jewelry For My Sex Dolls?

One of the best things about buying realistic love dolls is that you can adorn them in many ways. From clothes to wigs to jewelry, there are various items you can use to make your premium sex dolls look more appealing. Doing this will turn you on even more and get you ready for sex.

However, most sex doll owners are cautious when it comes to using jewelry on the doll, and that is because the owners worry that jewelry will damage or stain the lifelike sex dolls’ bodies. If you are wondering the same, you are in the right place as you can keep reading to understand more about your sex doll wearing jewelry in detail.

Should I Buy Jewelry For My Sex Dolls?

  • Yes, if you want to make your premium sex dolls look even better, you can invest in jewelry for the sex doll. After all, jewelry is a woman’s best friend, and it will look fantastic on your sex doll. Depending on the jewelry you pick, it will make your TPE & Silicone sex doll look confident, charming, and unique.
  • Sex dolls also look more charming than before once you adorn them with beautiful jewelry. You can choose the jewelry you like for your sex doll so you can also feel more attracted to your realistic love dolls.
  • You can buy everything from earrings to necklaces and rings for your blonde sex dolls. The best way to use them is to highlight their personality and bring out the best features of your sex dolls. Once you do, you will want to use her more than before.

Concerns Of Sex Doll Owners About The Use Of Jewelry

It is normal to be concerned about using jewelry on sex dolls, and that is because many sex doll owners wonder if jewelry can harm the sex dolls’ bodies. Here are some of the top concerns that almost every real sex doll owner has when it comes to buying jewelry for full-size sex dolls:

  • Does wearing jewelry fade over time hurt the doll?
  • When making love with a doll, does need to remove jewelry?
  • Does adorning the sex doll with jewelry items cause staining because of squeezing?
  • Does one have to remove the sex dolls’ jewelry when oiling or cleaning her?
  • These are legitimate concerns, and everyone sex doll owner has them when putting jewelry on the doll, but you will not face any of these issues as long as you set and take off the jewelry with care. Once you do, your sex doll will last a long time and give you the best sex without any hassle or issues.

Notes On The Use Of Jewelry For Sex Dolls

It is crucial to take the proper sex doll precautions when adorning the love doll with jewelry. That is why you need to know everything about caring for your life-size sex dolls in terms of jewelry wear:

1. Sex Doll Color Fading

Sex doll color fading because of artificial jewelry is one of the main concerns of almost all sex doll owners. You must know that if using low-quality jewelry on your realistic love dolls will cause color fading in the long run. That is why we advise you to invest in high-quality jewelry for your premium sex dolls, as it won’t lead to color fading.

2. Be Gentle With Sex Doll When Putting Or Removing Jewelry

Putting and removing jewelry on your best sex doll should be done with suitable precautions for the best results. For example, all sex doll owners must remove the dolls’ jewelry when having sex with her. That is because a necklace, earring, or even a ring can get stuck in something while having sex and lead to a cut or mark on her body.

If you want to avoid this with your blonde sex dolls, it is crucial to be cautious while handling jewelry on your sex doll. Any rough use can lead to deformation marks on her body. So, be gentle with your sex doll jewelry, and make the sex doll wear it and remove it with care.

3. Sex Doll Cleaning And Oiling

It is best to remove the sex doll jewelry when you are oiling or cleaning her. As we mentioned before, anything can get stuck in one of the jewelry pieces and damage your realistic love dolls.

4. Never Buy Your Sex Doll Low-Quality Jewelry

You should stay away from low-quality jewelry. While these jewels may look cute and may help you save some money, they can hurt the skin of your sex doll. If you don’t have enough budget for the time being, prefer not to wear jewelry for your doll rather than buying low-cost ones. Many users have reported that their dolls with low-quality jewelry have left some marks or imprints.

Besides that, low-quality jewelry also breaks or bends when slight pressure is applied. Because of this, it can lead to you hurting while playing with the premium sex dolls. So, invest in high-quality jewelry for you and your sex dolls’ safety.

5. Sex Doll Piercing

Yes, you can go for sex doll piercing on the boobs, nose, and ears. But, we do not recommend doing this. Because the dolls’ skin is delicate, if not handled properly, it may damage their skin. To better protect the doll’s body, please use them carefully.

That was your complete guide to understanding adorning your realistic love dolls with jewelry and how to take care of them in the appropriate way. Once you follow these guidelines, you can easily make your sex doll wear jewelry and feel more attracted to her. It will enhance your experience and make your lifelike sex dolls look the best so you can enjoy them even more than before.

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