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    She is curvy, thick, owns big booty, thick legs, but no a little extra fat on the stomach, hourglass shape. She owns a voluptuous body figure and has lean muscles and a toned body. She is curvy and thick but there is not a pound of excess flesh to be seen anywhere on her. Her breasts are very shapely and full which barely fit into your hands

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    The gym is empty in the morning, and I see from the mirror that there is a gorgeous body behind. The girl’s body is very sexy and has Mediterranean-style bronze skin. Thick black curly hair drapes over her shoulders, and she is wearing a tight white T-shirt revealing charming belly studs.

    Her shorts tightened around her upper buttocks; the lower half jiggled in the air. Her calf muscles bend just right with the rotation of the weightlifting, full of strength and beauty. After a while, her T-shirt begins to show signs of sweat which is a little sticky, and the dimples under her back are glistening with sweat.

    I imagined how wonderful it would be to slowly lick her sweat along her spine, and how passionate it would be to run my tongue around the nook of her charming back.

    Her slightly raised nipples looked like they were about to poke through her shirt. She grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it up, revealing an amazingly big pair of gorgeous breasts. Her tiny hot nipples are active. I can’t wait to lick them.

  • SY cheap love doll series 161 thick lips main -48% Off

    She has thick, pouty lower lips which were exquisitely shaped. She is curvy, thick, owns big booty, thick legs, but no a little extra fat on the stomach, hourglass shape. She owns a voluptuous body figure and has lean muscles and a toned body. She is curvy and thick but there is not a pound of excess flesh to be seen anywhere on her. Her breasts are very shapely and full which barely fit into your hands

  • 158 sex doll 7158 sex doll 3 -20% Off

    We just finished repairing the leaking water pipe. Layers of sweat cover Connie’s bronze skin, and the shining drops of water are shining under the reflection of the light. It is a kind of evil temptation, which penetrates the suffocation of the soul for me.

    The super shorts and tight-fitting tank top showed her athlete’s hourglass figure vividly. This beauty with power fascinated me. Her thick thighs perfectly echoed the arc formed by her hips. I ripped her trousers off, with my hands on her hips in a circular motion; they are very soft and elastic. I forcefully opened her hips and put my hot tongue into her tight ditch. My tongue made a gurgling sound in circles. Her big butt swayed from side to side with my movements, and the heavy drape was highly remarkable, as juicy as a peach. I got up and pulled her arms back, and put my penis into her tiny groove. The loud and crisp sound of her hips continuously tapping my thighs reverberated in the basement. It didn’t take long for us to get wet again.

    I’m addicted to this rough but feminine figure, which satisfies my ambitions and extravagant hopes. This kind of body is something I can’t meet in reality.


  • 167 fit sex doll main -15% Off

    Edith swaggers around the stage in high heels, spinning herself up in slow salsa dance. Her plump breast shape and entire abdominal muscles are perfectly displayed. Her toned figure is a beautiful landscape.

    She comes to me and does a thigh dance for me. She rubs her body and nipples on my lower body up and down, following the rhythm of the music. I think I’m going to ejaculate in my pants.

    I stroke her chocolate smooth abdominal muscles with my left hand and rest my right hand on the hollows of her hips. She has two deep back dimples, and my fingers circle her waist gently. Her reaction is so strong that her body twitches, and I know her orgasm is coming soon. She is lying on my shoulder, biting my neck gently with her teeth, releasing a powerful and persistent moan.

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    Mia has the kind of fantasy figure you’ll never find in reality, with super big breasts and oversized asses that are perfect customized beyond imagination are simply fairylands.

    She likes all kinds of cosplays and will play the little tiger today. She changes her gear in the bathroom, and the tiger tail shows her wildest side to the full. I am shocked; the petite girl has a muscular body and a large-sized plump curve. The bikini can only cover one-tenth of her chest. I get close to her, her oversized nipples are squeezing my chest, and I bury my head deeper into this world-class cleavage; it completely covers my whole face. I am feeling this incredible jungle journey. The squeezed breasts spilling out from the sides just as round as two basketballs and jiggled on her slim waist. I gently tapped them that bouncing back and forth; the crisp reverberation filled my entire body.

    What is even more exciting is that she also has an eye-catching bubble buttock. I can’t bear the excitement of my whole body and grab her buttocks tightly; then, I hang my legs on the butt to rub them back and forth and enjoy the erotic time. Mia said to me with her little paws up on top of me: “Next time I will be your little cat, super gentle and full of power, the smell of your semen has always been my playground “

  • Amanda black sex doll 158cm Big 5Amanda black sex doll 158cm Big 5 -20% Off

    I prefer intelligent women to physical features. But as far as physical attributes are concerned, she is exactly my type. With her world-class wide hips, radiant black skin, and strong legs with a sense of strength, she makes my blood boil all the time.

    She was lying on the sofa and stroking herself that seemingly intoxicated. When l was seeing this scene, the pleasure growing stronger and stronger inside of me. She gestured me over to sit next to her and then grabbed my lips tightly that I couldn’t help but imagine what it would feel like if her lips touched mine, and my cock was aroused immediately.

    She turned and lay on the sofa; her strong legs and big butt formed a sexy perfect curve. My eyes poured down her smooth, black skin. I touched her back muscles and slid to her wide ass, squeezing it like crazy, and her tight hips would bounce back in an instant; how can it be wonderful! The other hand rubbed against her thick thigh, then lifted her other leg, and my hot tongue sinks into her deep groove; l was licking up and down her wrinkled asshole; the saliva soaked her whole buttocks, the juice flowed down her labia, thighs. I saw her clench her fist, her whole body twitching, a shiver running down my spine. She turned her head to look at me with a smug smile on her thick, beautiful lips.


  • Ayumi 158 sex doll 1Ayumi 158 sex doll 3 -20% Off

    I met Ayumi in the yoga studio. She had just finished classes. Sweat soaked her whole body, crystal drops of water flowed down her body, and the firm, medium-sized nipples poked out from under the soaked white T-shirt and beckoned me.

    She sat on the floor and rested. I walked over to help her dry her sweat. She was wearing leggings sweatpants with nothing on the inside. I reached in and touched her plump and tight wide buttocks and then slipped onto her vagina. I use my fingertips to tease her labia, which was very slippery and tender. I stretched three fingers in and curled up and down inside, her body twitching with my movements.

    She changed her posture and lay on the yoga mat. From the side, her big teardrop-like breast shape fell heavily on the carpet, forming a perfect curve with her slender waist and big full butt. I straddled her. Her hips were swaying back and forth. And my penis was sticking in and out of her vagina, making her legs sticky. I reached out and poked her clit with my finger while rolling and teasing it. I felt the heat rushing to my body from the inner thighs, and she was gasping and groaning in a low voice. Because of too much sweat, I saw the printed shadow of her body on the carpet. She turned her head and looked at me, we all laughed Up!

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    Hellen is my trainer. Her big blue eyes are charming. I have been looking for opportunities to be alone with her. When She shrugs and smiles at me, I know what it means.

    She is slender, with perfect curves. She wears a light sports vest every time, showing her toned arms and round breasts. I stood in front of her, stroking one hand back and forth on her silky abs; the other hand gripped her big boobs tightly and sucked her pink nipple into my mouth; how can be soft and juicy! The taste buds were like strawberry candy; l was thrilled.

    Due to long-term exercise, her legs are flexible enough to stretch freely. We changed the position. Her black leggings seemed to be bursting by her plump butt, and her two chubby butts were looming swaying. She was lying on the sofa, and the curved curve of her hips was incredibly charming. I put my hand on it and slid down, and my fingers touched a crack in her butt;

    I reached in and explored; her whole body was trembling. She told me that she likes morning sex the most, especially when she is full of energy after exercising early in the morning.

  • Mia 168 sex doll mainMia 168 sex doll 4 -15% Off
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    I am addicted to vampire/Halloween scenes. Dracula being her favorite character, she just ended the night performance.

    I took her backstage. She painted her lips black and even had blood on her cheeks, revealing a set of sharp teeth. I praised her for her authentic costume. She suddenly came close to me, biting my neck and tearing off my T-shirt; my heart begins to beat rapidly, and I felt my cock begin to thicken. Then she showed an evil smile. I grabbed her by the wrist and pushed her to the ground, which caused her to wrap her legs across my back and her body temp to shoot up; I couldn’t believe my luck.

    I gently bit and sucked on her soft boobs, scraped my fang teeth across her tiny nipples, which produced louder moans of pleasure. She tried to unbutton my pants, but I stopped her by grabbing her wrists and pinning her arms above her head. Then I kissed and licked the tender insides of her arms while my cock rubbed her vagina up and down through her thin black lace panties.

    Her moans grow louder, and her breathing increased. Not long afterward, I could feel her inner walls contract on my cock and her legs hug me even tighter. She reached over and pulled my head to her lips, and gave me a long passionate tongue kiss. “Happy Halloween,” she said in a breathy voice when she ended the kiss.

  • SY cheap sex doll series 161 hourglass main -48% Off

    She owns a voluptuous body figure and has lean muscles and a toned body. She is curvy and thick but there is not a pound of excess flesh to be seen anywhere on her. Her breasts are very shapely and full which barely fit into your hands

  • nuru black doll main -20% Off

    They went to a small villa in the suburbs for vacation. She was sitting on a stone table, her blue eyes were as clear as the sea, and she staring at him unblinkingly. He leaned close to her, supported her chin with his hand, and touched her sexy lips. They were already horny.

    Her big, thick mouth kissed his chest and ran her tongue over his nipples, teasing him to the point of excitement. While unbuttoning his shorts, she hooked her fingers into the elastic band of his underwear and jerked his shorts to his ankles; she found that his penis had begun to grow thick and straight. She started massaging his hot, and swollen lower body quickly pushed his penis into her throat, and began sucking and stroking. Stream after stream of cum poured out of him onto her tongue and nipples.

    Then they changed their posture. He cupped her face, burying his head in her plump, round cleavage; then start sucking on her upturned beautiful nipples and alternate between them, giving them a quick tongue flick. She was very excited, and her whole body was twitching, which made him speed up. He put two fingers on her clean shaved pussy and stroked it back and forth until her vagina started shaking. There are bright smiles on their faces!

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    Christel got up early in the morning and cleaned up. She was wearing a blue leotard to perfectly echo her blue eyes. As she scrubbed the table, her beautiful breasts swayed gently with her movements.

    She went to the shower after cleaned up. After taking a shower, she was lying naked on the glass window. The bathroom was foggy. I was in a daze to see her amazing pink nipples tightly against the glass window, squeezed became a round cake, followed by the chest moving around.

    Then her eyes opened wide, filled with intense longing and joy; I had no idea Christel was such a cum slut. I stood in front of the glass and observed her boobs rising and falling from the effort. She was precisely sexy, what I had imagined in my mind for so many nights.

    Her wide hips were particularly seductive against her slender figure. I lifted her firm butts with my hands, and I licked along her cracks frantically; she moaned and twisted in ecstasy. Then we changed positions. She grabbed my cock and swirled her tongue around my dick;

    She smiled with my penis in her mouth and got a mischievous look in her eye as she lightly dragged her teeth over my shaft. The sensation was shocking and intense. And I instinctively put my hand on her head, this made her smile more, and she began sucking me off hard. I was so excited that I instantly ejaculated in her mouth.

  • 172 sex doll elf main -15% Off
    Super Thin Waist

    My newfound girlfriend turned out to be the daughter of a sex genie. Our first time making love had unearthed a rather exciting power – she could see the sexual fantasies of the people around her. When l had skin-to-skin contact with her, l could see them as well.

    She kept her hip cocked captivatingly to the side. The soft abs lines flowing around her ultra-slim waist. She grinned evilly, walked up to me, then undid my slacks in a fluid motion. She didn’t even bend back up at the waist.

    She sticks out her long tongue; when she got to my navel, she swirled the point of her tongue around it before sliding it down to the edge of my jeans. She then teased the sensitive part underneath the top with the energy of her tongue. Her hands moved up and down on me, forcing a sharp intake of breath from me in anticipation.

    l can’t wait to raiser her upright and bent my head forward to take her upturned nipple between my lips, sucking and teasing it with my tongue. Kiss around the curves of her breast, enjoying the softness and give of them as my lips pushed against them.

    Following her stomach, stroking the fine hairs on her pelvis to her cleft, I soon found her clitoris there and began to tease it again. Her breath caught again, and her muscles tensed as l brought her to another orgasm. We had a pleasant evening together.

  • 158 sex doll 12 -20% Off

    It’s our anniversary, and Saya said she had a special surprise for me. I heard the door of the closet in the room banging and couldn’t help but walk in. It turns out that Saya was wearing my favorite Cosplay.

    She wore furry gloves, flaming red lips, and a leopard bikini called her muscular figure extremely wild. I felt a tingling pain as I looked at the curve’s graceful image, burning from the bottom to the top. I frantically stroked her heavy, bouncy breasts, teasing her pink nipples, which would stiffen and stand upright. While burying my face in this deep cleavage, rubbing my face back and forth left and right, enjoying this incredible titty fuck. The lines of her slightly raised belly follow my movements and are squirming up and down. Pieces of abdominal muscles are as silky as chocolate. I picked her up and turned her back to me, I grabbed her mighty thighs and shook her wide hips. One leg straddled her hips and rubbed with my inner thighs. It was so tight and plump. My hands continued to massage her huge breasts, which were spilling out of her back, and we got electric shocks all over our body, shocking us in waves.

    When I was wiping the sweat off my body, I saw her trembling again. She bit her finger and gazing at me affectionately with her big dark brown eyes, tempting me to continue.


  • 155 sex doll 9155 sex doll 10 -10% Off

    She invited me to the basement and said that she would prepare a surprise for me. I couldn’t wait to get off work then go there. The place was gorgeous, something out of a fairytale.

    Her eyes with this rare amber eye color turned me on from the moment I met her. I walked to her, took her by the hand, and pressed her to the ground. I put pink handcuffs on her hands and ankles, tied them with straps, and hung her on steel pipes. It was the SM type that made me eager.

    It changed to the adrenaline pulse kind of excitement, a far darker, more sinister kind that was tinged with conquering. Sparks of thrill made my wrists tingle. Now I had about a minute of light to take in the insane scene in front of me. Okay, Let’s play. Be a good girl and show me how well you can protest.

    I lightly slapped her ass, and it was a lot more gentle than when I usually dominated her. Her pussy glistened with how wet she was, and I thought I could tell how much she loved this thought by that scent and the sight of her.

    I thrust two fingers inside of her so that she went stiff with so much pleasure, and I pressed her wrists up a little farther by the cuff chain so that she struggled slightly. She was getting more and more into it. I lifted her slightly and pinched her nipples; her squeal of shock and need made me feel hotter than hot. I felt feral, so much so that it was intoxicating.

  • Yael love doll black 168cm 3 -15% Off
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    She is the beauty queen of Brazil. Her figure is a sexy combination of slim and toned. With a cocoa skin, and her extreme openness was what made the tension for me.

    Seeing her eyes staring straight at my crotch, my thick cock became swollen again. She didn’t like to wear underwear, perfect small mounds, tiny hard nipples, slightly exposed; they were very nice-sized and firm with the darkest nipples I’ve seen that made a nice contrast to her cocoa skin. I could hold her entire breast in my palm with one hand and rub it, while the other hand followed the line of her undulating abs and draw circles on her abdomen, which was very smooth.

    Her radiant black skin was beginning to become flushed with red desire, and her pink slit was open for me. I approached her inch by inch; I grabbed my cock and teased her pussy with the head of my penis; she moaned with pleasure. After I circled her clit a few times, I began to push myself into her. Her tightness was incredible. She bit her lip and began to grab at her flat chest;

    I felt the warmth and wetness of her pussy soak us both. Her mouth was wide open, and I stood up and shot a stream of semen across her face and into her mouth. As she wiped it around her mouth in circles with her tongue, I began to lose control again.