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    I spent another night looking after the child of a good friend of mine, and I often came to help her mow the lawn or help her child with homework.

    Today I wavered my thoughts and walked into her bedroom. She was waiting eagerly. She raised her eyebrows; her succubus eyes were full of desire and looked at me. She was wearing an almost transparent black bra, letting me see her big plump breasts and the short, tiny pink nipples. She smiled and stood up and hugged me tightly. “Thank you for helping me take care of the children.”

    Her big boobs pressed heavily against me, hanging down on her ultra-slender waist to look even sexier. I circled my fingers on her flat belly and slid them down to her crotch. l was sliding on the inner thighs of her legs until I lifted her crotch and finally ran my fingers down her wet slit. I could fully taste her juice now; she has a charming musky fragrance.

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    The gym is empty in the morning, and I see from the mirror that there is a gorgeous body behind. The girl’s body is very sexy and has Mediterranean-style bronze skin. Thick black curly hair drapes over her shoulders, and she is wearing a tight white T-shirt revealing charming belly studs.

    Her shorts tightened around her upper buttocks; the lower half jiggled in the air. Her calf muscles bend just right with the rotation of the weightlifting, full of strength and beauty. After a while, her T-shirt begins to show signs of sweat which is a little sticky, and the dimples under her back are glistening with sweat.

    I imagined how wonderful it would be to slowly lick her sweat along her spine, and how passionate it would be to run my tongue around the nook of her charming back.

    Her slightly raised nipples looked like they were about to poke through her shirt. She grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it up, revealing an amazingly big pair of gorgeous breasts. Her tiny hot nipples are active. I can’t wait to lick them.

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    Edith swaggers around the stage in high heels, spinning herself up in slow salsa dance. Her plump breast shape and entire abdominal muscles are perfectly displayed. Her toned figure is a beautiful landscape.

    She comes to me and does a thigh dance for me. She rubs her body and nipples on my lower body up and down, following the rhythm of the music. I think I’m going to ejaculate in my pants.

    I stroke her chocolate smooth abdominal muscles with my left hand and rest my right hand on the hollows of her hips. She has two deep back dimples, and my fingers circle her waist gently. Her reaction is so strong that her body twitches, and I know her orgasm is coming soon. She is lying on my shoulder, biting my neck gently with her teeth, releasing a powerful and persistent moan.

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    My newfound girlfriend turned out to be the daughter of a sex genie. Our first time making love had unearthed a rather exciting power – she could see the sexual fantasies of the people around her. When l had skin-to-skin contact with her, l could see them as well.

    She kept her hip cocked captivatingly to the side. The soft abs lines flowing around her ultra-slim waist. She grinned evilly, walked up to me, then undid my slacks in a fluid motion. She didn’t even bend back up at the waist.

    She sticks out her long tongue; when she got to my navel, she swirled the point of her tongue around it before sliding it down to the edge of my jeans. She then teased the sensitive part underneath the top with the energy of her tongue. Her hands moved up and down on me, forcing a sharp intake of breath from me in anticipation.

    l can’t wait to raiser her upright and bent my head forward to take her upturned nipple between my lips, sucking and teasing it with my tongue. Kiss around the curves of her breast, enjoying the softness and give of them as my lips pushed against them.

    Following her stomach, stroking the fine hairs on her pelvis to her cleft, I soon found her clitoris there and began to tease it again. Her breath caught again, and her muscles tensed as l brought her to another orgasm. We had a pleasant evening together.

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    She invited me to the basement and said that she would prepare a surprise for me. I couldn’t wait to get off work then go there. The place was gorgeous, something out of a fairytale.

    Her eyes with this rare amber eye color turned me on from the moment I met her. I walked to her, took her by the hand, and pressed her to the ground. I put pink handcuffs on her hands and ankles, tied them with straps, and hung her on steel pipes. It was the SM type that made me eager.

    It changed to the adrenaline pulse kind of excitement, a far darker, more sinister kind that was tinged with conquering. Sparks of thrill made my wrists tingle. Now I had about a minute of light to take in the insane scene in front of me. Okay, Let’s play. Be a good girl and show me how well you can protest.

    I lightly slapped her ass, and it was a lot more gentle than when I usually dominated her. Her pussy glistened with how wet she was, and I thought I could tell how much she loved this thought by that scent and the sight of her.

    I thrust two fingers inside of her so that she went stiff with so much pleasure, and I pressed her wrists up a little farther by the cuff chain so that she struggled slightly. She was getting more and more into it. I lifted her slightly and pinched her nipples; her squeal of shock and need made me feel hotter than hot. I felt feral, so much so that it was intoxicating.

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    We had a wild pajama party in the basement. She was my Elfin maid, with long ears and vampire teeth, which aroused my infinite desire.

    She was naked, her ankles and wrists chained up. l tied her legs to the floor 10 feet below. She moved back, bending her knees and squatting next to me. l was amazed at seeing her whole body on display. Her breasts were perfect. They stood perky and round with small pink circles in the middle displaying her puffy nipples. Sexy metal chains cross her super big boobs; they hang down and sway on her thin waist, which is very lively and stunning. She loved the feeling of being tied up, and a rush of pleasure washed over her. Her whole body was blushing.

    Her pussy was twitching for the need of being touched. l look down as her tight smooth outer labia contacts the base of my shaft. She moves one hand up my leg and presses the penis against her; l plugged into it as far as l could. The orgasm that had been building exploded from her. She screamed in a release as her every blood vessel dilated.

    The dried cum on her body pulling on her skin as her muscles contracted, the powerful spurts of Deathmaster’s orgasm in her rectum. She spasmed so hard that she might have hurt herself has she not been bound as she was. The feeling of a massive emotional and mental orgasm course through them together. We enjoyed it so much.

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    I still remember how I felt that morning, watching her body rise and fall with every breath, lying quietly on the bed. I touched her with the softest strength because I was afraid of waking her up.

    She took a breath and opened her eyes. My hands hovered in front of her chest, and her oversized breasts touched my bare hands. Then she held her big boobs in both hands and let me rest my head on them. The moment I lay down, I felt like I was in the clouds, incredibly soft and very elastic. With her shaking, my head jumped naturally, like a top spa for my head, then I closed my eyes to enjoy this wonderful moment.

    My hands unconsciously went down to explore. I squeezed her sturdy thighs forcefully. Squeeze her thick, firm thighs. The back of her thighs is broad and protruding, which is very powerful and tight, forming a sexy arc with her amazing big butt. s. Her body full of desires I couldn’t find in real life. I was restraining myself from calming down to explore her slowly.

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    She is innocent and pretty, with chocolate-like silky dark wheat skin. Her thin sexy lips are often slightly open to reveal the large front teeth and a little bit of overbite.

    Her eyes were wide open, and she was standing at the table, ready to start reading. Her tan arms and shoulders were thin but toned like her legs and flat tummy. She was still in puberty, with her flat chest slightly raised. Her tan line circled her young breasts… not yet mature, not yet fallen into place; perched high in her chest, with light pink nipples that almost protruded out more than her breasts.

    Her puffy areolas were perfectly smooth and poked out from her tiny boobs like a second pair of breasts.. her nipples erect. I played with her small but firm boobs, and I just happened to be able to hold all of them with one hand. They were so soft and elastic and very juicy. How wonderful it was to lick them hard.

    I quickly untied all the clothes on her body and was instantly attracted by her tight and soft abdominal muscles. The wave-like lines faintly glowed on her super slim waist, and her hips were beautifully curved, flowing from the slender waist, shaping the perfect hourglass shape. She was such a sexy girl that I really couldn’t control my desire.

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    She was a vision! Wavy platinum blonde hair falling around her face, crystal brown eyes, full lips, and a button nose with freckles. The pose of her standing on the window is the sexiest, but the most titillating thing was that she was on all fours, still wearing her dress, with her huge breasts hanging down to her belly button.

    Her half-opened neckline revealed a deep and long cleavage. Her big boobs were close to my chest, rubbing my groin up and down. I deeply love this feeling. As she turned her back on me, her tits are so big, l can see the sides of them even from behind.

    Her slim waist and wide hips create a beautiful hourglass line which is attractive. Her vast plump buttocks also kept rubbing against my crotch. I plunged into her tight asshole, fingering her breasts at the same time, her superb big butt slapping against my thighs that emits a pleasant reverberating sound. It was the most fabulous time in my life. My legs started to get weak.

    Then she walked to the corner and continued to pose in various poses, which re highly sexy. I knew my penis was beating and wanted to be free. I rushed over and tore off her socks, and searched between her legs with my fingers, touched her wet swollen labia, and then slid into her warm, tight vagina. I buried myself entirely inside her and slowly explored in her. She satisfied all my desires.

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    We are going to a lakeside cottage on vacation. She is wearing a bow tie and pouting with thick cherry lips standing there waiting for me. She always likes to get a nice bronze tan and is a naughty girl.

    I could see her lovely big boobs swaying through her tiny waist, half-exposed under the bikini, pretty plump and round. The beautiful and delightful nipples tilted upwards, l watched peer closely at them, which fascinated me.

    The delicious textures and shapes of her nipples and breasts make my mouth salivate as l sucked and licked them. Then scraped my fang teeth across her tiny nipples, which produced louder moans of pleasure.

    She was facing me with her naked heart-shaped plump big buttocks, where I fantasize about burying my face. She was rubbing her inner thighs up and down, squeezing her cracks. After only a minute or two, I could see the transparent liquid seeping from her labia and rolling down to her wrinkled pink asshole. Her cheek was visibly red from the force.

    Her thick sexy lips pout and cheer at me. My jeans crotch began to tighten again, and I had to twist my body to make myself felt comfortable.

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    We were childhood sweethearts and grew up together. When I saw her again after ten years, I was stunned. She became splendid. Long golden curly hair fell on her ass, and her watery green eyes were as clear as lake water. She looked at me evasively, then bowed her head shyly.

    She has porcelain white skin without a blemish. Her plump and round breasts stood up under her strapless dress, and her deep cleavage was looming, like big jiggling balls of jelly.

    I felt her delightful nipples rubbing against my sweaty skin and a slight up-tilt that pushed her nipples skyward, making me even more fascinated. I squeezed them repeatedly, and they were so delicate and soft. When I tasted her sweet juice, I was surprised to see how delicious it was.

    I hugged her tightly in my arms, stroking back and forth on her slender arms. She nestled her head on my chest, and I smelled the lavender smell from her hair. I knew I hadn’t been this pleasure in a long time! And so was she; I saw a tear streaming down her eyes.

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    Fay came back from school to help paint the walls. She is adorable, with a round face and a small pointy chin, and often wears her hair in two braids.

    She took the brush from me, and in her sweet, sexy girl voice, asked me to help her hold the ladder. She wears short skirts that fit tightly across her round ass cheeks that gently curve up to her slender waist.

    As she stood on top of the ladder holding the brush up high, her tank top dress showed the lower part of her hips. Damn, I was going crazy! My eyes were tightly staring at the seam, and her tiny foamy butt looked very seductive. Her buttocks were beautifully curved; She was a sex bomb! I slipped both hands under her skirt to hold her sweet bottom, soft small cotton-clad buttocks firm in my palms.

    She was a bit of a flirt. Her boobs stood proudly on her chest like a round ball. Somewhat small but perfectly formed, gentle mounds rose from her chest with perfect symmetry, pink flushed areolae with tiny hard nipples.

    The tips of her nipples were a little larger than pencil erasers and extended over a quarter-inch from her dome-shaped areola. It was the purest brilliance of adolescence. Her nipples with studs were active, driving me crazy, and I kissed hornily.

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    After graduation, I accompanied her on vacation in the suburbs! We were camping on a meadow, I set up a tent, and she helped. Her round sweet ass and nipples that glowed toward the sun were beginning to seduce me again!

    She was a vision. Wavy black hair falling around her sun-kissed face, crystal green eyes and a button nose with freckles. Her tan arms and shoulders were thin, but toned like her legs and flat tummy.

    Her tan line circled her young breasts… not yet mature, not yet fallen into place; perched high in her chest, with light pink nipples that almost protruded out more than her breasts. Her puffy areolas were perfectly smooth, and poked out from her small boobs like a second pair of breasts. I stretched a hand into her and felt the wrinkles in her areola become more active, her nipples erect.

    She turned her back to me. Her super sexy backside curve fascinated me, and a well-proportioned ass that was amazing to touch! She sat on my lap, petite, light. I wrapped my arms around her slim waist, her small firm buttocks in my groin. Leaning forward, I inhaled the aroma of my girl, soft, sexy, fragrant shampoo.

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    On weekend mornings, I took her to breakfast. It was a very relaxing time. After eating, I drove her back to the apartment. As soon as I entered her house, we kissed each other eagerly, our tongues roaming each other’s bodies.

    Her small sexy breasts were close to my chest. I held her whole breasts from the bottom with my left hand and rolled her nipples with my fingers, expecting them to burst into juice.

    She grabbed a pillow and put it under her waist, spreading her legs high, sandwiching my hand tightly. She rubbed my hands back and forth with the inner sides of her legs, and I could feel her getting wetter and wetter. My hand slid in, and my fingertips slid deeper and deeper. I could feel her sphincter contraction and expansion, and she groaned and trembled. Before long, her love liquid splashed on my mouth and chin, and she screamed and panted.

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    She lives in a small old house a few blocks away from my home. I come to her yard, she opens the door and comes out, and I find that she is more attractive than before.

    Her somewhat messy blonde hair hangs from her shoulders, with a shapely figure and sweet buttocks. She wears denim shorts that show half of her ass, and her short top clings to her curves, showing the outline of her beautiful big breasts.

    I can’t help but lick her round and plump breasts and put her small nipples into my mouth. I feel them become more prominent and more complicated and more lively under my tongue.

    She likes swearing and also likes oral sex very much. She licks the edge of my ass with her tongue, and she gently pushes her lubricated fingers into my asshole about an inch. I am shaking, and she stretches the fingers deeper again.

    She holds half of my swollen body in her mouth, and her speed is getting faster and faster. I have never felt like this in my life, and it’s so fucking exciting.

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    At a wild party, he orders a few beers and wonders what to do. When he is drinking his first sip, he feels a soft tapping sound on his forearm. It’s Yvette, with a lollipop in her mouth, she clutches his hand.

    He enlarges his pupils to the size of a saucer because she looks so beautiful. She has charming blue eyes. The gorgeous hair tied in two braids, longer than he remembers, almost hanging down to her shapely ass.

    The ultra-short T-shirt exposed half of her full breasts in the air, bobbing like two balloons filled with water. He licks frantically, kisses, and sucks on her big round boobs.

    He begins to chew her vagina with his tongue and soaks the crotch of her pink panties with his saliva. He sucks her clitoris into his mouth, and her rosy pubic hair tickles in his nostrils. He begins to thrust into her heartily, squeezing his cum out of her smooth inner walls over and over again.

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    We just come back from surfing and walking through the trees at the beach. She glances at me, “I often think of things like this, making love in public. It makes me both excited and nervous.” I am timidly happy that she says my expectations!

    I look around the little corner, the place is very private, and the outdoor area does not offer us many options for comfort or ease. She pouts and lay directly on her side on the surfboard.

    And her plump breasts are half squeezed out by her swimsuit, forming a perfect sexy curve with her slim waist and long legs. I run over and jump on top of her, and begin to explore her beautiful body.

    I put her legs on my shoulders, rub her clitoris with the tip of my tongue. Her sweet pussy tightly against my face. I hear her panting, and my tongue licks more profound and deeper along her crack. Now we are both moaning, indifferent to the world around us, and our passionate voice joins the chorus of nature.

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    She is magnificent. With super plump breasts and thick hips, she exudes a sexy taste everywhere. Her delicate face can’t tell her age at all.

    She walks towards me, and the signal from her eyes stuns me. I pull off the straps on her chest, and instantly the two big mellow breasts bounce up. Her short nipples and her plump, soft breasts form a sharp contrast, then I squeeze them feverishly with my hands. This breast shape is my favorite.

    She leans against the wall. Her vast, sturdy hips sway from side to side and seduce me. I know she is longing for intense anal sex, and I squat down, kneeling with my legs.

    My tongue effortlessly enters her tight and smooth little ditch, and I suck it desperately. After a while, I receive a sweet reward. She releases all her orgasms, and I savor every drop of semen.

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    I follow the voice and walk in. and it is Evelyn getting ready for a shower. The bathroom is steaming, and the sound of water rushing into the bathtub is as loud as thunder. I feel my crotch tighten, and a puff of adrenaline flows through my body.

    She is sexy when she is soaked all over. The wet hair is messy and clinging to her chest, and her eyes are full of desire. I walk into the bathtub, lie directly on her, stroke and suck her delicate plump big breasts through her shirt. I pinch her nipples with my fingertips. They are small, but they have stood up and become very hard.

    She opens her legs, and my erect penis is hanging between them. I am longing to enter her sweet pussy. I stuff my middle finger into her gap, it is more lubricated with the help of water, and her tight warm vagina makes me feel good.

    I am completely fascinated. Looking at the expression on her face, smelling her smell, listening to her response to every stimulus, I enjoy it very much.

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    “My grandpa has a 50s Cadillac that he bought when he first came to the United States, so I think you can say that I was born and raised in such an environment.”Wearing a peaked cap and overalls, she looks like an incredible and beautiful girl.

    I unzip the zipper on her chest, and her figure is simply perfect. Her nipples stand straight up on silver dollar-sized areolas, accompanied by her teardrop-shaped breasts dangling from her taut stomach. Which will sway heavily with a single poke, I am so excited that I am going crazy.

    Then she makes a seductive gesture, putting her middle finger and index finger into her mouth to wet them. When she feels wet enough, she moves to my mouth and stretches. I am a little dizzy, and the electric current passes through my body like an electric shock.

    Then she takes off her pants, and I find that the crotch of her panties is soaked. Pussy glistening from intense orgasms, and I play with her pink labia, sliding my middle finger up and down in her wet cracks.

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    She kept giving me an excellent sight of her charming boobs and butt throughout the day when we went to her sweet house on Christmas. Her full breasts push out her white thin sweater, creating perfectly round balls on her chest. Puffy pink nipples decorated on her large red areola, I felt I couldn’t resist having breast sex with her. I can imagine how enjoyable I could get by sliding my penis in and out between her soft and warm boobs

    She has the biggest ass I had ever seen on a woman, which is warped, round, well pronounced, intense, and has flexibility. Her wide hip makes the waist-to-hip ratio extra obvious that is nice to look at. I went over and hugged her, and then I realized that her big warp butt is a perfect place for my hands. I stroked her buttock and took off her sexy fuchsia underpants then made her turn around and pointed her ass at me, then I heard the beautiful continuous sound of her vast and soft butt slapping against my thighs…

    Her relatively slim arms are shapely and can be grabbed easily, as well as her slender waist, which down to her super-wide hip that forms a perfect bottom hourglass curve.

    She moaned and turned her head slowly, and I saw her charming a bit square face with beautiful green eyes and a small lovely nose set between her high cheekbones.

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    She is my favorite Alien Elf. It was a brisk late autumn day; l heard a thud reverberated through the trees. My curiosity got the best of mine as my feet led me in the direction of the impact l heard. l was shocked when l saw her. She was fantastic, with long, pointed ears, anime amber-colored eyes; l had no idea why my sexual feelings were becoming more intense.

    She is skinny, but her big boobs are marvelous, as if delicate peaches on her chest, slightly upturned. As she hugged me, I became aroused; I felt her perky breasts pressed against me began to cause my cock to stiffen.

    Then she bent down and licked my penis; her sucking was terrific! Her tongue was snaking all around my throbbing shaft as I thrust faster and faster. Her moans and slurping have filled the room. She closed her mouth around it; the feeling and sight of her lips wrapped around my shaft were beyond anything I could have imagined. I loved it!

    I grabbed her head and pushed her to the ground; I moved my head close to her dripping pussy. My tongue between her sticky pussy lips;sucking up and down each of her lips and then between them. The flavors drove me insane.

    I lapped her sweet, moist pussy like a thirsty dog at a water dish. She was watching me lick her tasty pussy, groaning with approval as she hissed. I found out the powerful lustful thoughts were so pleasurable.