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    The snowy street is cold, and we decide to warm up at Pandora’s house. The house is empty, and her parents are not at home. Her mother decorates the entire house with plum blossoms, which glowed in the light of the fireplace.

    Pandora change into pajamas. She is petite, and her loose T-shirt can’t hide that she has a pair of flower bud breasts waiting to blossom. This scene raises my libido, and I try to hide the protruding part of my pants. With her legs wrap around my waist, I kiss every inch of her skin, and then I bury my head in her slightly upturned breasts, her small wrinkled nipples protrude at least an inch. I lick them frantically, my tongue slapping, and she let out an audible moan.

    She stands on the chair with one leg, her lovely buttocks spread out slightly, revealing a wrinkled brown-pink hole. I kiss down fiercely, my tongue dangle up and down her little hole, while my fingers slowly enter her pink labia. I want to help her get rid of her virgin body. I hear her silent scream, and her body begins to swing with every penetration of me. She is soaked all over, but every time I get in, her brown-pink asshole will wrinkle.

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    The morning in Lake Swensen is tranquil. I am drinking coffee while walking to the front porch. I see her sitting on the edge of the stairs, twisting her body. Her back is facing me, and my eyes fall on her two huge breasts and big full hips. I keep swallowing my saliva, and a burst of involuntary coughing makes her know that I am on the front porch.

    I walk out, and we sit quietly. I like to talk to her about sex, it is entirely harmless, and I feel pleasantly excited. She pauses for a moment and says, “I think there is a strong sense of sexual tension between us,” and I nod.

    Her legs are kneeling in front of me, and the V-neckline of her dress hugs her vast boobs tightly. I feel her nipples start to bulge and become straight and long as if to pierce her skirt. I bury my head deep in and explore freely, squeezing them crazily on my cheeks. They are so soft as if I have come to the clouds.

    Then her big ass sit on my lap and rubbed, and puts her hands around my head. I feel the soft flesh clinging to my skin, and as she jumps up and down, the sound of her full hips slapping against my thighs echoed throughout the hallway, very loudly.

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    On Halloween night, he plans to sneak into her room. Through the half-opened bedroom door, he sees her standing by the bed in a long, beautiful white silk nightgown with both sides open, wearing her long white hair.

    She has a gleam in her eye, a set of sharp teeth; there is a wicked smile at the corner of her mouth; she is particularly horny. She is an energetic queen; he walks in front of her and pulls down the collar of her pajamas, due to she is not wearing a bra, her plump breasts immediately jiggled. He holds her super slender waist tightly with one hand and pokes her big round boobs with the other hand—his desire rushes up to his body.

    He continues to rub between her legs. His swollen cock squeezes inside her vagina, pressing against her G-spot to create orgasm after orgasm, expanding her vagina into a space it has ever experienced before. After a while, she collapses on the couch, her pussy twitching. He looks down and is surprised to find a large amount of fluid gushing out of her vagina; It covers his thighs, wetting the couch and depositing a lot of juice still in her vagina.

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    She dresses up as a sexy little fox with a long hairy tail. For most men, this kind of acting is fascinating, and I am no exception. The red rope is tied to her naked upper body, rubbing against her big breasts, and I almost ejaculated because this kind of erotic action is my favorite.

    Her tail wraps around my chest, making me itchy. I grab her, untie her red rope, and my tongue sparks passionately on her body. She lifts her round boobs forward, and I climb up to the center of her big pink areola and lick her tiny small nipples. She is one of the few lucky girls who can enjoy nipple orgasm. Soon the area around her areola is soaked with my saliva.

    I put my fingers into the bottom of her tail, and she shows her freshly shaved pussy.I suck her nectar like a bee looking for pollen from a morning dew flower. It is delightful, and I feel a solid electric current rush to my head. She arches her back so that I could lick deeper, and I see her clitoris swelled, and I push harder. Her body is trembling, shaking her head from side to side, very exciting.

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    The winter moon shines through the big window of my bedroom, and the whole room is bright. She wears a white shirt, and under the reflection of the moonlight, I can see her slender body and perfect curves. She cocks her hips, raises her eyebrows, and looks at me. I immediately begin to worry about the look of prurience that appeared on her beautiful face.

    Her tongue brushes my lips, and her straight nipples rub my chest hair repeatedly. I focus my eyes on her seductive sexy big boobs, with her tiny nipples slightly raise on them. Although her enormous, round, firm breasts do not look natural, they always fascinated me; even when I thrust into her or in the doggy style, they barely wiggle. How can her chest be so big and so round? I am crazy about it.

    Then she lies on the bookshelf, in an exaggerated position, and constantly rubs my unstoppable erect penis with her tight naked ass. My penis feels like a vise, insert deeply into her little asshole, and I feel her anal muscles spasm repeatedly. She tilts her head back, with her body trembling, fingernails poking into my hands, and I explode in her body like a volcanic eruption. She screams louder than ever.

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    The curtain downstairs was half open, and my mom’s best friend was standing in the corner of the living room. She looked like a sexy movie star in a gorgeous dress and ten-centimeter high heels. She touched her breasts, slowly pulled down her dress, and threw it on the chair. When l saw this, my body was burning, and my stomach began to churn.

    She crossed her legs and leaned her hands on the closet, her long necklace gleaming from her thin waist. She kissed me and stuck her nicotine-flavored tongue into my mouth. While running her red nails up and down my thighs, at that moment, I fully expected my penis to explode.

    Then I stood behind her, and what a fantastic curve of her back. Her prominent inner and outer thighs, like long rugby, have created a sexy and beautiful pussy gap with her tightened buttock. A curvy sexy line here, from her slim waist to her well-shaped thighs, is so attractive to me. She was also very cooperative with me, lying on the chair with her legs spread wide apart to set the best angle for me; I fuck her with all my might; she screamed and wriggled her hips, trembling, an intense orgasm rushed through her body.

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    This is the second time I came to Japan on business, I’m a thin waist lover and a Japanese culture lover, so I would always be very attractive to the Japanese geisha.

    Most geisha were in Kyoto, the old capital city of Japan, where is just where I’m staying.

    I was invited by my business partners to a dinner party that night, and we have a great time there with my partners and geishas. Aburaya, one of the geishas, sneak into my room after the meal. I was very impressed with her as she was well trained in the art of Japanese dance and music.

    She paired with smoky purple make-up that night, which is freaking sexy. Her luscious and full lips were exquisitely shaped. She was standing in front of me and stare at me with her charming blue eyes. What a wonderful picture!

    She crossed her legs and leaned her hands on the chair, her long gold necklace gleaming from her small but firm boobs. She kissed me and stuck her nicotine-flavored tongue into my mouth. While running her gold nails up and down my thighs, at that moment, I fully expected my penis to explode.