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    Her hourglass figure is beyond the real and the graceful curves in all the right places. Petite and curvy sex doll with round and plump butt She is a very light doll with just 29kg that you can put her in any position easily.

    You could take her up and go to the bedroom from the kitchen without letting her feet near the ground

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    Small breasts sex doll with graceful curves, her small but firmed breasts stand out above her little fat body which is very inviting, She is lightweight that can put any positions possible

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    Her breasts are average size but perfectly shaped, they are perfectly fit into both of your hands, she owns the best ass, very round, meaty, and plump, a perfect place for you to position your hands on.

    Her hips are imminently attractive and functional, wide enough for childbearing

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    Ayumi was so bored with her job at school that she took on part-time jobs as a tutor. She is not only knowledgeable about the textbook but also good at various techniques. Because exploring the body’s needs is her greatest passion, she wants to try something with you that you have never experienced before.

    When she came to my house, my blood boiled from the first moment I saw her. She is a highly sexy woman with a slim body, but her bubble butt makes me horny. I forcefully spread her ass on both sides and sucked my mouth into her tiny deep groove; she began to twitch up and down, grabbing my hair and stroking her breasts.

    I felt her passion, picked her up, her long slender legs wrapped around my waist, and arms wrapped around my neck, kissed my forehead, sitting on my hands bouncing up and down. Because she is not heavy, I can sex with her through the various locations in the house, from the bedroom to the bathroom, even the kitchen.

    “I need your counseling,” she is whispering to me, and I’ll make it worth your while.

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    Ella grew up living near the beautiful Rocky Mountains, where there are turquoise lakes and majestic peaks. That’s why Ella loves outdoor adventures and often goes on driving trips with her friends.

    We pulled over to the side of the road to rest. She stood at the front of the car, the sun shining on her delicate cheek, those dreamy blue eyes full of temptation. She wore a handsome leather jacket, tight jeans that gave off the best look of adolescence; the soft line of abs seems to flow under the white T-shirt. I couldn’t help but walk up and lift her to the front of the car, kissing every inch of her skin fiercely, and I heard her deep gasp.

    She arched her back to tighten her abs, and her well-proportioned flat chest jutted slightly over her slender waist; at the same time, her legs were rubbing back and forth on my ass, and I felt her enthusiasm. I couldn’t wait to explore all the sensitive parts of her body, and I knew she was looking forward to it too.

    Ella said: “We can take the tent to where you want to go to playfield battles, challenge a variety of poses and passions. There’s nothing we can’t do as long as you want”.

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    I am addicted to vampire/Halloween scenes. Dracula being her favorite character, she just ended the night performance.

    I took her backstage. She painted her lips black and even had blood on her cheeks, revealing a set of sharp teeth. I praised her for her authentic costume. She suddenly came close to me, biting my neck and tearing off my T-shirt; my heart begins to beat rapidly, and I felt my cock begin to thicken. Then she showed an evil smile. I grabbed her by the wrist and pushed her to the ground, which caused her to wrap her legs across my back and her body temp to shoot up; I couldn’t believe my luck.

    I gently bit and sucked on her soft boobs, scraped my fang teeth across her tiny nipples, which produced louder moans of pleasure. She tried to unbutton my pants, but I stopped her by grabbing her wrists and pinning her arms above her head. Then I kissed and licked the tender insides of her arms while my cock rubbed her vagina up and down through her thin black lace panties.

    Her moans grow louder, and her breathing increased. Not long afterward, I could feel her inner walls contract on my cock and her legs hug me even tighter. She reached over and pulled my head to her lips, and gave me a long passionate tongue kiss. “Happy Halloween,” she said in a breathy voice when she ended the kiss.

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    Christel got up early in the morning and cleaned up. She was wearing a blue leotard to perfectly echo her blue eyes. As she scrubbed the table, her beautiful breasts swayed gently with her movements.

    She went to the shower after cleaned up. After taking a shower, she was lying naked on the glass window. The bathroom was foggy. I was in a daze to see her amazing pink nipples tightly against the glass window, squeezed became a round cake, followed by the chest moving around.

    Then her eyes opened wide, filled with intense longing and joy; I had no idea Christel was such a cum slut. I stood in front of the glass and observed her boobs rising and falling from the effort. She was precisely sexy, what I had imagined in my mind for so many nights.

    Her wide hips were particularly seductive against her slender figure. I lifted her firm butts with my hands, and I licked along her cracks frantically; she moaned and twisted in ecstasy. Then we changed positions. She grabbed my cock and swirled her tongue around my dick;

    She smiled with my penis in her mouth and got a mischievous look in her eye as she lightly dragged her teeth over my shaft. The sensation was shocking and intense. And I instinctively put my hand on her head, this made her smile more, and she began sucking me off hard. I was so excited that I instantly ejaculated in her mouth.

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    Tracy is a police officer in the Federal Bureau. She may seem unfeeling, but in fact, she hides a soft heart; I know she is eager to be conquered.

    She had a sexy, well-proportioned body with beautiful abs. Her deep eyes were staring straight at my crotch. I walked up to her, cupped her face in my hands, and gently pressed my mouth against her thick lips; her long, soft tongue was fighting with me in my mouth. I closed my eyes for a moment and let myself enjoy it.

    Then I moved my mouth to her belly, sucking and kissing her tight abs, stroking them up and down. I bit my lower lip as the adrenaline raged in my stomach, and I wanted more.

    She separated her legs, and my hand slid on her slender thigh. I began to lick the inner thighs; opened her labia with my fingers, rubbing her clitoris with my middle finger, and gently moving between the folds of her pussy lips. Then I sucked on it with my tongue, covering her clitoris with my entire mouth and bouncing it around, making her pussy dripping.

    She clenched her fist over her mouth and moaned as the orgasm passed through her body in bursts. I had no idea she could even get so wet that her pussy made noises. Streams of juice came out of her hot vagina, and I dipped my finger and put it in her mouth. She enjoyed her delicious juice very much.

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    She is the beauty queen of Brazil. Her figure is a sexy combination of slim and toned. With a cocoa skin, and her extreme openness was what made the tension for me.

    Seeing her eyes staring straight at my crotch, my thick cock became swollen again. She didn’t like to wear underwear, perfect small mounds, tiny hard nipples, slightly exposed; they were very nice-sized and firm with the darkest nipples I’ve seen that made a nice contrast to her cocoa skin. I could hold her entire breast in my palm with one hand and rub it, while the other hand followed the line of her undulating abs and draw circles on her abdomen, which was very smooth.

    Her radiant black skin was beginning to become flushed with red desire, and her pink slit was open for me. I approached her inch by inch; I grabbed my cock and teased her pussy with the head of my penis; she moaned with pleasure. After I circled her clit a few times, I began to push myself into her. Her tightness was incredible. She bit her lip and began to grab at her flat chest;

    I felt the warmth and wetness of her pussy soak us both. Her mouth was wide open, and I stood up and shot a stream of semen across her face and into her mouth. As she wiped it around her mouth in circles with her tongue, I began to lose control again.