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  • Hentai love dolls 150cm petite main -28% Off

    The perfect combination of manga hentai and real-life, amber-colored anime character big and long eyes. The suit shows off her collarbones and shapely shoulders. Her slim waist and wide hips create beautiful perfect curves

    • Made Of Platinum High-Temperature Resistant Silicone That Allows You To Take A Warm Shower With Her
    • Tightly Wrapped Winding Vagina – Comfortable Enhance
    • Petite & Lightweight – Lifting Her Move Easily Without Letting Her Feet Near The Ground
    • Environmentally friendly stainless steel make you putting her in most sex positions possible


    Turn Your Manga Hentai Fantasy Into Reality

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  • 163 plus Anna sex doll main163 plus Anna sex doll 2 -30% Off
    30% OFF

    Anna has a natural and mysterious temperament; Her beauty is seductive and dangerous. It is also dangerous because of her explosive power (If you don’t believe it. Try) She has the slim figure of a supermodel and also extremely lucky to have a D cup chest. Even wearing a tank top still can’t hide naturally shaking big breasts, equipped with tools, she looks even hotter. And she was talented, fixed the pipes in one fell swoop.

    As she stooped to pick up her means, the bottom of her sexy shorts glistened with tiny beads of sweat. He approached her. Her body deliberately pressed against his, trying to trap him completely; she guided his arm to hug her waist. Before he discovered her lying and deceiving antics, he knew who she was.

    Would you dislike the smell of concrete on me? She asked “Actually, I feel very sexy” She gave him an intense kiss and even added some extra physical contact. It surprised him, but he felt enjoying and immersed in her body out of control.

    She’s willing to teach you that, and you can take it any time you want.

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  • Julia milf sex doll 12 -30% Off
    30% OFF

    Julia comes from a small town in Spain. During the day, she likes to go to the seaside near the city to bask in the Sun; in the evening, she will be at home lit candles, put on a CD, and smoke while listening to music. She is the kind of woman who can attract saints and sinners simultaneously; she is too attractive.

    When he tasted her sweet lips, he immediately felt the chilly, damp night air enveloping his naked body. The feeling of her smooth skin touching him was even more intoxicating. He summoned all his power and lifted her from the floor, continue exploring down past her large breasts, sexy waist, and down to her firm, slender inner thighs. Stimulate her tender flesh with his lips and tongue.

    Julia’s heavenly scream filled the hut quickly; the voice echoed her growing desire; Even though the light is very dim in the room, it can’t resist their enthusiasm.

    Long nights can be lonely, but you don’t have to go through all that. Take Julia home, and she’ll talk to you every night and soothe your soul !

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  • Sally 163 plus love doll 12 -30% Off
    30% OFF

    Sally is a gorgeous woman. Her beauty is hard to ignore. She can often bring you surprise, charming scheming. She likes to use a lazy and frivolous voice to say all kinds of jokes; she is hormone-rich, incredibly thirsty.

    Nicknamed “femme fatale,” she has long brown curly hair. 1.7cm long legs, thin and smooth, delicate face. Huge, bouncy breasts dangle naturally from her tiny waist. Always with the most charming smile, in the most lovely tone said. You came just in time.

    “She knows how to use their flirting skills to the full, then marvels that she’s wetter than she thinks is.”

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  • 163cm silicone head and tpe body sex doll 01 -24% Off

    A perfect Slim & Big breast doll with 2 pleasure holes(vagina and anus)

    She is a long and slim woman with rather sharp shoulders, long and bit stocky legs, and a flat belly, but very big sexy breasts. Her big boobs maker her body shape looks like kind of top hourglass which is so attractive to many people

    Her breasts are very shapely and full that barely fit into both of your hands. It is a great pleasure for you by watching her big jelly balls joggle invitingly.

    You want to slip your hands under her bra and hold her breast, you couldn’t help to have wonderful breast sex with her by squeezing your thing in and out between her big, soft, and warm boobs

    Her slim body and medium size butt are easy for you to hold and grab, which brings you feelings of control to enhances your experience.

    You want to grab her slender waist and watching her inviting boobs wobble during sex, or sit this beauty back to you on your lap, cover your arms around her small but solid and round butt in your stomach.

    Leaning forward, you breathe in the scent of aromatic shampoo from this woman.

    • The high-quality TPE material makes her skin realistic, soft and flexible, and not easily deformed
    • Silicone head makes her looks super realistic
    • Durable stainless steel skeleton has an extensive range of motion that allows you to put the doll into many positions

    True Sexual Pleasure | Free Shipping | Secure Payment | “Get What You Buy” Guarantee | Factory Direct | Live chat

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  • S159 silicone doll mainS159 silicone doll 11

    Aura looks very sexy in a jacket that reaches half of her thigh. She wore fishnet stockings, and her full breasts shone seductively under the lace hollow, squeezing tightly together and jiggling. He put his arm around her waist and pulled her close, wanting to feel her enormous, perfect breasts against his body. He gently squeezes her nipple and circles her areola with his fingertips, enjoying the feeling of her naked breasts against his chest.

    When he touches her smooth pussy, his penis twitches. He can feel her soft labia and the clitoris protruding from the inside. He rubs her clitoris for a while and pokes her with his finger; It makes him deeply feel her smooth hole surrounding him. The thought of entering her body makes him tremble with excitement.

    His eyes confirm what his fingers have reported, and her vagina is pink and moist. He licks her clitoris, feeling the slippery and rough feeling of her inner wall, and his tongue explores the folds of her vagina to get familiar with it. Her thighs trembled, and her eyes closed as she panted in orgasm, letting out moan after moan.

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  • 159 silicone doll 3

    She has bleached blonde hair and wears a jacket that covers her hips. She looks fantastic with sneakers. She is dancing around the pole, and her body moves to the beat of the music, which is fascinating.

    She sat next to him, put her hand on his knee, and then straddled his lap. She swayed from side to side on him, gently stroking his legs, and pressed his crotch with her left leg. At this moment, he had to bite his lip because his rocky penis was puffing, waiting to be released.

    He touched her big plump breasts, and her head tilted back; he buried her head in her deep cleavage and started sucking around her nipples, squeezing his cheeks. He never thought it was so wonderful. Before long, her tiny nipples became wet.

    “You make me horny,” he said to her. His eyes were fixed on her round and tight ass, and he felt his penis getting more extensive in his jeans again, and they were both very horny. She seemed drenched all over. He immediately grabbed her firm buttocks and slammed into them, and her warm vaginal wall hugged his penis. Every time he took it out, her cunt clenched against him, her moans of pleasure filling the entire street.

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  • 159 silicone doll 2159 silicone doll 7

    Selina is my neighbor; a fence separates our house, she likes to come to my house to ride a horse. She is a beautiful woman with a shapely figure, wavy blond hair, and charming green eyes. She often wears cowboy boots, a fringed waistcoat, and a felt hat which is pretty cool. My god, she is so gorgeous and sexy.

    When she is riding a horse, her tight and round buttocks are adjustable sways from side to side on horseback. Every step she takes seems to be deliberately rubbing the horse’s spine with her pussy, and her shorts do look a lot darker between her legs. It may be the shadow or the stitches, but I guess it’s her vagina gets wet. When I think of this, my penis gets more extensive and thicker.

    She finished riding and returned to the barn, raises her eyebrows, and grins at me. As I approached, her legs spread wider and wider, her pink pussy lips immediately came into view, her inner lips glistening with droplets of water. She pushes my shoulders with her feet, and her pussy presses against my mouth.

    While I suck her sweet and moist vagina, I also touch her smooth ass, then she swings her hips faster. It wasn’t long before I saw the semen in her pussy and a trace of her virgin blood oozing out of her vagina and dripping down my penis. We all have bright smiles on our faces.

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