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    She has a toned and strong thick body, nicely proportioned, her breasts are very shapely and full like big jiggling balls of jelly, she owns a round and well-pronounced butt

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    She has a toned and strong thick body, nicely proportioned, her breasts are very shapely and full like big jiggling balls of jelly, she owns a round and well-pronounced butt

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    The sunshine in July is very bright and warm. Hellen returned home but found that there was a power outage in the house. The hot weather makes her unbearable, and she took off her white T-shirt. She held her T-shirt and wiped the sweat from her body. The gradual color of hair fell on her mini shoulders and curled slightly, making her skin whiter, tender, and gleaming.

    She motioned him to go over and wipe her back; she couldn’t wipe it herself. He rubbed back and forth along the curve of her deep back groove and accidentally touched her chest. Her slender and sexy back figure could not cover the big round breasts at all. He threw away her blouse and stood in front of her, lifting himself above her, with one hand bearing the weight and the other free to explore her ample breasts. When his tongue teases her nipples, the whole breast is jumping up and down, she arched her back and wobbled her breasts even more. He took her slender arm and lay her on the table. He saw her face flushed and smiled at him. When viewed from the side, her beautiful nose looked better in profile, as well as a small sharp chin. He’s lost in all this beauty. This intensified all his impulses to want her. He leaned her on top; her head tilted back, her nipples erected, legs open, buttocks upwards, his legs put between her legs, and going in and out of her like crazy.

    His knees became weak, and he needed a break. He jumped on the wettable and lay with her until he had enough energy to continue the next exploration.

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    My Favorite Day of the week came, mainly because my beautiful friend Lora and I are going out. I got up early in the morning and hurried to the bathroom to shave, shaved clean, sprayed on my favorite wood-tone perfume, and then went out to look for her.

    She was an utterly sexy maiden with a deadly sense of innocence. She is slender and tight. She was always wearing super-shorts with that half of the ass exposed and a very tight white short T-shirt. The reason is apparent because she has a perfect Teardrop breast shape. The two big breasts always stand proudly on her thin waist without any slack at all. They will jump from side to side when patted lightly. They are very lively and surprisingly soft. Her pink nipples are long and tight, squeezing her tank top. Whenever she only wears a tank top like this, I went crazy. As often happens. Besides, she also has a beautiful face with a smile that can quiet the room; you will never know that this is great excitement. Her pure white skin like transparent snow, and her clear brown eyes, like colored glass, are the confusion that makes people willing to fall to hell.

    At a loss, my hands came to her butt under the shorts, pressed tightly, and she let out a soft moan, which is precisely the signal I needed. Then I parted her ass and started massaging her wet pussy from behind, which she must have enjoyed because she was dripping. Her inner thighs were so smooth that I couldn’t resist putting a finger inside her. Hmm…..She moaned loudly, her legs spread out. I want more, no, I need more…

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    Lora went to the locker room to rest after participating in the training. Her physical strength was excellent. After a day of training, she was still very energetic. She lay down on a chair with a book and watched seriously.

    She is petite, pretty much, with long-shiny red hair and with anime character-like eyes; it seems like she talks with you. While stroking her smooth milky skin, I was deeply attracted by her confident big breasts, and with the other hand, I touched her exposed big upper breast. The feel of which was like touching a balloon filled with water, elastic. She moaned a little, and I could see her breasts wiggling in my movements, which made her legs moister between them as if she had found sexual pleasure beyond her dreams.

    Her voice makes me feel numb, and I can’t help but explore downward. My nose poked her black panties, and my tongue licked her bare skin on both sides. My hands caught the cheeks of her bottom and spread them. I placed my hardness between the crack of her tail. Everything is so natural, very delicious, wonderful as heaven. I am in my quiet heaven and the ultimate happiness of women that she brings. I can’t breathe or think. All I need is this feeling, feeling!

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    The light in the room was warm, shining directly on her hair, emitting a golden glow. Her skin is naturally light-skinned, and her lips are thin. She only wore sexy underwear, embraced her curves nicely, half-kneeled on the bed, and looked at me.

    I gently pulled the bow on her chest and pulled the white lace bra from her hands. Then her two big boobs bounced naturally, which made my desire even more robust. She quickly unbuttoned my pants, both of us were horny and didn’t need any foreplay. I put her slender legs on my shoulders so that I can get unrestricted access to her pussy, her ass.

    Not only that, but I also put one of my hands on a place where I can flick her clitoris and used my strong thumb to make a circle on her clitoris. And the tip of my finger was kissing her cervix, which can push her ecstasy to a new level. The other hand continued to stroke her oversized round breasts, kneading; the hand’s feeling was amazing. These kinds of breasts are only available at her teenage age, after I pressed hard, they would rebound immediately, very soft and without any lumps.

    Her body twitched up and down with my movements, and every muscle was contracting. She held my hands tightly and screamed again and again.

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    Natalia took me by the hand and pulled me into the bedroom. When we walked to the bed, she stood on tiptoe and kissed me. My hands started wandering around her thighs instinctively. Her smooth, silky skin is particularly sensual to the touch, which is fascinating.

    I picked her up and pushed her down on the bed. Her oversized breasts jumped like balloons, very elastic. I pulled her back close to me, and her incredible big boobs just shook on my chest. She must have been looking forward to it as much as I was, because as soon as our skin touched, I could feel her nipples getting completely straight.

    Her legs were open, and I couldn’t stand it anymore. Her big round butt is gorgeous. I knew she was ready because every time she moved, I could hear the slightest moist ticking from her labia as she moved. Her scent wafted back to my face once again, and I was intoxicated. I immediately rushed towards her. Her wet labia opened slightly, crystal clear, and there was already a stream of juice flowing from her pussy to her wrinkled asshole. I knew what to do right away, and my tongue stuck out from her asshole to the top of her clitoris. She trembled with excitement and let out a groan like a sigh.

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    Saya was my pink kitty today. She wears cat ears with a long hairy tail. For most men, this kind of acting is fascinating, and I am no exception. She pursed her lips, bit her fingers, and lifted her world-class ass. I almost ejaculated because this kind of erotic action is my favorite.

    Her rounder cheeks with bright, sparkling brown eyes. l pushed out her clinging tops, creating perfectly round orbs high on her chest. The big plump breasts hung heavily on her slender waist; l watched as her boobs bobbled invitingly, like big jiggling balls of jelly; the puffy pink nipples glisten with a white fluid, l licked her big tits frantically.

    Her legs are opening; she has the fattest pussy that I have ever seen. The inner labia protrude almost an inch from the middle of her fat outer labia. The fat clitoris extends from the center, stretching out and swelling at the top of her slit; it is smooth and pink. I inserted my hand deep into her pussy lips, then put my fingers into my mouth and sucked her juice; pretty sweet. Then my hands back up to her beautiful, innocent face. Her eyes were wide, her mouth slightly open!

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    I just came back from a business trip, and my wife has already prepared a bath for me, let me take a shower first. She was wearing a leather vest, with delicate makeup, waiting for me to sleep together.

    The tight leather vest could only cover half of her full chest, squeezing out her big breasts and hanging down on her super-thin waist. I could see her two small nipples; they seemed to be piercing her clothes and jumping. I put my hands on the long slope of her boobs, buried my head in the tight cleavage, and squeezed her oversized breasts to the sides of my cheeks. It was so wonderful, and I cheered loudly.

    She turned around and lay down on the chair. Her slender legs stretched out to her firm and round hips, and l could still see her big boobs overflowing from both sides of the concave and tiny waist. Her back curve was incredibly sexy,I was very excited. I immediately knelt behind her and put my erect penis into her small ditch.

    On the other side, I pinched the bottom of her breasts with my hands. The loud sound of her vast ass slapped against my thighs reverberated in the room. Her body began to twitch violently, her fingers were gripping the chair hard, and I felt the hot liquid flow out.