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    A BBW sex doll with huge side set boobs, hourglass curvy thick shape body with round well-pronounced butt, her teardrop round breasts push out her clinging tops creating perfectly round orbs high on her chest

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    We had a wild pajama party in the basement. She was my Elfin maid, with long ears and vampire teeth, which aroused my infinite desire.

    She was naked, her ankles and wrists chained up. l tied her legs to the floor 10 feet below. She moved back, bending her knees and squatting next to me. l was amazed at seeing her whole body on display. Her breasts were perfect. They stood perky and round with small pink circles in the middle displaying her puffy nipples. Sexy metal chains cross her super big boobs; they hang down and sway on her thin waist, which is very lively and stunning. She loved the feeling of being tied up, and a rush of pleasure washed over her. Her whole body was blushing.

    Her pussy was twitching for the need of being touched. l look down as her tight smooth outer labia contacts the base of my shaft. She moves one hand up my leg and presses the penis against her; l plugged into it as far as l could. The orgasm that had been building exploded from her. She screamed in a release as her every blood vessel dilated.

    The dried cum on her body pulling on her skin as her muscles contracted, the powerful spurts of Deathmaster’s orgasm in her rectum. She spasmed so hard that she might have hurt herself has she not been bound as she was. The feeling of a massive emotional and mental orgasm course through them together. We enjoyed it so much.

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    I still remember how I felt that morning, watching her body rise and fall with every breath, lying quietly on the bed. I touched her with the softest strength because I was afraid of waking her up.

    She took a breath and opened her eyes. My hands hovered in front of her chest, and her oversized breasts touched my bare hands. Then she held her big boobs in both hands and let me rest my head on them. The moment I lay down, I felt like I was in the clouds, incredibly soft and very elastic. With her shaking, my head jumped naturally, like a top spa for my head, then I closed my eyes to enjoy this wonderful moment.

    My hands unconsciously went down to explore. I squeezed her sturdy thighs forcefully. Squeeze her thick, firm thighs. The back of her thighs is broad and protruding, which is very powerful and tight, forming a sexy arc with her amazing big butt. s. Her body full of desires I couldn’t find in real life. I was restraining myself from calming down to explore her slowly.