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    She stands around 4’9.5″ (146CM) tall, and most probably, your stomach is level with her eyes. She has super huge boobs which will push out any oversized bra

    She’s smoking a hot hourglass body with a big hip-breast-waist ratio would undoubtedly give you a fantastic view

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    Curvy thick fat BBW sex doll but is not dangerously obese, she is a bully woman, a bombshell, and has a smoking hot body.  Her big and warm breasts, as well as plump meaty bodies, offer you better cuddling, they are much more comfortable as well as softer in their skin.

    Her chubby body offers more cushion for the pushing and you will certainly see the beautiful wave shake from her large breast to the meaty belly

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    I had just arrived at the office, and Jojo came in with the documents and reported the project’s latest progress to me in fluent Spain. My attention was not on it, staring up and down at her seductive figure.

    Jojo has a muscular figure and a large-sized plump curve,the loose white vest can only cover half of her big boobs. I get up close to her, her oversized nipples squeeze my chest, and I turn my head deeply buried in this world-class cleavage, completely covers my entire face. The squeezed breasts are overflowing from the sides like two basketballs around, dropping heavily to her belly squeeze, straightening up and shaking on her slim waist. I rubbed it from side to side, enjoying the unparalleled beauty of the titty.

    When I touch her world-class butt, I only feel the skirt and the sturdy sensuality, “I guess you don’t wear panties.” I lifted up her skirt, and there it was. She has the fattest pussy that I have ever seen. The inner labia protrude almost an inch from the middle of her fat outer labia. The fat clitoris extends from the center, stretching out and swelling at the top of her slit; it is smooth and pink. I inserted my hand deep into her pussy lips, then put my fingers into my mouth and sucked her juice; it was so sweet.

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    Mia has the kind of fantasy figure you’ll never find in reality, with super big breasts and oversized asses that are perfect customized beyond imagination are simply fairylands.

    She likes all kinds of cosplays and will play the little tiger today. She changes her gear in the bathroom, and the tiger tail shows her wildest side to the full. I am shocked; the petite girl has a muscular body and a large-sized plump curve. The bikini can only cover one-tenth of her chest. I get close to her, her oversized nipples are squeezing my chest, and I bury my head deeper into this world-class cleavage; it completely covers my whole face. I am feeling this incredible jungle journey. The squeezed breasts spilling out from the sides just as round as two basketballs and jiggled on her slim waist. I gently tapped them that bouncing back and forth; the crisp reverberation filled my entire body.

    What is even more exciting is that she also has an eye-catching bubble buttock. I can’t bear the excitement of my whole body and grab her buttocks tightly; then, I hang my legs on the butt to rub them back and forth and enjoy the erotic time. Mia said to me with her little paws up on top of me: “Next time I will be your little cat, super gentle and full of power, the smell of your semen has always been my playground “

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    When this super big boobs and full butt joint on one beauty, Victoria truly exists like a miracle. And you need to gently click the add to cart to let her run to you quickly; this miracle is your most worthwhile investment.

    I first met Victoria in an old house in Paris, her blue eyes staring deep at me as if sending a signal to me. My eyes have been resting on her enormous breasts that squeezed out of her shirt, big and round like two balls, falling heavily onto the belt of her gray pants, completely covering her thin waist. I felt my whole body swell up, and my saliva dripped on her nipples inadvertently; I kissed gently as sweet as tasting a delicious cake. Licking her nipples back and forth, I heard her moaning, which made me even more excited.

    I took off her shorts and turned her back to me. She was lying on the chair, swinging her big sexy ass from side to side; while rubbing my thighs, I grabbed her slender arms and straddled her huge ass; I enjoy the feeling of riding. She smiled and said to me:” Every man can’t resist me because I cure your horny and satisfy your greatest fantasies. I’ve always been proud of my voluptuous curves, and I ache for your skills.”

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    The morning in Lake Swensen is tranquil. I am drinking coffee while walking to the front porch. I see her sitting on the edge of the stairs, twisting her body. Her back is facing me, and my eyes fall on her two huge breasts and big full hips. I keep swallowing my saliva, and a burst of involuntary coughing makes her know that I am on the front porch.

    I walk out, and we sit quietly. I like to talk to her about sex, it is entirely harmless, and I feel pleasantly excited. She pauses for a moment and says, “I think there is a strong sense of sexual tension between us,” and I nod.

    Her legs are kneeling in front of me, and the V-neckline of her dress hugs her vast boobs tightly. I feel her nipples start to bulge and become straight and long as if to pierce her skirt. I bury my head deep in and explore freely, squeezing them crazily on my cheeks. They are so soft as if I have come to the clouds.

    Then her big ass sit on my lap and rubbed, and puts her hands around my head. I feel the soft flesh clinging to my skin, and as she jumps up and down, the sound of her full hips slapping against my thighs echoed throughout the hallway, very loudly.