Latina Sex Dolls

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    She has lean muscles and a toned body, not the kind that looks like a bodybuilder man. Narrow shoulders and small breasts highlight a more extensive and rounder butt

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    Her hourglass figure is beyond the real and the graceful curves in all the right places. Petite and curvy sex doll with round and plump butt She is a very light doll with just 29kg that you can put her in any position easily.

    You could take her up and go to the bedroom from the kitchen without letting her feet near the ground

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    In an old neighborhood in Paris, Mia is a beautifully decorated old house. She has just returned home from a day’s work. She was wearing a lace skirt with a black lace thong underneath, almost transparent, except for her nipples. When your hand reaches her waist, lower your hand and lift the hem of her skirt to reveal her sexy hillock.

    You will find that she is only wearing the purest black briefs waiting for you to explore. She also likes to wear high heels to work every day, she gets a lot of attention for her strong, shapely legs, and her super hips are very unforgettable. It looks like she got a little flirty and left her bra at the office.

    If you are looking for a perfect lover, Mia will be your best choice. She is full of enthusiasm, enchanting blue eyes, the sexy body can make you unable to stop. She truly believes that if you were with her, you would have more fun and more exploration. She’s waiting for you at the old house…

  • Anya 160 sex doll 4Anya 160 sex doll 3 -20% Off

    Anya had just returned from a game of soccer. She wore a mini blue skirt and a tight tank top that made her figure look stunning, especially her beautiful full breasts and wide ass. As she walked around, her big boobs would sway and sway from side to side, falling on her incredibly flat abdomen.

    She was lying on the chair with her knees slightly bent, her round ass up, slight back furrow snaking. From the side, there was a perfect mountain arc from her back to her hips. He placed his hands on her ample butt, sliding up and down along the arc, which was very impressive.

    Then he knelt on the ground and buried his face in her asshole, and her big ass covered his face. He stuck his hot tongue into her tight buttocks and licked wildly. Her ass was swaying with his movements.

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    A petite doll with attractive, wide enough hips and bubble butt in crazy beautiful curves. Her wide hip makes the waist-to-hip ratio extra obvious that is nice to look at. Her ass is warped, round, well pronounced, intense, and has the flexibility

    She looks thick and even a little bit chubby. However, there is no ounce of fat on her trim and flat tummy. Instead, the slim waist all the way down to her super-wide hip forms a perfect bottom hourglass curve

  • bbw fat big cheap love doll main -44% Off

    A petite doll with attractive, wide enough hips and bubble butt in crazy beautiful curves. Her wide hip makes the waist-to-hip ratio extra obvious that is nice to look at. Her ass is warped, round, well pronounced, intense, and has the flexibility

    She looks thick and even a little bit chubby. However, there is no ounce of fat on her trim and flat tummy. Instead, the slim waist all the way down to her super-wide hip forms a perfect bottom hourglass curve

  • 155 sex doll main155 sex doll 3 -10% Off
    Super Thin Waist

    I spent another night looking after the child of a good friend of mine, and I often came to help her mow the lawn or help her child with homework.

    Today I wavered my thoughts and walked into her bedroom. She was waiting eagerly. She raised her eyebrows; her succubus eyes were full of desire and looked at me. She was wearing an almost transparent black bra, letting me see her big plump breasts and the short, tiny pink nipples. She smiled and stood up and hugged me tightly. “Thank you for helping me take care of the children.”

    Her big boobs pressed heavily against me, hanging down on her ultra-slender waist to look even sexier. I circled my fingers on her flat belly and slid them down to her crotch. l was sliding on the inner thighs of her legs until I lifted her crotch and finally ran my fingers down her wet slit. I could fully taste her juice now; she has a charming musky fragrance.

  • 172 sex doll main -15% Off

    The gym is empty in the morning, and I see from the mirror that there is a gorgeous body behind. The girl’s body is very sexy and has Mediterranean-style bronze skin. Thick black curly hair drapes over her shoulders, and she is wearing a tight white T-shirt revealing charming belly studs.

    Her shorts tightened around her upper buttocks; the lower half jiggled in the air. Her calf muscles bend just right with the rotation of the weightlifting, full of strength and beauty. After a while, her T-shirt begins to show signs of sweat which is a little sticky, and the dimples under her back are glistening with sweat.

    I imagined how wonderful it would be to slowly lick her sweat along her spine, and how passionate it would be to run my tongue around the nook of her charming back.

    Her slightly raised nipples looked like they were about to poke through her shirt. She grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it up, revealing an amazingly big pair of gorgeous breasts. Her tiny hot nipples are active. I can’t wait to lick them.

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    She has thick, pouty lower lips which were exquisitely shaped. She is curvy, thick, owns big booty, thick legs, but no a little extra fat on the stomach, hourglass shape. She owns a voluptuous body figure and has lean muscles and a toned body. She is curvy and thick but there is not a pound of excess flesh to be seen anywhere on her. Her breasts are very shapely and full which barely fit into your hands

  • 163 best selling fat sex doll -47% Off
    Small Qty In Stock USA

    Bombshell, smoking hot Voluptuous body figure, with a beautiful thin layer of fat on the stomach. This busty love doll has all the right curves in all the proper places

    This best-selling hourglass shape curvy sex dolls have small quantities in the United States now. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19, the next batch of goods has not arrived at the US warehouse yet.

    The dolls in stock are the same as the pictures show with the standing option.


    If it is out of stock when you place the order, goods will be shipped from China.

    Please note that if you choose any customization options, goods need to be customized in China factory.

  • SY cheap sex doll series 162cm leopard print main -41% Off

    Her slender waist all the way down to her wide hips forms beautiful curves to be a voluptuous body figure in an hourglass type. Her meaty shoulder is shapely and can be grabbed easily.

    A big hip-breast-waist ratio would undoubtedly give you a fantastic view

  • 167 fit sex doll main -15% Off

    Edith swaggers around the stage in high heels, spinning herself up in slow salsa dance. Her plump breast shape and entire abdominal muscles are perfectly displayed. Her toned figure is a beautiful landscape.

    She comes to me and does a thigh dance for me. She rubs her body and nipples on my lower body up and down, following the rhythm of the music. I think I’m going to ejaculate in my pants.

    I stroke her chocolate smooth abdominal muscles with my left hand and rest my right hand on the hollows of her hips. She has two deep back dimples, and my fingers circle her waist gently. Her reaction is so strong that her body twitches, and I know her orgasm is coming soon. She is lying on my shoulder, biting my neck gently with her teeth, releasing a powerful and persistent moan.

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    She is a petite love doll but beautiful graceful curves are in every part of her body. A curvy body does not indicate that a massive breast or booty is necessary, yet the hip-breast-waist ratio right here is really important. Like this one – one of our best selling love dolls


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    She owns huge boobs that are in the perfect shape, soft, and flexible, you will get a lot of fun with them, she is a tall fat curvy BBW sex doll that will satisfy your wild sexual fantasies and desires.

    She will realize your dream that enjoys a big beauty all the time

  • curvy sex doll green tall 172cm european main -43% Off

    Her big side-set shape breasts give you a new perspective, you will attract to her lovely wobbly tummy folds and her big wobbly bottoms. Hourglass curvy thick shape body with the round well-pronounced butt.

    Big boobs + Wide hips + Well-pronounced butt

  • 156 sex doll 7 -30% Off
    30% OFF

    Jane’s job was too tedious at school. So she took some part-time jobs and went out as a tuition teacher. She was very careful in class and answered every question patiently. She discovered that she knew not only the knowledge but was also good at various skills. Because research the body’s needs is her greatest passion, she wants to try something with you that you’ve never done before.

    When Jane came to my house, the first time I saw her, my blood boiled. A petite body with a bubble butt, firm and round that makes me swell up. I was out of breath when her skirt was lifted; I can feel this gentlewoman bring me eager excitement, my desire grows more potent. She stared at me, bit her lip, pulled down her vest, took off her glasses; I slid my hand over her thigh and grabbed her bare buttocks under the skirt, an impressive moment.

    “I need your guidance,” she whispered, squirming on top of me, her round breasts squeezed into my chest. I am panting. I felt like a tie was squeezing my throat…

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    I had just arrived at the office, and Jojo came in with the documents and reported the project’s latest progress to me in fluent Spain. My attention was not on it, staring up and down at her seductive figure.

    Jojo has a muscular figure and a large-sized plump curve,the loose white vest can only cover half of her big boobs. I get up close to her, her oversized nipples squeeze my chest, and I turn my head deeply buried in this world-class cleavage, completely covers my entire face. The squeezed breasts are overflowing from the sides like two basketballs around, dropping heavily to her belly squeeze, straightening up and shaking on her slim waist. I rubbed it from side to side, enjoying the unparalleled beauty of the titty.

    When I touch her world-class butt, I only feel the skirt and the sturdy sensuality, “I guess you don’t wear panties.” I lifted up her skirt, and there it was. She has the fattest pussy that I have ever seen. The inner labia protrude almost an inch from the middle of her fat outer labia. The fat clitoris extends from the center, stretching out and swelling at the top of her slit; it is smooth and pink. I inserted my hand deep into her pussy lips, then put my fingers into my mouth and sucked her juice; it was so sweet.

  • 140cm sex doll 9140cm sex doll 3 -16% Off
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    Mia has the kind of fantasy figure you’ll never find in reality, with super big breasts and oversized asses that are perfect customized beyond imagination are simply fairylands.

    She likes all kinds of cosplays and will play the little tiger today. She changes her gear in the bathroom, and the tiger tail shows her wildest side to the full. I am shocked; the petite girl has a muscular body and a large-sized plump curve. The bikini can only cover one-tenth of her chest. I get close to her, her oversized nipples are squeezing my chest, and I bury my head deeper into this world-class cleavage; it completely covers my whole face. I am feeling this incredible jungle journey. The squeezed breasts spilling out from the sides just as round as two basketballs and jiggled on her slim waist. I gently tapped them that bouncing back and forth; the crisp reverberation filled my entire body.

    What is even more exciting is that she also has an eye-catching bubble buttock. I can’t bear the excitement of my whole body and grab her buttocks tightly; then, I hang my legs on the butt to rub them back and forth and enjoy the erotic time. Mia said to me with her little paws up on top of me: “Next time I will be your little cat, super gentle and full of power, the smell of your semen has always been my playground “

  • Ayumi 165cm sex doll TPE mainAyumi 165cm sex doll TPE 9 -15% Off
    15% Off + Free 2nd Head

    Ayumi was so bored with her job at school that she took on part-time jobs as a tutor. She is not only knowledgeable about the textbook but also good at various techniques. Because exploring the body’s needs is her greatest passion, she wants to try something with you that you have never experienced before.

    When she came to my house, my blood boiled from the first moment I saw her. She is a highly sexy woman with a slim body, but her bubble butt makes me horny. I forcefully spread her ass on both sides and sucked my mouth into her tiny deep groove; she began to twitch up and down, grabbing my hair and stroking her breasts.

    I felt her passion, picked her up, her long slender legs wrapped around my waist, and arms wrapped around my neck, kissed my forehead, sitting on my hands bouncing up and down. Because she is not heavy, I can sex with her through the various locations in the house, from the bedroom to the bathroom, even the kitchen.

    “I need your counseling,” she is whispering to me, and I’ll make it worth your while.

  • Doria sex doll 159 9Doria sex doll 159 8 -20% Off

    Doria, who was born in a noble family, has royal blood and natural grace. But she looks so heartbreaking. Her melancholy blue eyes made me tell you that she wanted freedom very much—longing for someone to take her away from this cold palace. She was quite strikingly gorgeous, with long, curly blond hair, her delicate features make her face so splendid.

    Besides, she has maintained a high degree of self-discipline for a long time that gets a supermodel-like figure, slender arms, elastic and soft D cups. And how full her well-proportioned hips are under her thin waist, which makes her whole backline very sexy.

    Because of staying in the palace for too long, she had been repressing her nature, her most wild side wanting to come out. She is looking for a knight who can bring her back to his house, and strong desire for your conquest, Can you?

  • 153 sex doll main -15% Off
    15% Off + Free 2nd Head

    Jane looked as if she was only sixteen or seventeen. We went to exercise together this morning. When I came to her room and asked her to set out, I saw that she was already warming up. She wears green shorts and a white T-shirt (without a bra) looked fantastic. She is a slim, sexy girl with flawless skin, brights eyes, and perfectly proportioned boobs. The tiny black nipples under the white vest are very charming. The round and elastic breasts are stuck together without leaving gaps. I can’t control the licking; my taste buds continue to sublimate like licking the sweetness of marshmallows.

    She turned back and looked at me and shook her head, confident that her big tight arse was terrific. With her ass squatting up and down, I can feel how she is riding on me, swinging back and forth, left, and right will make me gasp. I pressed my hands firmly on her hips; it can bounce back quickly even though I hit hard, thanks to the flexibility of her years of squats.

    She said: “I hope you can control my knot and keep me from being too fast. The pleasure of my wide elastic buttocks will make you scream every day. Jane brings me an inspiring experience.”

  • Anna 160 doll 9Anna 160 doll 6 -20% Off

    Anna is shooting the new summer lingerie; she just won the best model award this year. She is not the tallest among all models. Still, she is exceptionally well-proportioned, gorgeous, and good at setting up in various poses.

    She knelt on the sofa and took a few sets of poses. With her big shiny eyes and slightly open lips, she was so charming under the camera. The deep groove line of the sexy back and her wide hips formed a perfect curve.

    She leaned her head on the chair, and the light shone on her smooth ass as if glowing. He stopped filming; he wanted to go over and hold her immediately, kiss her along her perfect curve. He had her round and well-pronounced butt with both hands and swayed them from side to side. He couldn’t help but squeeze them first, highly soft and elastic, before tapping the buttocks lightly.

    Then she stood up and put her hands on the sofa, with three sexy lines of abs on the left side of her waist being perfectly displayed. He knelt, buried his face between her legs, and licked her tender pink clitoris with his thirsty tongue.

    The interior of her vagina began to surround his tongue tightly; licking her juice was highly fascinating for him. After a while, her body began to twitch violently. Her pussy hit his fingers and mouth violently several times.

  • Natalia sex doll mainNatalia sex doll main 2 -20% Off

    Natalia took me by the hand and pulled me into the bedroom. When we walked to the bed, she stood on tiptoe and kissed me. My hands started wandering around her thighs instinctively. Her smooth, silky skin is particularly sensual to the touch, which is fascinating.

    I picked her up and pushed her down on the bed. Her oversized breasts jumped like balloons, very elastic. I pulled her back close to me, and her incredible big boobs just shook on my chest. She must have been looking forward to it as much as I was, because as soon as our skin touched, I could feel her nipples getting completely straight.

    Her legs were open, and I couldn’t stand it anymore. Her big round butt is gorgeous. I knew she was ready because every time she moved, I could hear the slightest moist ticking from her labia as she moved. Her scent wafted back to my face once again, and I was intoxicated. I immediately rushed towards her. Her wet labia opened slightly, crystal clear, and there was already a stream of juice flowing from her pussy to her wrinkled asshole. I knew what to do right away, and my tongue stuck out from her asshole to the top of her clitoris. She trembled with excitement and let out a groan like a sigh.

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    15% Off + Free 2nd Head

    Christel got up early in the morning and cleaned up. She was wearing a blue leotard to perfectly echo her blue eyes. As she scrubbed the table, her beautiful breasts swayed gently with her movements.

    She went to the shower after cleaned up. After taking a shower, she was lying naked on the glass window. The bathroom was foggy. I was in a daze to see her amazing pink nipples tightly against the glass window, squeezed became a round cake, followed by the chest moving around.

    Then her eyes opened wide, filled with intense longing and joy; I had no idea Christel was such a cum slut. I stood in front of the glass and observed her boobs rising and falling from the effort. She was precisely sexy, what I had imagined in my mind for so many nights.

    Her wide hips were particularly seductive against her slender figure. I lifted her firm butts with my hands, and I licked along her cracks frantically; she moaned and twisted in ecstasy. Then we changed positions. She grabbed my cock and swirled her tongue around my dick;

    She smiled with my penis in her mouth and got a mischievous look in her eye as she lightly dragged her teeth over my shaft. The sensation was shocking and intense. And I instinctively put my hand on her head, this made her smile more, and she began sucking me off hard. I was so excited that I instantly ejaculated in her mouth.

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