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Act Now Before Time Runs Out! carries an enormous variety of Sex Doll Heads, ranging from entry-level SY heads under $300 to top-of-the-line high-end TPE & Silicone models from WM, Irontech, DH168 Dolls, and Sino Dolls. Whether you’re looking for a Red doll head, WM doll head, Japanese doll heads, Sex doll Head With tongue, heads with eyes closed, or Black doll heads, we’ll help you find it.

Not sure whether it deserves to buy a sex doll head? Check out its benefits to knowing ‘Why Purchase Sex Doll Head from ElleDolls’ and ‘What Make Sex Doll Heads is the Perfect Accessory? at the bottom of this page.

Not sure what you are looking for? We understand that, too! Our guide ‘How to choose A New Real doll head for my doll?’ will help you make the right decision. You can also contact our 24 hours online customer support if you need help finding the features that match your needs and budget.

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                    • WM-Sex Doll Heads -22% Off

                      If You Have A WM Sex Doll,

                      Giving Your Existing WM Doll A New Look By Simply Changing A Head

                      If You Never Have A Doll,

                      Try A Small Investment To Get A WM Sex Doll Heads Before Investing More.

                      WM Dolls, the world’s largest and famous sex doll brand and manufacture.

             is the official vendor of WM Dolls that offers 100% Genuine WM Sex Doll Heads. Here we have over 200 WM doll heads.

                      Each head comes with fully free customizable options letting you choose the different face skin colors, eye colors, and hairstyles.

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                      Keep Your Love Doll Fresh By Changing Multiple WM Doll Heads From Today!

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                    • Irontech-Sex doll heads -22% Off

                      From the year 2021, Irontech Dolls start to produce silicone sex dolls that become popular as soon as they are published.

                      Now you are getting the chance to give your existing Irontech doll a new look by simply changing a TPE or Silicone head

                      Each head comes with fully free customizable options letting you choose the different face skin colors, eye colors, and hairstyles.

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                      Keep Your Love Doll Fresh By Changing Multiple Irontech Doll Heads From Today!

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                    • Sex doll heads-SilikoDoll -22% Off

                      The silico sex doll head is known for its super-realism facial features

                      Each Silico sex doll head comes with several free customization options letting you choose the hairstyles, eyes colors, lips colors, and face skin colors.

                      Most of the Silico doll heads are suitable for your SM sex dolls.

                      All the heads are quality checked before shipping

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                      If You Have A ready SM Or Silico Doll, The Quickest Way To Make Your Doll Look Entirely Different Is To Get These Heads Put On It

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                    • sex doll heads-sino doll -27% Off

                      Sino sex doll head is known for its gorgeous Western and Japanese-looking face with realistic human expressions

                      You are able to customize your Sino-Doll sex doll head by choosing different face colors, wig styles, eye colors, and more.

                      There are also many unique options that can make the head come up with entirely different looking. Like moveable eyes options, Hyper-realism painting, and Smooth matte effect makeup options

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                      Give Your Sino-Doll A New Life By Changing Another Gorgeous Features Face

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                    It is believed that having multiple different types of dolls is one of the pleasures that people seek. Still, the cost of buying a second doll is relatively high. So people will tend to purchase different heads for their love doll replacement. Just like human beings, a new face or hairstyle can completely change a person’s personality, and each other face will give you a variety of excitement.

                    Changing head styles is the easiest way to completely change the look of your real doll, the equivalent of having a different type of woman. Buying sex doll heads is the most affordable, and it’s time to set up your entire harem for yourself! Just think how exciting it would be to spend seven days a week with a different doll style.

                    Below are all of our individually sold Sex dolls heads. Each includes a Sex doll head, eyes, wig, and neck tube. One note: Please make sure the head shape you choose is the same skin tone as the original doll body.


                    Why Purchase Sex Doll Head From ElleDolls

                    In this large-scale sex doll market, we understand that choosing the doll you are happy with takes time to research, and the pleasure a good doll brings to everyone is endless.

                    We know that you are buying them not only for sexual pleasure and as a companion, a friend. That’s why we first ensure the safety of all our dolls’ materials and then select their appearance; we will only offer you the most suitable ones. You need to choose the one you like the most, and don’t worry about the rest, leave it to us. Just wait patiently for the surprise to come to your home.


                    What Make Sex Doll Heads is the Perfect Accessory?

                    *Sex doll heads are low-cost:

                    For the cost of a few beers, you can have sex doll heads that you admire. Give your existing dolls a makeover and immerse yourself in these beauties. The whole switching process is very natural and straightforward. Just put it in, rotate it, and you’re ready to have the wild sex you want.

                    *A wealth of options:

                    We offer a wide variety of Sex dolls heads to choose from. There are big eyes, different hair colors, short or long hair, elf ears, innocent faces, mature love dolls, and so on. All of our real doll heads can effortlessly satisfy your innermost desires.

                    *The perfect homewrecker:

                    Perhaps your existing doll lacks some freshness, and you can’t find the passion for continuing with her. Or you have desires for different types of women or want to add some whimsy to your bedroom. The Love doll’s head would be an excellent addition. Just add a new head, and you can come with your fantasy goddess in bed immediately. Take her home now.


                    How To Choose A New Real Doll Head For My Doll?

                    First, please check which skin color your original doll is, then choose the same or similar skin color to ensure the uniformity of the doll.

                    Next, choose the face shape or makeup you like best. Silicone sex dolls are more realistic and durable due to the stability of their materials, and the makeup does not come off quickly, but it is not permanent. If you want to change the doll’s makeup, you can also reapply it yourself.

                    Head style: Japanese girl, European, Mature, Young & Teen doll, or Black sex doll, and so on. For example, if your current doll is Japanese, you can try another new style, European or Mature, and choose what you like best. As for the eye color, hair, you can also buy another, usually do different collocation.

                    You can also start with the brand: pick another love doll head based on your current brand because each brand has hundreds of heads of all different types. The great thing about picking directly from the same brand is that the skin tones match well, and usually, they have a head shape with many different body types to put together.

                    Since there are so many head styles from each brand, some of them are not listed here. If you find that you do not have what you want, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected], and we will find it for you right away.


                    Silicone Sex Doll Head

                    We have gathered all the best Silicone sex doll heads, suitable for height from 140 cm to 175 cm. One of the biggest reasons why Silicone sex dolls are so popular is the realism of their faces and the lifelike texture of their skin. If you have a higher demand for quality, you can choose these Realistic sex doll heads and let them accompany you. Looking at these beautiful girls every day can add a lot of vitality to your life.

                    The benefits to buy a silicone sex doll head?

                    *Delicate & Lifelike Makeup

                    The excellent silicone material makes love dolls easy to apply makeup, stable makeup, and not easy to fall off. Using high-quality cosmetics and professional makeup techniques can turn this silicone doll from an ordinary head into an exquisite beauty right away. You will be addicted to her looks.

                    *More Realistic Skin

                    The silicone material can create skin texture and body veins, which can be seen in more detail and richness, especially on the chest or arms where cyan veins can be seen. And it could make spots on the skin. Very similar to the female skin.

                    *Real hair and eyebrow implants

                    Due to the stability of the silicone material, the head can be implanted with hair and eyebrows, just like a natural person. You’ll be surprised at how real they are, and it’s hard to tell that it’s just a doll.

                    *Longer life

                    Unlike TPE, the silicone material gives the doll a longer life. However, it is still necessary to pay attention to the care and maintenance of the love doll; the silicone cleaning process is relatively simple.

                    People have been waiting for more realistic love dolls, contributing to the continuous optimization and upgrading of the doll. Silicone sex dolls are by far the best made looking. When you receive them, open the package at home and hold them in your arms, you will know that the price is worth it for a reason.

                    WM Sex Doll Heads

                    WM Sex doll is one of the largest manufacturers in the sex doll industry, located in China. Every year, they have many new products; the quality is made of the latest and safest environmentally friendly materials and a unique production process. They can be said to be the leader in this industry, so there are many loyal users. WM currently has close to 300 WM doll heads in a wide variety of styles. Almost any type you want, you can find it here.

                    If you already have a WM love doll, you can pair your doll with several different faces and just put the head directly on your beauty!

                    Below is our collection of TPE sex doll heads from WM Sex Dolls. YL doll, SE doll are also produced from JinSan (WM brand) factory, so they are all compatible.

                    WM doll Heads includes:

                    2 Wigs



                    1 Set of Sex Doll Eyes

                    Optional – Realistic Sex Doll Tongue

                    Optional – Head Stand

                    WM doll heads are physically compatible with other doll brands but may have skin color differences

                    Don’t you find the head you like?

                    Due to the large number of WM doll heads, some of them are not shown here. If you don’t find the sex doll heads you like, please feel free to contact us ([email protected]) and we will help you find what you want.


                    Japanese Sex Doll Heads

                    *Most Popular Asian Japanese Sex doll in 2021

                    In Japan, sex dolls are known as “Dutch Wives,” which now refer to relatively cheap sex dolls. Over time, Japanese Love dolls have become popular around the world. Have you always wanted to try an exotic sexual experience? We have collected all the Japanese-style Realistic Japanese sex doll heads; they are all most Japanese female features, gentle in nature, have sweet looks, and attract you through various body poses and expressions. If you want to try to get along with such a girl, you can start by buying ahead and have a super attractive Japanese girl for a small cost.

                    *Benefits of Realistic Japanese love doll

                    Lifelike face: The biggest reason people like Japanese sex dolls is because of their irresistible beauty, big eyes, can be naive or slutty, and that mouth-watering mouth, as well as having elf-like ears and so on. It’s a pleasure to look at their charming faces every day.

                    Be your partner: Whether you are living alone for a long time or want to have some fun in the bedroom, or for other reasons, real Japanese love dolls are the best choice for you. They can help you overcome loneliness, play with you in a variety of cosplays, and more. Some doll owners currently say they prefer to spend their lives with their dolls. Because they are so realistic, more like a companion to you, quietly accompanying you.

                    Obedience: Japanese women are known for their compliance, so our lifelike Japanese real sex doll fits the bill perfectly. I believe that you can relieve a lot of stress with her company and you no longer have to face an empty home. You can imagine coming home from work every day, opening the door, and seeing such a beautiful wife sitting there on the couch waiting for you, big eyes twinkling as if to say ” Welcome home, I’ve prepared dinner for you”. They will be your most worthwhile investment.


                    Sex Doll Head With Tongue

                    Sex doll heads can have an enhanced mouth option. It is a realistic tongue uvula; this will increase the realism of your love doll. When you kiss her, the feeling of being entwined is genuine and will drive you crazy.

                    If you’re a fan of oral sex, this kind of sex doll tongue and teeth are customized for you. There may be movements or postures you’ve always wanted to try but can’t be done in real life. Once you have a tongue for sex doll realistic, any desire you have will be satisfied.

                    If you want to buy sex doll heads at an affordable price, it would be the best choice.


                    Black Sex Doll Heads

                    Gorgeous black goddess, ready to satisfy you anytime!

                    The gorgeous Black sex doll has captured your imagination! The best Ebony sex dolls look like they’re coming out of your dreams and straight into your bed, which is why the black love doll has become the goddess of everyone’s heart.

                    You must be dying to know how it feels to have beautiful brown skin sliding over your body and those thick lips stirring, with her deep eyes gazing at you, as she prepares to take you into a sexy misty world; realize your wild fantasies now.

                    No matter your preference, you can choose your Ebony American girls here, change the head shape. Imagine a scenario where a Japanese sex doll accompanies you during the day and a black love doll at night to play all kinds of exciting games, surrounded by them for your pleasure. Our all ebony and black sex dolls are waiting for you.

                    Please note: This selling is only the head. Also, if you have a body that fits this head of your choice, please choose the nearest skin tone to match your doll’s body.

                    Warm Tips: the skin color of the head may differ a bit from the body color of your doll because if the same manufacturer does not make them at the same time, a little skin tone difference is inevitable, but it will not affect your experience.


                    Sex Doll Heads Eyes Closed

                    Our Sex doll eyes closed collection is sculpted by the brand’s best designers, and with their delicate, seductive little faces, these impressive sex doll heads will be the most submissive beauty you’ve ever met. They look for a partner to show them the way, and they are delighted to follow you. When you choose this head shape, there are many more benefits to explore: For example.

                    When your doll’s eyes are closed, it will help you better focus on your love dolls’ other features. With her cute dimples, big breasts, Slim legs, or plump hips, etc., you will find them so interesting. With such eyes closed realistic love doll head, you’ll go crazy for her.

                    Improve the quality of your sleep: She lies next to you with her eyes closed is so intoxicating and charming that you will feel warm and grounded, plus cuddle with her to fall asleep, which definitely can promote your sleep quality. According to doll owners, they originally had a hard time sleeping every night, but their sleep has improved since they bought a realistic closed eyes sex doll.

                    Then, please don’t wait any longer. Take our Life-size unique closed eyes sex dolls home and enjoy their unwavering excitement. Please click below to buy.

                    Important Note: This kind of head’s eyelids are permanently closed. No eyes.


                    TPE Sex Doll Heads

                    We’ve got a selection of TPE sex doll heads from famous brands. Please choose the love doll heads that best suit your taste. A real sex doll head is the most affordable investment. If you currently lack some freshness or want to add more fun, we strongly recommend that you spend a small amount of money to buy a different head shape for your love doll to change. Only change the head; your doll will immediately transform into another woman. Then you can’t help but want to buy more once you start trying.