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    In an old neighborhood in Paris, Mia is a beautifully decorated old house. She has just returned home from a day’s work. She was wearing a lace skirt with a black lace thong underneath, almost transparent, except for her nipples. When your hand reaches her waist, lower your hand and lift the hem of her skirt to reveal her sexy hillock.

    You will find that she is only wearing the purest black briefs waiting for you to explore. She also likes to wear high heels to work every day, she gets a lot of attention for her strong, shapely legs, and her super hips are very unforgettable. It looks like she got a little flirty and left her bra at the office.

    If you are looking for a perfect lover, Mia will be your best choice. She is full of enthusiasm, enchanting blue eyes, the sexy body can make you unable to stop. She truly believes that if you were with her, you would have more fun and more exploration. She’s waiting for you at the old house…

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    Jane’s job was too tedious at school. So she took some part-time jobs and went out as a tuition teacher. She was very careful in class and answered every question patiently. She discovered that she knew not only the knowledge but was also good at various skills. Because research the body’s needs is her greatest passion, she wants to try something with you that you’ve never done before.

    When Jane came to my house, the first time I saw her, my blood boiled. A petite body with a bubble butt, firm and round that makes me swell up. I was out of breath when her skirt was lifted; I can feel this gentlewoman bring me eager excitement, my desire grows more potent. She stared at me, bit her lip, pulled down her vest, took off her glasses; I slid my hand over her thigh and grabbed her bare buttocks under the skirt, an impressive moment.

    “I need your guidance,” she whispered, squirming on top of me, her round breasts squeezed into my chest. I am panting. I felt like a tie was squeezing my throat…

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    Akisha kept giving me an excellent sight of her charming boobs and butt throughout the day when we went to the beach with each other last weekend break. We were strolling by the sea, and midway there, she made me transform direction. She said there was a beach cottage nearby that she wanted to take a look at. So we head off to that new place

    Her full breasts push out her beautiful pale green plaid dress, creating perfectly round balls on her chest. Puffy pink nipples decorated on her big and dark red areola, I felt I couldn’t resist having breast sex with her. I can imagine how enjoyable I could get by sliding my penis in and out between her soft and warm boobs

    Akisha has the biggest ass I had ever seen on a woman, which is warped, round, well pronounced, intense, and has flexibility. Her wide hip makes the waist-to-hip ratio extra obvious that is nice to look at. I went over and hugged her, and then I realized that her big warp butt is a perfect place for my hands. I stroked her buttock and took off her sexy white lace panties then made her turn around and pointed her ass at me, then I heard the beautiful continuous sound of her vast and soft butt slapping against my thighs…

    Her relatively slim arms are shapely and can be grabbed easily, as well as her slender waist, which down to her super-wide hip that forms a perfect bottom hourglass curve.

    She moaned and turned her head slowly, and I saw her charming a bit square face with beautiful green eyes and a small lovely nose set between her high cheekbones.

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    Saya was my pink kitty today. She wears cat ears with a long hairy tail. For most men, this kind of acting is fascinating, and I am no exception. She pursed her lips, bit her fingers, and lifted her world-class ass. I almost ejaculated because this kind of erotic action is my favorite.

    Her rounder cheeks with bright, sparkling brown eyes. l pushed out her clinging tops, creating perfectly round orbs high on her chest. The big plump breasts hung heavily on her slender waist; l watched as her boobs bobbled invitingly, like big jiggling balls of jelly; the puffy pink nipples glisten with a white fluid, l licked her big tits frantically.

    Her legs are opening; she has the fattest pussy that I have ever seen. The inner labia protrude almost an inch from the middle of her fat outer labia. The fat clitoris extends from the center, stretching out and swelling at the top of her slit; it is smooth and pink. I inserted my hand deep into her pussy lips, then put my fingers into my mouth and sucked her juice; pretty sweet. Then my hands back up to her beautiful, innocent face. Her eyes were wide, her mouth slightly open!