Irontech 161CM (5'3.4") Body Type Doll

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    Antique ornaments are everywhere in our room. This morning, I woke up to make coffee. At that moment, the bedroom door opened, and Jessica came in elegantly, wearing a thin openwork lace undershirt and long earrings, shaking her pendants while walking.

    Her breasts are almost perfectly teardrop-shaped, medium-sized, with pink nipples and silver dollar-sized areolas. I particularly like touching them. While playing with her long tiny nipples and ripping off her blouse, I was stunned; Her slender waist and tight abdomen fascinated me. And her skin was tanned from head to toe, which was incredibly smooth.

    She turned around and lay on the sofa, tilting up her sleek, wide ass. I circled her asshole with my fingers, stretched in and out along the cracks. Then bursts of orgasm washed over her.

    It didn’t take long for her legs to weaken and fell on me, and a lot of thick liquid came out of her pussy. She was soaked totally. She closed her eyes and smiled playfully. Throughout the weekend, we were exploring the new pleasures of each other’s treasures.

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    Miki works as a designer in a jewelry company. I came over to discuss the design drawings with her; when I talked with her, I could not help but stare at her big boobs. She wore a light blue tight skirt, which showed off her long slender legs well, and the deep V-neckline showed her perfect plump breasts.

    Her pretty blue eyes always stared at my chest, making me tingle, and I tugged my crotch. I teased her tiny pink nipples with my fingers as they bounced against her big boobs. Then I lowered my head and licked her belly button; A layer of fat covering her flat stomach with a bit of extra beauty looks very inviting. I couldn’t contain my excitement.

    She got up and sat on the table, spread her legs, and then wrapped her legs around my waist. Her hands tightly grasped my biceps. Her clitoris looked pinker and tender under her white skin. I sucked on the inside of her thighs, and my tongue slipped into her labia, sticking into her wet cracks, licking deeper. I especially liked her damp and sexy pussy.I couldn’t wait to lick every drop of her love liquid. l knew she enjoyed it very much.

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    A perfect Hourglass Figure sex doll with 2 pleasure holes(vagina and anus)

    She is definitely your ideal one with big breasts (Quite big without being TOO big), wide hips with a well-pronounced buttock, thick meaty thighs, and a slimmer waist

    A nice perfect curve created by her long and slender waist sliding to her wide hip, which makes her seductive hourglass figure being super captivating

    Her trim and flat stomach is covered with a little extra beautiful layer of fat, which looks very freaking sexy and inviting

    The sight of her side-set big breasts would affect most people strongly, you will be fascinated by this well-shaped breast and willing to have breast sex with her. Enjoy your cock slide in and out between her warm and soft shaking boobs

    • The high-quality TPE material makes her skin realistic, soft and flexible, and not easily deformed
    • Silicone head makes her looks super realistic
    • Durable stainless steel skeleton has an extensive range of motion that allows you to put the doll into many positions

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    It was cloudy and very humid. He was drinking coffee and reading a book in the study. Suddenly Venus walked in lightly barefoot as if there was something to say.

    There was a seductive look in her watery blue eyes, and suddenly tears flowed from her high cheekbones like rain, melting his heart. He immediately went to hug her, touched her back, and smelled the fresh floral fragrance of her smooth chestnut brown hair.

    His body felt warmer and hotter; it turned out her thick and sexy lips were rubbing his chest, licking his chest hair tenderly like a kitten. Her sexy tongue wandered around him, and he could feel her rapid breathing and an electric current rushed instantly to his head. He was highly excited.

    He picked her up and turned her back to him. The thin blue lace panties were tightly attached to her wide hips, drawing a sexy curve of her big plump ass. He swallowed his saliva, patted her buttocks gently, and her butt swayed from side to side, incredibly elastic! The little thumb of the other hand slid in her wrinkled asshole, swiftly in and out. She moaned with pleasure, we were enjoying the joy!