Bombshell- 163CM | 5’4.2″- H CUP Voluptuous Sex Doll

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Welcome to the Jasmine Sex Doll Series

Jasmine is arguably the best-selling doll of all time and has the title of champion. Since 2018, when Ryan Davis made a funny (and perhaps politically incorrect) video, she has become a global phenomenon. Davis marveled at Jasmine’s sexy looks, thick hips, and ample breasts. Although the video is a joke, it shows all the possibilities of sex dolls and can customize various fascinating body parts beyond reality. The video has been viewed nearly 900,000 times, and Jasmine has become an instant hit with many otakus. Learn more about Jasmine here

Bombshell, smoking hot Voluptuous body figure, with a beautiful thin layer of fat on the stomach. This busty love doll has the right curves in all proper places

This best-selling hourglass shape curvy sex dolls have small quantities in the United States now. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19, the next batch of goods has not arrived at the US warehouse yet.

The dolls in stock are the same as the pictures show with the standing option.


If it is out of stock when you place the order, goods will be shipped from China.

Please note that if you choose any customization options, goods need to be customized in China factory.

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Body Description

A perfect Large-boned & Thick sex doll with 3 pleasure holes(vagina, mouth, and anus)

She has a slim-thick body shape – A perfect hourglass curve created from her clearly defined belly to her chunky thighs through the super-wide hips

She is a large-boned Western girl with wide shoulders, A thin layer of beautiful fat covered her athletic shoulders, waist, and chunky thighs. She is thick and even a little chubby which is so attractive

Her tight back thighs like the rising hills are rich in the strength to be beautiful, they will offer you more support when you have sex from behind, while enjoy hearing the sound of slapping against her big, round, and plump butt

She owns large, firm, and well-shaped breasts which barely fit into both of your hands, dress her up with an H cup bra and watch it be pushed out by her big jiggling balls of jelly, they like balloons filled with water about to drip.

You couldn’t resist having breast sex by squeezing your penis in between these two firm, warm, teardrop-shaped, and full boobs

Take the nipples as pleasure centers, her large areolas are the range of your happiness, which is imposing and impressive, the light color of the areolas goes well with her tan skin.

Her long legs will give you a lot of fun, staring at her inviting eyes and body while placing her heel naturally rest on your shoulder


Material: TPE

Height: 5’4.2″/163cm

Weight: 107 lbs/48.5 KG

Upper Breast: 38 in/96cm

Leg Length: 29.5 inch/75cm

Under Bust: 27.2 inch/ 69cm

Waist: 26 in/67cm

Hips: 43 in/110cm

Shoulder Breadth: 16.5 inch/42cm

Arm Length: 27.2 inch/ 69cm

Thigh Girth: 25.6 inch/65cm

Vagina Diameter: 0.6 inch/1.5cm

Anal Diameter: 0.6 inch/1.5cm

Vaginal Depth: 6.7 in / 17 cm

Anal Depth: 6.7 in / 17 cm

Oral Depth: 5.1 in / 13 cm

Foot Length: 7.9 in / 20 cm

Compared to silicone, TPE is our recommendation material, especially when you are a first-time buyer or want an affordable sex doll. It has the doll perfect balance between quality and affordability.


All our TPE sex dolls are made from the highest level of safe, non-toxic materials with relevant certificates and reports.


Most fake TPE sex dolls are gonna make lots of sticky oil that smells like diesel and develop tears often after a period of use. We 100% have been using premium TPE, which is not the recycled scrap that less than $800 fake dolls have been using. Our tear-resistant TPE material can be stretched up to 5 times longer without any cracks appear. Harmful TPE materials made sex doll produce a lot of sticky oil and tears easily like this:


It is a difficult subject to move the joints easily while keeping them in a fixed posture.


We use the latest upgraded 36 steering joints(each in different activity and friction) to make the skeleton imitate the real human movement as much as possible.


The skeleton is made of durable stainless steel, and it has passed the strict mechanical strength to get a longer time to use. The tightness of our structure is set just right. It would be stiff at the beginning but will get a little looser after few days of use. You could post the sex doll in most positions and angels you want. Head, arms, wrist, hips, knees, and ankles are all available to move.


The skeleton we are choosing has an extensive range of motion which allows the doll to do the splits and other related actions (We don’t recommend this position for long periods because the tensile properties of TPE material limited it)


The upgraded version, double-hinged elbow & knees skeleton, provide a wider range of movement on knees and elbow, they could be folded in half if you like and it makes the doll looks more naturally when kneeling, if you are interested in this upgraded skeleton version, go to our custom field then choose the Double hinged joints option

Will my doll is exactly as shown in the photos?

Answer: These photos were taken by the professional camera and were not been edited in any way so the sex doll you are gonna get would be 100% same as photos. But it doesn't includes the clothes. Our doll will usually come with a dress, which is a simple skirt

How long does the sex doll last?

Answer: 3-5 years in any way for a properly maintained TPE sex doll, it depends on whether you use it violently and how much time and energy you invest in maintenance, care, and cleaning

Do I need to clean and maintain my sex doll regularly?

Answer: Yes, you have to do it whether you are a first-time or experienced owner.

Is it easy to clean?

Answer: It's not that hard that you imagine, you could go to check our article about how to clean, and we could also send you the easy clean guide by email

What does the doll contain when I receive?

Answer: In general, a sexy and simple dress, a cleansing enema, a pair of gloves, a wig and instructions, and a blanket to wrap the doll for storage.

What type of lubricant should I use?

Answer: Only water-based, non-greasy, and transparent lubricant

How to pose my doll?

Answer: Bear in mind, since the doll is not an actual person, it must be treated with care. For a brand-new sex doll, the joints might be a little rigid initially, so beware of relocating the limbs. After a couple of days, the joints will be a little loose. If you wish to relocate a doll's limbs, kindly remember to relocate the arms and legs back to their initial placement and then switch over to various areas.

Can I have unprotected sex with my doll? Is it safe?

Answer: You can choose without a condom. As long as you clean your sex doll with mild antibacterial soap and water after-use each time. Using prophylactics is not required, however many people advise it.

How do I save my sex doll when I’m not using it?

Answer: Need to stay clear of damp, dusty, or excessively be exposed to the sun locations. You might utilize a hanging hook to hang her in the cabinet, or you can prepare a storage space box as well as place it under the bed.