Sino Doll – 162CM | 5’3.8″ Silicone Doll – R+S Effect – E Cup – Megan – S34


Megan is an American supermodel. Her figure is stunning, her facial features are exquisite, and She has a natural beauty with gorgeous features that needed little enhancement from makeup She has deep big eyes, and when she looks at me, I feel my body heat up.

I stroke her smooth wheaten skin and begin to kiss her fiercely. Her full, E-cup breasts stood tall and looked spectacular on her slim body, rubbing against my chest. I unzip the zipper on her clothes and lick her juicy breasts. When she raises her head and looks into my eyes, I can feel the fire of desire in her heart calling me to speed up.

When she started rocking, my thumb was teasing her ass. When my fingertips slip into her asshole while hitting her G-spot with a quick finger, she quickly reaches orgasm. After a while, she began to sweat and drenched all over; I bring her an incredible orgasm which makes her body twitching. She slowly turns her head to look at me; the satisfied expression on her face looks cute.

Two Options For You To Get The Doll You Want:


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Her prominent inner and outer thighs, like long rugby, have created a sexy and beautiful pussy gap with her tightened buttock. A curvy sexy line here, from her slim waist to her well-shaped thighs, is so attractive to men.

162cm silicone doll body description


Material: Platinum Silicone

Height: 63.8 inch/162CM

Weight: 34kgs / 74.96lbs

Upper Breast: 81cm / 31.89 inch

Waist:51cm / 20.08 inch

Hips:91cm / 35.83 inch

Internal Structure: Metal Skeleton

Feet: 22cm / 8.66 inch

Leg Length: 94cm / 37.01 inch

Arm Length: 64cm / 25.2 inch

Sex Type: Oral, Vaginal, Anal

Head Number: S33

Thigh Circumference: 51cm / 20.08 inch

Vaginal Depth: 7.1 in / 18 cm

Anal Depth: 15cm / 5.91 inch

Oral Depth: 6cm / 2.37 inch

Why You Should Buy A Sino Sex Doll?

A Perfect Compromise Of Realism And Sex Usage

To make silicone dolls have a better sexual effect, Sino Doll added a soft mixture to the critical parts of the doll’s body, such as breasts, belly, hands, and feet. This technology helps you to benefit from a good silicone visual sense while also making your doll soft in key body parts. Sino Dolls are particularly popular in Europe and America because they optimize the beauty of the doll and make it more comfortable.

If nothing compares to the softness of the TPE body, then for those seeking realism and the usage of love dolls, Sino Dolls is a perfect compromise.

ultra soft body parts

The Advantages Of Silicone SINO DOLLS

  • Lifelike Vagina
  • Ultra Soft And Realistic Breasts
  • Gorgeous Features Western Face
  • Realistic Balanced Out Bodies With Curves

Genuine Breasts To See And Touch

Their ultra-soft breasts are very genuine to see and touch.

The shape of their full chest is natural. When they lie down, their boobs are slightly stretch out, and when they are standing, their breasts are somewhat relaxed, like the real human breasts.

Although it doesn’t give you the same effect compared to the TPE material, their boobs wobble more realistically and naturally. The TPE made breasts swung in a broader range which tend to rebound.

The details of their areola and nipples are also very realistic and attractive.

Compared with TPE, these super-soft breasts can be better evenly distributed in your hands, and you will find that touch their boobs is a wonderful thing

This doll becomes more realistic than ever.

She has been upgraded to the R+S effect (Hyper-realism painting+Smooth matte effect) which is the top makeup technology on the doll’s skin made by Sino Doll that removed the shiny appearance and adds pigmentation and blood vessels

If you are a detailed lover or your job needs to take close-up photos, you don’t want to miss her

Sino Doll offers 3 types of face and body makeup, the main difference being smooth matte skin effect, skin pigmentation, and blood vessels

1, The standard version doesn’t have any particular result which can not cancel a shiny appearance

2, The S effect(Smooth matte effect) version has removed the impact of a polished appearance

3, The R+S effect(Hyper-realism painting+Smooth matte effect) version has removed the result of a shiny appearance and add pigmentation and blood vessels to the doll’s skin.

*Very Important Tips*

As the pictures show, this sex doll is, in fact, the R+S effect, which is more expensive than the standard makeup ones. 

However, All other suppliers/dealers put the doll’s price based on the standard makeup version, and users can update the doll to the R+S effect according to their needs, it gives no ground for blame.  But the problem is that they show the R+S effect pictures but put the standard makeup version price that is often misleading to consumers.

More R+S Effect Pictures

Many Other Customized Options To Update Your Sex Doll


Moveable Eyes – Put them in the desired position

Implanted Eyebrows

Implanted Hair

Bikini Lines – Love to go swimming in summer?



Shrugging Shoulders – Increase the range of its motion

A light tan skin color doll +  Implanted Hair + Bikini lines + Pubic Hair + R+S Effect show:

custom sex doll

All these above options are available when you choose ”I would like my doll is customized”

Sino has updated the inner structure of the vagina as a new option.


The texture and ridge inside are more close to the real one, and the uterine orifice is added to this new vagina to enhance the pleasure.


new vagina a1


Now the new vagina we are offering is the standard for all Sino sex dolls!

new vagina b

We all know that there are two types of sex dolls made of two different materials:


TPE and Silicone


Silicone makes the doll looks incredibly realistic but doesn’t as soft and elastic as the TPE


The Sino doll uses a unique super-soft silicone material to produce the critical parts of the doll’s body to make these parts soft and elastic


It still doesn’t have the same feelings as the TPE. Still, they have a much better sense of touch than other parts of the body


The essential parts are ultra-soft breasts, belly, hands, and feet, which are standard on all Sino dolls

ultra soft parts


Besides these, you can also make below three parts to be ultra-soft – Ass, inner thigh, and vagina

ultra soft buttultra soft vagina


Silicone makes the doll looks realistic


and it is easier to clean due to its non-porous material,


and you can enjoy silicone dolls while bathing because it has excellent resistance to high temperature


The only disadvantage is that it is dense and a little rigid when it comes to the touch


Now you have the chance to get the critical body parts of your doll made of ultra-soft silicone to make up the shortfall



It is a difficult subject to move the joints easily while keeping them in a fixed posture.


Sino doll uses the latest upgraded 36 steering joints(each in different activity and friction) to make the skeleton imitate the real human movement as much as possible.


The skeleton is made of durable stainless steel, and it has passed the strict mechanical strength to get a longer time to use. The tightness of our structure is set just right. It would be stiff at the beginning but will get a little looser after few days of use. You could post the sex doll in most positions and angels you want. Head, arms, wrist, hips, knees, and ankles are all available to move.

Sino skeleton 1

The skeleton we are choosing has an extensive range of motion which allows the doll to do the splits and other related actions (We don’t recommend this position for long periods because the tensile properties of silicone material limited it)


Sino skeleton 2Sino skeleton 3Sino skeleton 4Sino skeleton 5Sino skeleton 6Sino skeleton 7

Can I have this doll a greater range of motion?

Answer: Beware! The silicone material is NOT as elastic as the TPE, so try to avoid posting her with the full range of motion

Should I use powder on her?

Answer: Yes, we highly recommend using powder on her body before and after each time of sex

Will my doll is exactly as shown in the photos?

Answer: These photos were taken by the professional camera and were not been edited in any way so the sex doll you are gonna get would be 100% same as photos. But it doesn't includes the clothes. Our doll will usually come with a dress, which is a simple skirt

How long does the sex doll last?

Answer: 4-5 years in any way for a properly maintained silicone sex doll, it depends on whether you use it violently and how much time and energy you invest in maintenance, care, and cleaning

Do I need to clean and maintain my sex doll regularly?

Answer: Yes, you have to do it whether you are a first-time or experienced owner.

Is it easy to clean?

Answer: Silicone materials is much easier to clean than the TPE, because silicone is the non-porous material, it doesn't retain humidity

What does the doll contain when I receive?

Answer: In general, a sexy and simple dress, a cleansing enema, a pair of gloves, a wig and instructions, and a blanket to wrap the doll for storage.

What type of lubricant should I use?

Answer: Only water-based, non-greasy, and transparent lubricant

How to pose my doll?

Answer: Bear in mind, since the doll is not an actual person, it must be treated with care. For a brand-new sex doll, the joints might be a little rigid initially, so beware of relocating the limbs. After a couple of days, the joints will be a little loose. If you wish to relocate a doll's limbs, kindly remember to relocate the arms and legs back to their initial placement and then switch over to various areas.

Can I have unprotected sex with my doll? Is it safe?

Answer: You can choose without a condom. As long as you clean your sex doll with mild antibacterial soap and water after-use each time. Using prophylactics is not required, however many people advise it.

How do I save my sex doll when I’m not using it?

Answer: Need to stay clear of damp, dusty, or excessively be exposed to the sun locations. You might utilize a hanging hook to hang her in the cabinet, or you can prepare a storage space box as well as place it under the bed.

Can I take her to hot baths?

Answer: You can enjoy silicone dolls while bathing because it has excellent resistance to high temperature

Does the sex doll contain toxic or chemical substances?

Answer: All of our sex dolls are made from the highest level of safe, non-toxic materials. All materials have relevant certificates and reports that prove safe to use

Are these dolls 100% authentic?

Answer: We only choose a small number of premium brands to cooperate with. We are their officially certified dealer and only sell 100% authentic dolls

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    “You are sexier than any other woman in this world,” I smile and say to her. She blinks at me, and my heart melted. She placed her hands on both sides of my face and gently stroking, my kisses move to her lips; her mouth felt soft, velvety, and smooth; I love the taste of her saliva. She closed her eyes with pleasure, her whole body seemed to glow, and we drifted off to sleep in an embrace.

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    She has a lovely round face and likes to smile, I often sit quietly watching her, she can relieve all my stress. I would talk to her about all the problems I encountered at work and all the bad things in my life, and she will listen to me intently and give me a look of affirmation. I am lucky enough to meet her; she’s always there for me, waiting for me, making my heart less lonely.

    She’s wearing a white lace bodice today, those little pink nipples leaping out from beneath the thin lace as if to pierce her lace. My libido begins to flow a lot; I pull off the shoulder straps on both sides of her. The two beautiful plump breasts immediately jump up, naturally falling on her lower abdomen like a balloon filled with water.

    I tease her tiny nipples; they all shake; this is my greatest pleasure. I smile and watch her lying next to me, sleeping soundly and sweetly, with her legs separated in front of me, her pussy shins in the moonlight.

    I am gently licking the white, tender skin of her inner thighs, right up to her moist pussy lips to her wrinkled anus. She moaned and stirred but went back to sleep.