WM Dolls – 156CM | 5’1.4″ – H Cup – Zoey

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This WM 156M doll is #Point Upward Nipples, #Hourglass Body, #Booty Queen
  • Her roundness and firm boobs are like balloons filled with water. They are fat and juicy!
  • High-end TPE material shines with its soft, bouncy, and jiggly touching feeling, just like a real woman. The entirely natural skin feels much stretchier. It’s durable and not prone to tearing.
  • Smooth and sturdy EVO skeleton offers a wider range of movement, so you can bend and hold her pose nicely with ease. It also looks and feels great that the shrugging shoulder can offer some front-to-back action. (FREE Evo Skeleton Is Offered During This Holiday Season)
  • The standing feet can get her up that brings much realism to her (FREE Standing Feed Option Is Offered During This Holiday Season)
Material:  TPE Leg Length: 32.7 inch/ 83cm Shoulder width: 14.6 inch/37cm
Height: 5’1.4/156cm Under Bust: 25.6 in / 65 cm Vagina Depth: 6.7inch/ 17cm
Weight: 86lbs / 39 kg Waist: 21.3 in / 54 cm Anal Depth: 6.7 in / 17 cm
Upper Breast:36.6 in / 93cm Hips: 37.8 in / 96 cm Oral Depth: 5.1 in / 13 cm
Head: #360 Arm Length: 24.8 in/ 63cm Foot Length: 7.9 in / 20 cm

Two Options For You To Get The Doll You Want:


  • SELECT AN EXTRA FREE HEAD (Orig. $380, Now it's FREE)
  • Select Styles Of Your Free 2nd Head

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The heads for each doll are wrapped in a soft bubble pack.

With a solid foam wrapped around the entire interior of the box, most of our packages arrive undamaged. Even sometimes it may appear some holes on the side of the pack during transportation. It is pretty good inside.

doll package



The doll will be packed in a rectangular box without any labels on it. Nobody would know what’s inside.



TPE dolls have come a long way and are giving silicone dolls a severe run for their money


❤️Smell less

TPE dolls are usually processed by thermoplastic molding during the processing. The new sex doll may have a slight chemical smell, no worry about it. The scent of this premium TPE is small and easy to dissipate. It would usually vanish after having her clean for few times.



Due to the TPE features, and maybe the sudden spike in temps or maybe the Weather suddenly going from cool to humid, it is natural that TPE doll skin can be oily.

TPE formulations vary from different manufacturers, and ElleDoll aren’t known for being particularly oily

Oiliness will eventually go away with time, but you will have to wait a few days before the new doll stops leaking oil. Here are some tips to avoid being particularly oily.

Avoid being oily

  • Keep your doll well powdered with talcum powder
  • Don’t expose her to the dusty air to avoid letting her get sticky
  • Keep the doll fully clothed from time to time for effective oil absorption

❤️Soft To The Touch

Multiple layers of premium TPE provide an incredible skin sensation that is soft, bouncy, and jiggly. It’s harder than fat and softer than muscle.


❤️Safe & Durable

This high-level TPE is non-toxic, harmless to the human body, high tear strength, and resistant to oils. The entire skin feels much stretchier. It could be stretched up to 3 times longer without any cracks appearing.



❤️Any Pose You Like

Smooth and sturdy EVO skeleton offers a wider range of movement, so you can bend and hold her pose nicely with ease. The doll is capable of performing almost any pose you have dreamt up so far. Head, arms, wrist, hips, knees, and ankles are all available to move.


❤️Looks Natural

This new EVO skeleton with double-hinged elbow & knees makes the doll looks more natural. And the new skeleton provides a fantastic feel when cuddling by adding a few points of articulation that can make it bend itself a bit to match the shape of your body.

It also looks and feels great that the shrugging shoulder can offer some front-to-back action.

skeleton of doll



The skeleton is made of durable stainless steel, and it has passed the strict mechanical strength to get a longer time to use.

It may be stiff a little for the first time using, you may need to force to bend, but it would loosen after using it for a while.

(FREE EVO Skeleton Is Offered During This Holiday Season)


100% Authentic

We’re the official authorized reseller of TPE & Silicone dolls. All of the branded dolls on ElleDoll are 100% authentic sex dolls ONLY, you can trace each of your orders with the original manufacturers.

For WM dolls, you could visit their Anti-fake System to check your doll!


WM doll Anti-fake

Body Type

A perfect Petite and Perfect Breast sex doll with 3 pleasure holes(vagina, mouth, and anus)

Two big raised nipples stand on her well-shaped huge breast make an amazing view, you will love to suck or bite these inviting nipples.

Her roundness and firm boobs are like balloons filled with water, fat and juicy! This huge, soft, and teardrop-shaped breasts would definitely give you a lot of fun especially when having breast sex with your penis being squeezed in between. 

She has the most well-balanced body shape. Big boobs and wide hips are perfectly shaped in the right place, the gold curve forms start from her nice jellies balls slide to her firm and wrapped butt

Her toned bellies with little muscles in her calves and thighs showed the power of beautiful

Enjoy the moment of standing behind her to hear the sound of slapping against her big and plump butt

She stands around 5’1″ (155CM) tall, and most probably, your nipples are level with her eyes. You are willing to put this short lover into your arms cradle like you are protectors. 

We are going to a lakeside cottage on vacation. She is wearing a bow tie and pouting with thick cherry lips standing there waiting for me. She always likes to get a nice bronze tan and is a naughty girl.


I could see her lovely big boobs swaying through her tiny waist, half-exposed under the bikini, pretty plump and round. The beautiful and delightful nipples tilted upwards, l watched peer closely at them, which fascinated me.


The delicious textures and shapes of her nipples and breasts make my mouth salivate as l sucked and licked them. Then scraped my fang teeth across her tiny nipples, which produced louder moans of pleasure.


She was facing me with her naked heart-shaped plump big buttocks, where I fantasize about burying my face. She was rubbing her inner thighs up and down, squeezing her cracks. After only a minute or two, I could see the transparent liquid seeping from her labia and rolling down to her wrinkled pink asshole. Her cheek was visibly red from the force.


Her thick sexy lips pout and cheer at me. My jeans crotch began to tighten again, and I had to twist my body to make myself feel comfortable.

Will my doll is exactly as shown in the photos?

Answer: These photos were taken by the professional camera and were not been edited in any way so the sex doll you are gonna get would be 100% same as photos. But it doesn't includes the clothes. Our doll will usually come with a dress, which is a simple skirt

How long does the sex doll last?

Answer: 3-5 years in any way for a properly maintained TPE sex doll, it depends on whether you use it violently and how much time and energy you invest in maintenance, care, and cleaning

Do I need to clean and maintain my sex doll regularly?

Answer: Yes, you have to do it whether you are a first-time or experienced owner.

Is it easy to clean?

Answer: It's not that hard that you imagine, you could go to check our article about how to clean, and we could also send you the easy clean guide by email

What does the doll contain when I receive?

Answer: In general, a sexy and simple dress, a cleansing enema, a pair of gloves, a wig and instructions, and a blanket to wrap the doll for storage.

What type of lubricant should I use?

Answer: Only water-based, non-greasy, and transparent lubricant

How to pose my doll?

Answer: Bear in mind, since the doll is not an actual person, it must be treated with care. For a brand-new sex doll, the joints might be a little rigid initially, so beware of relocating the limbs. After a couple of days, the joints will be a little loose. If you wish to relocate a doll's limbs, kindly remember to relocate the arms and legs back to their initial placement and then switch over to various areas.

Can I have unprotected sex with my doll? Is it safe?

Answer: You can choose without a condom. As long as you clean your sex doll with mild antibacterial soap and water after-use each time. Using prophylactics is not required, however many people advise it.

How do I save my sex doll when I’m not using it?

Answer: Need to stay clear of damp, dusty, or excessively be exposed to the sun locations. You might utilize a hanging hook to hang her in the cabinet, or you can prepare a storage space box as well as place it under the bed.