Real Doll VS Fake Doll

With the popularity of more and more sex dolls, the market is now flooded with various dolls of different qualities, and it is vital to choose a doll that offers good value for money. So how to avoid buying fake/bad quality dolls? Below we will list some ways to help you better identify the difference between real and fake and how to avoid it; please read carefully:

Start With The Brand Selection Of Dolls:

First and foremost: Let’s see what brands of authentic sex dolls are available. The quality of these dolls’ brands is guaranteed and has been proven to be trustworthy by users.

The following is a collection of high-quality brands that are best-selling made in China on the market:

DS Dolls(Silicone)

Sanhui (Silicone)

Z-Onedoll (Silicone)

JM Doll (Silcone)

Sino Doll(Silicone)

Siliko Doll(Silicone)

WM Doll(TPE)

YL Doll (TPE)

OR Doll(TPE)

SE Doll(TPE)

DollHouse168 (TPE)

Doll Forever(TPE)

6YE Doll(TPE)

HR Doll(TPE)

EL Doll(TPE)

Climax Doll(TPE)

JY Doll(TPE)

AS Doll(TPE)

Irontech Doll(TPE And Silicone)

Qita Doll(TPE)

SM Doll (TPE)

SY Doll (TPE)

Piper Doll (TPE)

AF Doll (TPE)

JL Doll(TPE)

Jarliet (TPE)

Sange (TPE)

Why Are There So Many Fake Sex Dolls?

  • If you are buying a sex doll for the first time, you might wonder how there are still fake sex dolls, aren’t they all the same? Well, that’s a normal thought. Because most people don’t realize that the sex doll industry has developed well-known brands and many excellent manufacturers, with original designs and high-guaranteed quality, making the dolls look more lifelike and feel even better than real people. But if it’s a fake doll, the inferior quality materials are unsafe for the body; the skin can be torn at any time, the fragile skeleton, the incongruous body proportions, and so on
  • A perfect quality sex doll is not cheap; it is a significant investment]] So many businesses take advantage of this to create nice prices for consumers to place orders. Usually, fake sex dolls use stolen pictures or buy a lifelike doll from a legal manufacturer and then copy them in an unauthorized and unreliable factory.

First, hang a picture of the original factory as bait, and then make a copy of the inferior doll and send it to the consumer. Just like you see other products, such as mobile phones or headphones, etc., they all have copycat versions. Although they look similar, the quality is different in actual use.

This also happens to dolls. Production in a factory without security can not guarantee the quality, zero safety checks, no skeleton, the flexibility of the doll’s joints test, etc. And even the recycling of cheap TPE used materials for production, as the doll is a personal item, the quality of the material is critical for the body’s safety.

If spending money not only does not let you experience the fun but also hurts your body, please do not spend it even if it is a dollar. We hope that every penny you spend is worthwhile, to get a long-term pleasure

What Are The Differences Between Genuine Dolls And Fake Dolls?

Genuine dolls features

  • The doll is the same as the picture description. There is a slight color difference due to photography, but the same
  • Quality check. Factory production photos and confirmation of details and quality checks before shipping are available
  • The brand name of the doll is marked
  • Reasonable price, close to the brand’s suggested retail price
  • Reasonable production lead time in 1-3 weeks.

Fake doll features

  • No brand. Or are not listed in the list of these brands. The website does not disclose the brand on its website.
  • The actual dolls received deviate a lot from the pictures. For example, many fake websites put pictures of WM Dolls and YL Dolls at excellent prices. We have seen many people selling these WM Dolls for hundreds or even thousands of dollars cheaper than the wholesale price.
    This is very obvious picture theft. When you place an order, they then produce it according to the pictures, so you can imagine how unprotected the quality is.
  • The price is low; A regular doll usually has to go through many processes, many of which are purely handmade. Imagine how a cheap doll can cover these costs, not to mention the use of good materials to produce it.
  • The pictures are blurry, and the details and customization options are unclear.
  • The doll can make in 24 hours.
  • The terms are too good to be true. Because many steps of the doll are handmade, once production begins, these costs are very high. Be wary of any claims of unconditional refunds, as they are designed to make a quick buck. The goal is to get you to place your order faster.

How To Avoid Buying Bad-Quality Dolls?

Don’t buy too cheap dolls on Amazon, Aliexpress, or eBay. We have heard many of our customers complain that they have purchased on them before, but the dolls they received were all different.

We, including the manufacturer, regularly check and find that most of the dolls sold on these platforms are replicas.

Manufacturers are also rigorously checking these, but it is challenging to eliminate them all because of the large number.

Inquire about the qualification of the supplier. You can ask the manufacturer whether the relevant supplier authorizes it.

WM dolls have anti-counterfeiting codes, and each doll has a unique anti-counterfeiting code, which can check on the WM official website.

Please check the product description carefully to ensure that the parameters and specifications meet your requirements. If the website is not written clearly, please consider it carefully.

So, How Do You Buy A Genuine Sex Doll?

Buy from a certified sex doll supplier. Verified Suppliers can be found with their authorization certificates, corporate credentials, etc.

Licensed suppliers have signed partnership agreements with manufacturers and have established perfect partnerships. Suppliers can sell real dolls produced by brand manufacturers worldwide.

If you have any questions, please contact them via email or live chat to make sure they are trustworthy, and you can ask them where their dolls are made. Even video viewing is available.

Why Choose A Good Sex Doll?

Numerous studies have found that dolls can help you get physical pleasure and relieve mental stress. So a high-quality doll is significant; she is your personal and spiritual companion. They will make your life more exciting, and the body and mind are more joyful

The benefits of high-quality dolls:

  • Flexible metal skeleton. You can adjust posture at will
  • Soft and realistic skin
  • Customizable. Customize your unique companion according to your preferences
  • They look realistic, with a beauty beyond reality. You may even forget that it’s just a doll

If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to help you get a wonderful doll. (

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