How To Remove Stain On TPE Sex Doll?

It is common for TPE sex dolls to incur stains. However, it is essential to take the stains out before the realistic love doll is damaged. Otherwise, your money will go to waste as the doll you waited weeks for will be of no use.

What Causes Sex Doll Skin Stains?

Understanding the stain caused on your sex dolls will help you deal with it better. Once you know the source, you can remove the stain more easily. Your sex doll may have skin stains due to these reasons:

  • Exposure to dark-colored fabrics
  • Tight clothing of dark colors
  • Tight elastic waistband clothing with dark colors
  • Seepage of excess due from a fabric

Remember that the TPE sex dolls have porous skin, which means they easily absorb stains and moisture. That is why you should never make your doll wear any dark clothing with dye for too long.

How To Remove The Stain For TPE Sex Dolls?

remove skin strains on sex dolls

Now that you know what causes stains on a real love doll, here is a step-by-step guide on how you can remove the stains:

Step 1: Purchase An Odorless Painter’s Solvent

To successfully remove the stain on your sex doll, you will need an odorless painter’s solvent, some cotton swabs, and a clean towel. First, you need to set a working space by laying down a light-colored towel. A can of Klean Strip is the ideal choice for removing the stain on your best sex doll.

Step 2: Apply The Painter’s Solvent

You need to dip the cotton swab into the painter’s solvent and ensure it is enough to remove stubborn stains. After that, you can apply the dipped cotton swab to the stains. Doing this will begin the process of stain removal.

Step 3: Let The Solvent Sit

Once you have applied ample painter’s solvent on the stains, you need to let it sit for at least one minute if the stain is deep. However, if the stain is light, you can let the solvent sit for a few seconds, as that will get the job done.

Step 4: Wipe The Solvent

Take a clean cotton swab and wipe away the stain. Once you do this, your realistic love doll will be as good as new. The painter’s solvent is intense and takes away the stain in no time.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

It is always best to take care of your TPE sex dolls to avoid any stains or damage. After all, you spend a lot of money and effort on the doll, and you need to take care of it. All sex dolls come with a user’s manual given by the manufacturer.

Be sure to go through the manual and take care of the doll appropriately to ensure longevity and durability. Avoid dark fabrics on the doll and store it without any clothing items on it. Proper care and maintenance of the sex doll go a long way and will ensure no stains.

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