Sex Doll Breast Option, How To Choose The Best One?

Breasts are a symbol of femininity, and it is the first thing all humans are exposed to when it comes to the body. The breast nurtures life by providing babies with the nutrients they need. From infancy to adulthood, men are obsessed with breasts and different shapes.

If you are purchasing a real love doll, you have many breast options to choose from. Here is a complete guide to selecting the ideal one for your needs. We also have the Ultimate guide for newbies on how to choose the best doll; Check here if you need it.

How To Choose The Sex Dolls Breast Type?

Here are the top ways you can choose the sex dolls breast type:

Sex Doll Breast’s Material

The material of the breast will affect how it feels to you. The two materials breasts can be made from are TPE, Silicone, and jelly. Here are all the details you require about them:

1. TPE/Silicone

Silicone or TPE breasts are slightly firm and medium-soft. The breasts also have a bounce and feel realistic. TPE breasts can be found on hybrid dolls and TPE sex dolls.

However, silicone breasts are found on entirely silicone-made sex dolls only. So you can choose according to the material you prefer.

2. Jelly

The jelly material is not a standard feature on a real love doll. You can add it as an upgrade or add-on when it comes to the doll. These breasts are bouncy, soft, and provide a highly realistic touch.

Sex Doll Breast Type Selection

Selecting the proper breast type is crucial if you want an ideal real love doll for your needs. Here are the top three sex doll breast types you can opt for:

1. Solid Breasts

Solid breast option

Keep in mind that a standard real love doll will be made of either silicone or TPE, which will offer solid breasts. These boobs will feel bouncy, soft, firm, and a bit tough. Keep in mind that solid breasts don’t have implants or cavities.

That is why they might feel heavier when compared to other breast types. It is the best choice for people who want to save costs by utilizing other customization options. The breasts will still give a realistic feel as they will not be too soft.

  • Pros

These are standard breasts, and so you will not have to pay extra for them


Soft and perky

  • Cons

Will not feel too good on big breast sex dolls

Relatively less bouncy and soft as compared to other options

2. Hollow Breasts

Hollow breast option

A hollow breast contains an air-filled cavity to reduce the firmness of the breasts. These breasts will look and feel bouncy, light, and soft. When you squeeze them, you will feel that they are much softer than a solid breast.

Hollow breasts are ideal for big boobs sex dolls. So, if you find big chests attractive and need a soft touch, the hollow breast is perfect. If you want even bigger breasts, then our last option is for you.

  • Pros


Low risk of tear

Bouncier and softer than solid breasts

No extra cost to opt for these

  • Cons

Relatively less tough and perky

3. Gel Breasts/Gel Implants

Gel-filled breast option

These breasts contain gel or jelly inside to ensure that the boobs are soft and bouncy to touch. These mimic the breasts of real women in the best way possible. The gel inside feels like real human fat, so squeezing the boobs will give you a realistic feeling.

The bounce, firmness, and perkiness are quite balanced in this breast material. The option is ideal for people who don’t mind paying extra and receiving the most realistic boobs on their real love doll.

  • Pros

Most realistic

Highly squeezable and soft

  • Cons

Costs extra as this is an upgraded option.

Sex Doll Breast Size Selection  

Here are the different size selections of the breast you can choose on the sex doll:

1. Big Breast Sex Dolls

These sex dolls are highly busty as their boobs are large. The upper bust of such a doll with over 150cm is typically 90 to 100cm. We rarely get to see such big breasts in real life, which is why big breast sex dolls are perfect for people obsessed with large boobs.

2. Medium Breast Sex Doll

A real love doll with a medium breast has an upper bust of 80 to 95cm. These breasts are medium in size, and they still come on the big boob’s side. If you like big boobs but don’t want them to be too large, this is an ideal size.

3. Tiny Chested Sex Doll

These tiny chested sex dolls have beautiful proportions with breasts that are not too big. The design is to create a doll with petite proportions but still very gorgeous.

4. Flat Chested Sex Dolls

Finally, the flat-chested sex dolls are petite, and the look of their breasts is tiny too. However, they are not smaller than that of actual women. If you dislike big boobs, this is the ideal choice for you.

Restrictions On Choosing The Type Of Doll’s Breasts

All sex doll brands offer various options for breast sizes and types. However, there are some limitations that you should be aware of:

1. Tiny Breast Sex Doll

Keep in mind that if you choose A or B cup breast size, you will only receive the solid breast type. Hollow and gel breasts don’t come in A or B cup sizes.

2. Big Breast Sex Doll

If you want big breasts and hollow breasts, you can only choose H cups and above. Anything below that does not come in H cups.

3. Gel Implant

Gel implant boobs on sex dolls start from C cup and above. You can’t go below that as they don’t cater to small boobs.

That was the complete guide to choosing the best breast option on a real love doll. So, what are you waiting for then? Follow our guidelines, choose the best breasts on your love doll, and enjoy having sex with her in no time.

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