The Ultimate Sex Dolls Buying Guide For 2021

Everyone wants to buy a perfect sex doll, but what exactly is the definition of perfect?

Everyone’s answer is not the same, some people like big breasts and ass with obvious curves, some people like flat-chested, thin with a small frame, some people like muscular, no one is wrong, and this is not a problem.

what is the perfect sex doll

The real problem is that there are so many different types of dolls in the market, but most people’s inner needs are vague. 

They only know to find the best dolls, but there are no specific goals and requirements, such as hair color, bra size, particular height, and the waist-to-hip ratio, etc.

The current classification of sex dolls on most websites is vague, which leads to the fact that users visit a doll website without a clear purpose.

They were browsing different types of dolls, and suddenly were attracted by a glance at a lovely doll, the beauty at that time have met their expectations perfectly, so they bought it without hesitation.

But when they revisit the website afterward, they often find new dolls which are even more perfect than they had expected.

These unique dolls are so lovely that their expectations have been raised, they don’t like the doll they have bought at that moment, and they are often annoyed by it.

So the real question is how to more efficiently categorize the different types of dolls to quickly reach your most ideal dolls, without regret.

If your needs are also vague, then this article must be beneficial for you. 

We have studied many people’s actual demands when choosing sex dolls, and this article has been prepared for a long time. Please read it patiently!

We strive to make the classification extremely simple. 

Based on most people’s thinking habits, this sex doll buying guide will help you quickly screen out the doll you want most.

First, let’s start with body shapes

In real life, women have almost a dozen different body shapes, such as triangle shape, hourglass figure, spoon shape, diamond shape, etc.


Some figures have been chasing by many women for years, but some of them have always been disliked. In the sex doll world, all bodies are supernatural, which means the weaknesses of real-world bodies were abandon from the doll, and their advantages, in reality, are enlarged on the doll.

For example, sex dolls usually have a much smaller waist and larger hips than real-world bodies. They all have perfect curves. However, they also need to be divided into different shapes.

In, we have carefully divided the typical doll’s body shape into the following figures. Let us do a simple explanation:



Hourglass sex doll body shape

The one who has an hourglass figure means the dimensions of their breast and hips are nearly equal and have a slim waist that is narrower than both. Hourglass always means curves. We put all our hourglass sex dolls into the category of  Curvy Sex Doll

Following are the typical hourglass bodies sex dolls:

Hourglass body does not indicate that a massive breast or booty is necessary, yet the hip-breast-waist ratio right here is really important.
You could check the following dolls, which are thin with small breasts, but their super-thin waist makes the rate here more apparent. They are also the typical hourglass figures or curvy shapes.

Most BBW(big beautiful women) Sex Dolls are hourglass figures, their defining features are Huge boobs + Huge butt + A little bit of lovely wobbly belly folds…

For quick filtering, the hourglass option is available in the left sidebar under the body shape filter on our website’s category page.

how to find hourglass sex doll on our web

Top Hourglass

As the top hourglass body, it has a general hourglass figure. However, the dimension of the bust is a little larger than the hips.

Top hourglass sex doll

The small and tight butt of the top hourglass figure makes the doll’s boobs look more extensive, and the narrow buttocks highlight the lovely upper curve from the breast along the waist.

If you are indulging in admiring the upper part of a woman’s body, or you like the breast sex, our top hourglass figure dolls focus your attention on scanning the best part of the body you like, especially when she is on her stomach, and you look at her big and beautiful breasts squeeze out from both sides of her back, and never worry about the narrower buttocks that will block your sight to appreciate this beautiful upper curve.

Here are our typical top hourglass sex dolls:

Bottom Hourglass- Wide Hips

Bottom hourglass sex doll

As the bottom hourglass body, it has a general hourglass figure. However, the dimension of the hips is a little larger than the bust. The bottom hourglass’s common attribute is the wide hips.

The curve from waist along hips is strengthened. The bottom hourglass is also called Slim & Thick.

The slim & thick body was brought into vogue by none besides Kim Kardashian-West herself. Slim & Thick is a lady with a slim body shape yet having a vast booty and thick upper legs. At the same time, this body implies a smaller waist and level belly.

bottom hourglass body type

The visual impact from the combination of a tiny waist and wide hips is more likely to produce a strong desire.

If you prefer to put your hand on the doll’s hip to appreciate her beautiful bottom curve, or you like to see her soft and wobbly big ass, don’t miss the bottom hourglass figure sex dolls.

Here are our typical bottom hourglass sex dolls:

Athletic(Fitness) Body Shape

In real life, the definition of an athlete-shaped figure is that the body is muscular, but there are no special curves, and there are even some muscles that are too distributed, which is a bit like a man.

But in the sex doll world, our athletic dolls are all hourglass-shaped. We keep the beautiful curves while making the muscles not so big. The combination of femininity and strength is their characteristic.

You can understand it this way: the non-athletic hourglass figure brings the feeling of meaty, while the fitness hourglass figure makes you feel the beauty of power.

When you browse our Curvy Sex Doll category page, you will see that we have marked on the athletic figure dolls to help you identify quickly.

Triangle OR “Pear”

pear doll body shape

If the shoulder and chest are narrower than the hips, the waist is tilted toward the hips, and the hips are huge, we call it pear shape(just like the pear).

Narrow shoulders and breasts highlight a more extensive and rounder butt. Your attention will be on her big butt.

In doggie style, while watching her thin shoulders, you can let her fat, big, soft, and elastic butt hit your thigh as much as you like.

If you are a butt lover, you can’t miss the pear-shaped dolls as they perfectly enhance the advantages of big butts.

Here are our typical pear shape sex dolls:

Second, In addition to categorizing body shapes, we can also quickly select the right doll based on a specific body feature.

We found that many men are attracted to a particular part of a woman’s body, so we added tags and attributes to all our dolls.

You can choose any of the following body features from the sidebar’s body shape, you can also use the tags on the images to quickly locate the body parts you are obsessed with.

Thin waist

In the world of dolls, none of them have a thick waist. Their waists are only shown as thin or thinner. The size of the waist itself cannot be used as the only basis for judgment. Similarly, the ratio here is critical.

Many sex dolls appear thin waist just because of their large bust and wide hips. As long as the rate of chest-waist-hip is evident, we call it a thin waist.

Of course, there is also that kind of excessive thinness, which is almost impossible to find in reality. They are supernaturally imagined.

The advantage of the thin waist in the real world is enlarged on the sex dolls. Our Elf Sex Dolls all have a super slim waist.

We found that many men are fascinated by the slim waist, so we put labels on particular thin waist dolls. It allows you to quickly find a thin waist doll in any of the categories you’re browsing.

Here are our typical thin waist sex dolls:

Chunky Thighs

Chunky thighs are also called athlete-style thighs. Their central performance is that the thighs’ front is wide and muscles are prominent, which have a sense of strength.

They often form a perfect echo with their big buttocks. Viewed from the side, their thick thighs and flat belly create a beautiful forward curve. The forward convex arc echoes the arc formed by the buttocks.

Men are always attracted to the sexy pussy gap that is often created by their prominent thighs.

162cm silicone doll body description

In contrast to meaty thighs, chunky thighs offer a feeling of energy and excitement. Strong-legged women tend to be athletic, fit, and muscular. They are not only protecting themselves but also seem to be more dominant and active.

If this is what you’re looking for, you can quickly find your perfect doll through the label of chunky thighs. Again, we’ve tagged our big thigh dolls for you to find them in any of the categories quickly.

Here are our typical thin chunky thighs sex dolls:

The abs

The correct ABS can make a woman look sexier. Especially the looming vest line is often a sign of a healthy and graceful figure.

Like a thick thigh, moderate abdominal muscles show the woman’s flexibility and aerobic capacity, speed, and power.

If you’re constantly attracted to the curvy young ladies at the gym, they look when they are wearing a vest to curl their belly, watching a drop of sweat drench their hulled, bran-colored waistline…

So, here are our typical dolls with ABS (don’t worry, they’ll never look like men)

Also, we’ve tagged the dolls who have firm abs, which you can quickly find on any category page.


Big Areolas

In general, the larger areolas are more imposing and impressive.

The larger breasts are more like a face, and many men prefer the areolas because they like to delineate the nipples as pleasure centers.

The big areola can make men feel like a child, especially an areola with a charming color that will make them think if they can comfortably fit it into their mouth, that illegally obtained pleasure is fascinating for them.

For some people, large areola + small breasts are more attractive to them.

Here are our typical dolls with large areolas (Including large areola with big boobs and large areola with small boobs)

Now, Let’s go with the body types, which is tall, short, fat and thin, big breasts or small breasts, etc

This kind of classification is directly reflected in the category directory, and many of them can be easily understood through the literal meaning.

However, most websites only make general classifications without detailed explanations of what is involved in each category.

The following are explanations for some of our common body types

1, Flat Chested Sex Doll

A lot of people like flat-chested girls, but what is the flat-chested, actually?

AA and A cup are usually thought-about as flat-chested by most individuals.

Nevertheless, some people use the word flat-chested to describe any person who doesn’t have big boobs,

so what cup dimension would be thought about flat-chested?

Our Flat-Chested Sex Doll  page contains AA, A, B, C, and even some E cups to satisfy everyone’s intent behind the search term flat-chested

2, Petite Sex Doll

Big Men are attracted to petite women, and by our Petite Sex Dolls  here, we only refer to the height.

Any sex dolls under 160 cm are called petite. Some of them fit the stereotype of petite women: small frame, skinny, and flat-chested with small hips.

On the other hand, these shorter ones have bigger breasts and bigger hips with perfect curves, like our 140CM BBW doll

3, Skinny Sex Doll

A lot of guys like skinny women? The answer is yes, but what kind of skinny is it?

We think that the word skinny does not represent most men’s aesthetic standards for thinness. On the contrary, many people don’t like skinny because it’s associated with anorexia.

The Skinny Sex Dolls that we’re offering are exactly the kind of skinny that most people want with a perfectly balanced body.

Some of them are flat-chested models, and some are well-proportioned women with perfectly proportioned middle-sized breasts and buttocks.

In short, they are skinny and just in the right place.

4, Curvy Sex Doll

Curvy is pretty much the same as the hourglass figure we started with.

It needs to be pointed out again that the boobs-hip-waist ratio and percentage are more critical.

That’s doesn’t matter just how slim the girl is. As long as the dimensions of her boobs and hip a lot bigger than her midsection, she is curvy.

So on our Curvy Sex Dolls page, some have big breasts and big asses, some are medium breasts, and some with small breasts and small asses.

As long as their proportions are enough to form a beautiful curve, they are all called curvy

In short, they are skinny and just in the right place.

5, Thick Sex Doll

It generally describes the ladies who have a huge skeleton framework with some muscular tissue mass but were covered with an attractive layer of fat.

Thick females have good curved and also balanced out bodies.

Curvy and thick sometimes are the same meaning in terms of the big bone women that has a voluptuous body figure, so a few of our curvy and Thick Sex Dolls overlap

6, Fit Sex Doll

Health and fitness kinds always have some lean muscular tissues with tight and athletic legs.

They have a slim and plainly defined waist, typically they are thinner than the curved ones, click here to inspect more of our Fit Sex Dolls

7, Fat/Chubby Sex Doll

Fat or chubby shapes are soft and also meaty, they usually get a thicker waist than curvy forms and often shaped with some little bit contours but no muscles.

They are the middle area in-between curved and obese, click here to check the complete list of our Chubby Sex Dolls

8, BBW Sex Doll

BBW means ‘Big Beautiful Women’ and here at, they own huge boobs, wide hips, and huge butt.

BBW Sex Dolls are related to the fat and chubby sex dolls, but they are usually bigger than the fat sex dolls, they are plus size women but that doesn’t mean that they are dangerously obese.

They are bully women, bombshell and they all have the smoking hot body

Next, let’s go with the breast shape

breast shapes

In reality, there are almost a dozen different breast shapes, such as round, relaxed, east-west, bell shape, slender, etc.

Some of these breast shapes are perfect for people to rush, but some breast shapes are something that many people have always wanted to change.

In the world of dolls, every chest shape is good-looking.

Again, manufacturers have abandoned the bad breast shape and magnified the excellent breast shape’s advantages from reality.

Nevertheless, people still have different aesthetic standards for the shape of the breast.

We divide the breast shape of the doll into the following categories:

1, Teardrop

It just like a tear is falling, the teardrop shape is relatively round and the top is just a little flat than the bottom

Here are our typical teardrop breast sex dolls

2, Round Breast

Round breasts are often the ideal breast shape that people are looking for. They are firm and beautiful, like a crystal ball.

Round breasts have an equal degree of fullness at the bottom and the top

round breasts shape

Here are our typical round breast sex dolls

3, Side-Set

Side-set breasts are parted exactly in the middle with more space between them

side-set breasts shape

Here are our typical side set breast sex dolls

4, Close-set

There are no spaces or tiny gaps between the breasts next to each other.

They are closer to the center of your chest, making the distance between your armpits and chest larger.

If you like breast sex, this kind of breast shape is the most suitable one which would tighten your penis

close-set breasts shape

Here are our typical close-set breast sex dolls:

5, Natural Breast

This breast shape is very natural, and the bottom is usually fuller than the top. They gently naturally hang down (not relaxed), their nipples tend to tilt up, giving them vitality, the upper part of the breasts slides gently toward the nipple, forming a beautiful, slightly concave curve.

natural breasts

Here are our typical natural breast sex dolls:

6, Perfect Breast

Based on our research and feedback from many clients, we have collected the most popular and perfect breast shapes. And perfect breast shapes are not about size.

Here are our typical perfect breast sex dolls:

Next, let’s go by looks

This classification is simple, you can see its characteristics at a glance

The European Sex Dolls, for example, most them have blonde hair, blue eyes, and a high nose, typical of Europeans.

In contrast, the Japanese Sex Doll is relatively petite, with white skin and delicate facial contours, typical of Asians.

If you love black, we have Black Sex Dolls in different body types to choose from.

If you like surrealism or fantasy, our Anime & Fantasy Sex Dolls, and Elf Sex Dolls are what you want

If you are nostalgic for school days and like young girls between the ages of 14-18, you can pay attention to our Young & Teen sex dolls.

They are naturally beautiful. Most of them have big pure eyes, a slender and well-proportioned figure, and developing breasts

Mini sex dolls are what many people want to look for. Generally speaking, they are about 1 meter tall, lighter and smaller, which allows you to lift and move quickly. Playing with them will have a lot of fun. However, due to many countries’ legal restrictions, we temporarily do not provide 1 meter and shorter dolls. Our shortest doll is 140cm

There are also some special categories, such as the Pregnant Sex doll and Male Sex doll, to satisfy different people’s hobbies

TPE OR Silicone?

There are two types of sex dolls on the market made of two different materials, one is TPE material and the other is made of silicone.

They have their own advantages and disadvantages, but many people don’t know how to choose.

It’s actually very simple, just ask yourself 5 questions:

  • Your doll is only supposed to be used for sex? If yes, choose TPE Sex Dolls
  • What do you prefer to touch or looks? Silicone Sex Dolls  looks more real, but TPE gives a more soft and realistic sense of touch
  • Do you have to take her to hot baths? If yes, select silicone, because it has excellent resistance to high temperature
  • How much time would you be willing to spend on maintenance? Silicone is easier to clean due to its non-porous material, it doesn’t retain humidity
  • What is your budget? The price of a silicone doll is usually above $2500, TPE is much cheaper

TPE Body + Silicone Head

There is a better solution for the second question that can meet your two different needs simultaneously.

If you want to get the softer and natural touch body made of TPE and also want to look at its gorgeous cheeks made of silicone in the meantime, TPE body+Silicone Head is a good choice. Below is the comparison of the TPE head and silicone head for your reference

TPE and Silicone head

Sino Silicone Dolls

There is another better solution for the second question that can meet your two different needs simultaneously.

A Perfect Compromise Of Realism And Sex Usage

To make silicone dolls have a better sexual effect, Sino Doll added a soft mixture to the critical parts of the doll’s body, such as breasts, belly, hands, and feet.

This technology helps you to benefit from a good silicone visual sense while also making your doll soft in key body parts.

Sino Dolls are particularly popular in Europe and America because they optimize the beauty of the doll and make it more comfortable.

If nothing compares to the softness of the TPE body, then for those seeking realism and the usage of love dolls, Sino Dolls is a perfect compromise.

ultra soft body parts

Finally, in the smart deals section of our navigation, there is an affordable sex doll, which is made up of torso sex dolls and promotional dolls.

They are recommended to first time buyers, although their prices are relatively low, but like other products, the quality is exactly the same and guaranteed, please rest assured to buy