Care & Maintenance


These recommendations are specific to TPE Dolls.

If you’ve invested in a doll, whether you are a novice or an experienced sex doll owner. The most important thing you need to know is how to properly clean and maintain it to extend her life and enhance your sense of experience.

Don’t worry; it’s not a burden, and the process can be quite enjoyable. Once you become familiar with your doll, as time goes on, master the correct operation methods and use tools; it doesn’t take too much time, usually one or two minutes can complete the cleaning process.


Why should l clean my doll?

It can help you:

  • Keep your love doll fresh and extra lovely.
  • Protect against spreading out illness.
  • Protect against tearing of the skin.
  • Enjoy your doll for a more extended period.


Essential tool kit for cleaning sex doll

  • Comb
  • Spray bottle
  • Thick makeup brush
  • Soft cloth (ideally microfibre)
  • Dry towel
  • Cornstarch baby powder
  • Soft sponge
  • Vaginal irrigator
  • Baby oil
  • Vaseline (petroleum jelly)


Expert’s Tips for easy clean

  • Use a male or female condom to control body fluids during sex; this is hygienic and easy to clean.
  • Purchase a doll with a removable vaginal insert to make the cleaning procedure simple.
  • For a fixed vagina, use a fan or insert tampons to aid with drying out.
  • When using powder or oil, it’s best to suspend your doll first or lay it down.
  • For localized cleansing, a small spray bottle is terrific—Soap to water 1:5 mix.


How do l clear my doll?

It is entirely unneeded ever to take your doll to the shower room to clean; we don’t suggest this approach of cleaning your doll. To cleanse your doll, just all you require is the spray bottle, microfiber towel, baby powder.

  • Start by removing any excess lubricant or body fluid with a soft towel. Then, remove the doll’s head and vagina.
  • For the full doll – lay your doll on towels on a bed and use a spray bottle mix of (preferably sulfate-free) soap and clean water; then, wipe the doll with a soft towel or sponge until the doll’s body, arms, and legs are clean. Please find the formula here: Use an empty bottle and make a mixture of standard hand soap/shower gel and regular water in a ratio of 1:5. That is your “doll soft soap mixture.”
  • After washing the doll with soapy water, TPE may still have long-lasting stains. The stains may not be noticeable due to the light’s angle and the doll’s skin tone. You can get rid of most oil stains by repeatedly applying baby oil in the same direction for a time. Then merely wiping the stain with a microfibre towel, repeating the process until it looks good.
  • Finally, dry it with a microfiber towel. For smooth skin, remove the oily feeling with Cornstarch powder or baby powder.

Please Notes:

  • Do not use abrasive soaps or any other routine cleansing products.
  • Do not use hard sponges or cable brushes, as this will undoubtedly trigger damages.
  • Do not position the doll near an open fire or radiator.
  • Do not increase the drying out a procedure with a hairdryer or any other home heating devices.
  • It’s most convenient to exist your doll on towels on a bed to enable it to completely dry.
  • Tip: Try spreading the legs and using a small fan to hasten to dry.


How do I clean the Vagina/ Anus/ Mouth?

After each use, the doll’s vagina, anus, and mouth need to be cleaned up and disinfected, as TPE skin has even more pores than silicone.

  • We recommend using an irrigator (accessory) to spray antimicrobial, soapy water inside the openings (vaginal, anal, and oral) to allow water circulation. Instead of an irrigator, a soft shower hose may be used if the water temperature is low.
  • Additionally, you can use a damp (soft) towel to tidy by hand with lukewarm soapy water. Make sure you clean entirely, getting to all areas of the opening.
  • Tie a sponge to a brush or stick to make it into a loofa. Rinse it in warm, anti-bacterial, soapy water for some time. To make sure it’s clean, delicately scrub the inner location several times with warm water and soapy water.
  • Then, utilize the irrigator to wash the vagina/anus/mouth with clean water till there is no soap inside.
  • After washing, allow the doll’s legs spread out somewhat to make sure that the vagina and also anus will be exposed to the air to dry naturally.
  • When the doll is completely dry, use a percentage of Vaseline to the doll’s vaginal/anus/mouth.
  • Do not utilize abrasive soaps or any other harsh chemical cleaning products.


How do I clean my doll’s face?

  • Remove the head from the body and remove the wig, if possible.
  • Swab the doll’s face gently with a soft, clean, warm sponge or cotton fabric dipped in soapy water.
  • Delicately swab the doll’s face with a completely dry, frostless towel; after that, allow the doll to sit to naturally completely dry for an hour.

Please Notes:

  • The doll’s face make-up is semi-permanent and can be discolored or gotten rid of with mineral oil. It is best to stay clear of overcleaning or scrubbing to ensure that your doll is lasting.
  • Do not damages or damp the eyes or the eyelash areas. If you want to remove the eyes before clean, you can carefully pull out the eye slot and remove them.
  • Do not saturate the doll’s head in water any time.


How do I clean my doll’s wig?

  • Remove the wig from the doll before starting the cleaning process. It is best to comb the wig before cleaning.
  • Load the small container with cold water, clean the wig with hair shampoo, and conditioner like a mini “bubble bath.” Sulfate-free hair shampoo is chosen. It is best to use cold water, or you might lose the doll’s hairstyle, such as curls.
  • Submerge the wig and agitate it slightly, then soak approx 5 minutes.
  • Rinse the wig slightly from the top-down still until the water is clear –no bubbles (shampoo).
  • We advise brushing the hair right after cleaning up, permitting the wig to air completely dry on a wig stand. Any curls/style will recover.
  • When the wig is completely dry, carefully comb it, attempting not to link a knot. Excessive force might cause knots and harm the wig.

Please notes:

  • Do not allow the wig to dry on the doll’s head.
  • Do not use hair products to style the hair; they might damage the doll’s skin and face.


How do I dry my sex doll after cleaning?

Making sure your doll has dried completely is essential to restrict the possibility of damages.

  • Pat-dry delicately with a clean, soft microfibre towel as well as permit the skin to air-dry completely.
  • You can apply a bit of powder to the doll’s body when completely dry as it avoids damages from rubbing. Please do not over powder as it can be overly drying out and extract the oils in the TPE. It is not necessary to powder often.
  • Numerous suggest using vaseline in the orifices as both a protective measure and also as a lube.


How often should I clean my sex doll?

  • When using your doll for the first time, clean it several times to remove residue in the production process.
  • Please should clean up your dolls monthly if they are not stored away from dust.
  • We recommend cleaning the critical areas of the doll after every sex. It can not only keep your doll in good shape but also prevent you from getting infections (especially when there is no protection)


How to maintain my doll?

In order to guarantee your love doll performs better and has a longer service life, upkeep ends up being crucial. Now let’s take a look at some ways to maintain them.

  • TPE Rehydration

It is recommended that you supplement your doll with mineral oil once a month to restore it to its original condition. Just like cleaning a doll, you can apply baby oil from the top of the doll and wait about two hours to soak in, then turn the doll over and repeat the process. Make sure to get rid of baby powder before you oil the doll. Vaseline can be used in high-pressure areas such as the armpits, mouth, anus, and vagina but requires about 200 ml and takes about 12 hours to be absorbed. Vaseline has a higher mineral oil content than baby oil, so using baby oil to hydrate the whole doll is the right choice.

  • Using Lubricant

When you have sex with your doll, it’s recommended that you use some water-based lubricant. If you don’t like it, it’s safe to use Vaseline or baby oil instead of Lube. If you plan to use regular lubricants, make sure they are water-based and not silicone or oil-based, as this can damage the TPE material.

  • Avoid being stained by dark clothes

TPE and silicone are easy to dye. If the clothes are dark, the doll’s skin is easily contaminated by the clothes’ color. To avoid this, please make sure the clothes’ color is permanent, and take off the clothes when the doll is not in use. When you use the clothes for the first time, wash them clean and repeat several times until the water is clean and allowed to dry. If you find some dust/spots on the doll, apply baby oil and wipe gently to remove the marks.

We suggest that you buy light-colored, white or pink clothes for your love doll. But if you like dark clothes, it is best to wash them first and check whether they will fade. Here’s a little tip: you can put the clothes under the doll’s feet for an hour or two and then check for stains. If everything looks good, you can wear it to your doll.

These principles apply to anything that comes into close contact with the doll’s skin. To avoid getting dirty, please be very careful when the doll comes into contact with anything.

  • Skincare for Doll

If the skin is not smooth, apply baby powder on the skin with a makeup brush to look lifelike. Please only do this when the doll is dry.

Do not raise or spread the arms or legs of the doll for more than a few minutes. If the arms and legs are lifted or opened too long, the pressure on the skin surface will cause tears, and you may see that the armpit or groin area has been damaged. Therefore, please note that when not using the doll, be sure to keep the doll in a neutral, stress-free position, arms down, legs closed.

Do not expose your doll to the sun to prevent the aging of the TPE material.

The TPE material is soft and can become wrinkled if it is placed on the sofa or bed for a long time. If you leave the doll unattended for more than a few days, please suspend the doll by using a suspension kit.

  • Skeletal Care

Your doll has a metal skeleton and active joints that allow her to stay resilient. You can relocate her legs, arms, as well as body conveniently. The motions will leave marks on her body, which is normal.

Do not position the doll on a tough surface area, such as the flooring. Do not allow the doll fall to the ground.

Do not allow the steel of the doll’s neck and feet to touch the water to protect against corrosion. The doll’s joints might come to be inflexible if you do so.


How to store my doll properly?

When you’re not using your doll, you should ensure you save it properly. Never store your doll near home windows, humidifiers, or any other resources of wetness. If you do not desire your doll to begin molding, make sure its orifices are dried out (Put a paper towel inside to prevent it from getting wet)

You can select to store your doll in:

  • Cupboard (hanging option needed)
  • Original package box
  • Storage box or bag


Products harmful to dolls

  • Alcohol

Pure alcohol, water-diluted alcohol, and alcoholic products such as baby wipes, rubbing alcohol, antiseptic wipes, sprays and soaps, toy cleaners, etc.

Alcohol produces micro-incisions (which can not be repaired) and desiccation effects (porosity, cracking, and brittleness) within TPE structures.

You can spray perfume on the doll’s wig or clothes, but not directly on the doll’s skin.

  • Solvents

All types of single solvents and similar mineral oil solvent compounds, odorless mineral oil, paint thinners, nitro thinners, include alcohol-free solvents in baby wipe solvent products (including solvent products that use ether and chlorine instead of alcohol) can cause dissolution, enter the TPE material and destroy the TPE copolymer. Therefore, they are entirely harmful to TPE materials.

According to the Maintenance Manual/video and the supplier’s recommendations, Only official repair solvents for TPE dolls and their different TPE mixtures are allowed to be used.

  • Vegetable Oil

Products containing vegetable oils, such as cream, coconut oil, fruit oil, and various other body clean. Because vegetable oil will seal the surface of TPE, and make TPE lose its necessary respiration.

  • Silicone Oil

Products like wet condoms (includes dimethicone) and silicone-based lubricants. Because silicone oil will affect the structure of TPE, making it hard, cracked, and fragile.

These are some simple ways to maintain your love doll, thereby prolonging your doll’s life. Hope it will help you!


Tips for replacing eyes

  • Put the doll in a neutral position.
  • Gently and carefully lift your eyelids with one hand (up and down, not left and right). Do not touch eyelashes or make-up.
  • On the other hand, remove the eye and remove all the packaging. then please put the filling back in place with a cotton swab.
  • Similarly, separate the eyelids with one hand and do not touch the eyelashes or makeup.
  • With the other hand, please insert the new eye into the eye socket and adjust it carefully.


Tips for replacing fingernails

  • Put the doll in a neutral position.
  • Once the fingernails has been selected, apply a thin, even layer of glue on the exposed area. Please ensure the areas is clean and dry, free of dust or talcum powder.
  • After correct alignment, hold the fingernails down for 5 seconds without touching any glue. Because excess glue is difficult to remove, please avoid spilling. In case the glue is spilled, please use a microfiber cloth and hot soapy water to remove the glue immediately.


Tips for reattaching loose eyelashes

  • Put the doll in a neutral position, facing upwards.
  • Apply a small amount of glue to paper clips, pins, cocktail sticks, or any other household “Tool” with a fine tip. We recommend cocktail sticks.
  • Gently pull the eyelashes back, then apply glue to the back of the eyelashes(not a doll) and let it “stick” for a while before continuing.
  • Hold the end of the eyelash, do not touch the glue, and carefully press down where you want it to stick. Hold for 5 seconds, then release.

The above are some suggestions for the care and maintenance of the doll. If you meet any problems during use, please feel free to contact us (; we will help you solve them all.