Sex Doll Wig Guide

If you want your real love doll experience to be realistic, you can do many things to make the sex doll life-like. Making your sex doll wear a wig is the most important aspect. Doing so brightens the sex doll’s face and adds some variety for you.

Therefore, if you have bought a wig or thinking of buying one, you need to know how to take care of it. Maintenance will ensure the wig lasts a long time and your sex doll looks fantastic. Here is a sex doll wig guide for you.

How To Brushing The Wig?

Hair care set

The most important part of a silicone sex doll’s wig is brushing it properly. Brush your sex dolls wig with these three steps for the best results:

1. Remove The Wig With Your Hands

Don’t brush the sex doll wig while it is still on the doll. Instead, take off the wig to protect your sex doll’s skin. Besides that, removing it with your hands will also guarantee ease of brushing for you.

2. Preliminary Clean

Before brushing the TPE sex doll’s wig, dampen it with water. Get a spray bottle to dampen the sex doll’s wig. You will find it quick and easy to brush your sex doll’s wig after this cleaning.

3. Brush The Wig

Finally, you can brush it by starting from the tips and working your way up. Be gentle and keep a light touch. If you brush too roughly, the sex doll wig might tear.

How To Wash Your Sex Doll Wig?

Another critical aspect of the sex doll’s maintenance is washing the wig. Here is a sex doll’s hair washing step-by-step guide:

1. Fill The Sink With Lukewarm Water

The first thing you need to do is prepare the water you will use to wash the sex doll’s wig. Remember that using hot water will damage the sex doll’s wig in the long run. Therefore, you should always wash it with lukewarm water for high durability.

You need to fill lukewarm water in a sink. It should be enough to submerge the sex doll wig entirely. You can also do this in a washbasin or a bucket if that is what is convenient for you.

2. Add Shampoo In The Water

You have to wash the sex doll’s wig with the shampoo, but don’t add too much. All you have to do is add a small drop of shampoo to the lukewarm water.

Use your fingers to mix the shampoo with the water. The consistency should be foamy. However, if it is too much, then add more water to dilute the shampoo.

3. Add The Real Love Doll Wig

Once your shampoo water is ready, you need to submerge the sex doll wig inside gently. To avoid any tangles, you should not move the wig around too much. If you move the sex doll wig too much, you will have to untangle it later.

4. Leave The Sex Doll Wig In The Water

You only need to leave the sex doll wig in the foamy water for two to three minutes. Leaving it like this will clean the wig of any dirt, and your sex doll wig will be squeaky clean.

5. Remove The Sex Doll Wig

As a general rule of thumb, you should leave the sex doll wig in the water for at least three to four minutes. After that, you can remove the real love doll wig from the shampoo water. Even during the removal out, you should not move the wig too much or it will create knots.

6. Rinsing

Once the wig is out, you have to rinse the sex doll wig thoroughly. Drain all the shampoo water from your sink and open the tap for some freshwater. Put your life-size sex doll wig beneath the water, and still don’t move it too much, or it will tangle.

7. Squeeze The Sex Doll Wig

Once you’re sure it’s clean, you need to ring out the sex doll wig to remove the water. Squeeze the wig and be gentle with the sex doll wig. If you squeeze it too hard, it can cause damage to the hair.

8. Dry The Sex Doll Wig

Don’t use a blow dryer or any other heat method to dry the sex doll wig. Instead, you should take the towel and wrap the real love doll wig inside it. After that, be gentle and pat dry the sex doll wig.

9. Brush The Sex Doll Wig

Once the love doll’s wig is dry, you need to brush it. Follow the brushing method mentioned before to brush appropriately. The sex doll wig will be free of all knots.

10. Hang The Sex Doll Wig To Dry

Finally, you need to dry the sex doll wig before you put it on her. Once you hang the sex doll wig, the wig will be fully dry before you can use it again.

Hang The Sex Doll Wig To Dry

How To Put A Wig On Your Sex Doll?

If you are a beginner, you will feel lost when putting a wig on the love dolls. If you feel intimidated by this process, you are in the right place. Here is how you can put a wig on your TPE sex dolls:

1. Put It On Without Anything

If you don’t want it to be a hassle, you can normally put on the sex doll wig directly. A standard wig for a sex doll comes with the doll and is ideal for her head size.

Many sex doll owners use this method because it is easy and doesn’t take any time. The process will take seconds.

2. Use Bobby Pins And A Wig Cap To Secure The Sex Doll Wig

tools for brushing wigs

Many experienced best sex dolls owners use this method to secure the real love doll wig. You need a wig cap for your sex doll’s head size and a pack of bobby pins for this method. Once you have everything, take out your sex doll and out the wig cap on her.

After that, put the sex doll wig on top of the cap. Finally, use several bobby pins to attach the wig to the cap around the edges. You can use four bobby pins and secure the sex doll wig from the back, front, and rear sides.

3. Use Velcro And A Sex Doll Wig Cap

Using Velcro and a sex doll wig cap is another easy method to secure and remove the wig. For this, you need a sex doll wig cap and Velcro squares with adhesives. First, you need to put the sex doll wig cap on.

After that, take one side of the Velcro square and place it on your sex doll wig while the other side should be on the inside of the sex doll wig. Once you place the love doll’s wig on the cap, the squares will align and secure the wig. If you have any real love doll wigs you keep changing, this is the best method for you.

Use Wigs To Create A Variety Of Dolls

The best part about life-size sex doll wigs is that you can use them to add variety and create diverse sexual experiences with the doll. For example, you can use different sex doll wigs to create various personalities. Here are some fantastic sex doll personalities you can make:

  • The American Sweetheart: You can use a blonde sex doll wig to create such a personality as all blonde girls are hot
  • The Bold One: Red is a bold color, and not many people dare to color their hair red. If you like bold personalities, you can invest in a red sex doll wig
  • The Warrior: Girls with silver hair are cold like a goddess. Such girls are strong and play warriors in comics. You can use a silver sex doll wig to create such a personality
  • The Oriental Beauty: Oriental beauty is associated with black hair. Such girls are gentle, exotic, and unique. You can use a black sex doll wig for this personality
  • You can also get multiple sex doll wigs to switch between personalities depending on your preference. Once you do, you will get the most out of your best sex dolls.

Taking care of a real love doll wig will guarantee its longevity and shine. So, follow these sex doll wig tips with consistency and notice the results in no time. Maintenance and upkeep is crucial aspect of your sex doll wig care.

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