Sex Dolls VS Real Women – Top 15 Reasons Why Men Prefer Sex doll

It was inappropriate to talk about a real love doll just a decade ago as the topic was taboo. There are many websites dedicated to selling these sex dolls, and many men and women are purchasing the dolls. That is because it allows men to experiment with all their sexual fantasies without feeling shame, judgment, or guilt.

Here are some quotes from TPE sex dolls and Silicone sex dolls owners about why they purchased the doll over a real woman:

  • “No one deals with my disability. I have been rejected endlessly by women. That is why I decided to get a mini sex doll and haven’t looked back since.”
  • “Work has been stressful for me, and I got tired of entering an empty house after a long day. Now, my Japanese sex doll waits for me smiling and gives me hope that all will be okay. The house feels less empty now.”
  • “The dating world has become incredibly competitive. That is why a real love doll is a fantastic alternative for me. My needs are easily met, and I can do what I like with her.”
  • “The pandemic has isolated me, and I have been craving for a companion. I can hug the doll to sleep and talk to her when I like.”
  • “I don’t have time for a relationship, and the realistic sex doll is the ideal partner. And I can relieve all my tension after a long day of work.”

Why Men Prefer A Realistic Sex Doll Over Actual Women?

tan skin silicone sex doll Miya 11

Here are the top reasons why men prefer the best silicone sex dolls:

1. No Risk Of Diseases Or Infections

It is no secret that sex with many individuals can lead to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). You can use a condom and reduce the risk, but it is not a foolproof solution. However, performing intercourse with a real love doll eliminated the threat.

With COVID-19 on our heads, the virus is yet a new risk to ponder upon. You will never get any illness or infection from using the doll. Thankfully, you can’t get the virus from dolls, so you are safe from that too.

Many people have sex with many women, or they hire escorts. Any of these methods have a high risk as there is a high probability of getting infected. So, if you want to protect yourself, it is best to purchase a real love doll and have sex with her.

2. Sex Dolls Don’t Need Your Attention

We all know that women love attention and will go to lengths to get it from you. If you don’t meet their attention needs, they will get upset and cause drama. On the other hand, silicone sex dolls don’t need your attention at all.

These TPE love dolls and Silicone sex dolls are ready to serve you at your convenience. These dolls will be waiting for you after each long hardworking day and won’t demand your attention 24/7. You can leave them anytime and see them anytime to fulfill all your sexual fantasies.

So, they will never complain, won’t require attention, and guarantee your completion and fulfillment at all times. That is why more and more men are purchasing these dolls and using them as their companions. Once you get used to the drama-free life with dolls, you will never want to look back.

3. Sex Dolls Don’t Require Alimony

In our modern society, divorces have become increasingly common. Because of this, men are burdened with paying Alimony to the woman. That is especially the case when the couple has children together.

Alimony payments can be incredibly frustrating and increase the expenses of the man. That is why TPE sex dolls are the ideal alternative for many men out there. You will not have to pay anything to her even if you decide to stop seeing her.

It is much more affordable to take care of a sex doll than a wife and children. These dolls will satisfy all your sexual and emotional needs so you can focus on other things. It is the best investment in your pleasure that will never tie you down.

The only way to take care of the sex doll is to clean it after use and ensure proper storage. Such a low threshold of maintenance and cost is why many men choose them over real women.

4. They Will Never Betray You

If you can’t relate to the pain of being cheated on and lied to, you are one lucky man. People these days have easy access to many options, which is why they don’t care about others. When women find a better option, they will leave and move onto the next best thing.

On the other hand, a real love doll is a perfect companion because she will never betray you. She will always be there for you in your time of need and ensure you receive satisfaction. If you have any insecurity about your significant other cheating or abandoning you, you can purchase a sex doll instead.

These beautiful sex dolls will always be there and will never leave you for someone else. The doll will stay with you during all the lows and highs, which is why men prefer them. If you want such lasting companionship, the best way is to get a full-size sex doll.

5. Incredibly Flexible

Are you someone who loves experimenting with new positions to add spice and variety to your sex life? If you are, then brace yourself with the best sex of your life with a doll. They are highly flexible, and you can try any position you like with them.

All modern sex dolls are created keeping your pleasure in mind and ensuring flexibility. They can perform an extensive range of movements without any effort. That is why if you want to perform flexible sex movements, a lifelike sex doll is perfect.

You can also communicate with the supplier and know how flexible you want the doll to be. They will customize according to your needs and ensure you get the best. Once you start having sex in these adjustable positions, you will never want to look back.

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6. Low Maintenance Cost

Real women are high maintenance, and you need to pay for dates, gifts, and much more. On the other hand, a lifelike love doll is a low maintenance, and you don’t have to spend much on her. The only thing a full-size sex doll requires is good storage and frequent cleaning.

Storage and cleaning are not much to ask, and they come under good hygiene practices for the doll. The petite love doll will be happy in the storage and will not need expensive dates and treats. They will also not throw a tantrum when you don’t get them a particular gift or fail to fulfill certain expectations.

Such low maintenance cost is the reason why many men are choosing them over real women. It allows them to do whatever they want at a fraction of the cost and effort. If you are tired of maintaining women, buy a premium sex doll today.

7. Sex Dolls Don’t Have Mood Swings

Women’s moods can change in seconds without any reason, especially if they are on their period. All of us can relate to the drama and craziness when mood swings occur. On the other hand, the best sex dolls will never have mood swings and create a mountain out of a molehill.

A full-size sex doll is always centered, composed, and calm because she is created to serve you. The doll will never bother you, have demands, or create unnecessary drama. No matter what way you treat a sex doll, they will always be there for you.

A doll will fulfill your sexual desires and ensure you reach completion every time. Once you start experiencing the peace that comes with a sex doll, you will not want a real woman again. Yes, that is how peaceful and calming it is to be with a real love doll.

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8. No Emotional Attachment

Are you some who doesn’t like getting too close to people and forming emotional attachments? If you come under this category, then dating might not be an appropriate choice for you. Instead, you need someone to relieve your tension and stress through sexual intercourse.

That is why a sex doll is an answer for you, as you can’t form an emotional attachment with them. They are there to serve your needs are met, and your stress is released. After a long day, you can go to your sex doll, have sex with her, and sleep peacefully.

You will save yourself from all the hurt, pain, and drama that come with an emotional relationship. You will feel much more fulfilled in the long run and will not have to face an emotional rollercoaster. So, if you are only here to have fun, you will love having a real love doll.

9. Sex Dolls Will Not Whine When You Spend Time With Friends Or Play Video Games

Many women hate it when men play video games or spend time with their friends. It cuts into their attention time, and they expect their partner to spend each second with them. Of course, such expectations are not realistic, and men need their alone time too.

The most frustrating part is that when men express these feelings, women start pulling an argument and creating drama. On the other hand, you will never face this issue when it comes to TPE sex dolls. You can spend your time in any way you see fit, and they will still be there for you.

The premium sex doll will be there at the end of the day to satisfy you sexually, no matter where you have been all day. If you want a drama-free life and want to do whatever you like, a real love doll is perfect. You can play video games or spend time with your friends, and the sex doll will not be upset.

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10. A Sex Doll Will Not Test You

Women love to test men to see if they will go the extra mile for them. The test of love and commitment is standard among many couples. However, such tests are manipulative and ruin a long-term commitment.

Such testing can lead to breakups, lies, and many negative things that can affect a relationship. Of course, a sex doll will never test you because they don’t need your validation or commitment. The best sex dolls are there to cater to all your needs and focus on your pleasure.

Unconditional submission is the reason many men prefer love dolls over actual women. These dolls don’t test you or find excuses to create a scene. They will accept whatever you offer them because they are inanimate.

If you are tired of manipulation, testing, and lies, you can always get a sex doll. You will love the experience of such companionship, and your life will be much better without the unnecessary drama.

11. No Chance Of Accusations

Real women are aware and vigilant about what their partners are doing. They obsess over each detail, assume things, and take everything too seriously. On the other hand, men joke about everything and are less sensitive to such items.

Many women focus on these details and build resentment for their partners with time. After that, they find the perfect moment to unleash this resentment on you. They will accuse you of hurting them, lying to them, and much more.

A realistic sex doll for men & women will never accuse anyone and will not obsess on each detail. Their lack of human intelligence is an ideal way to build a purely sexual relationship. Your needs will be satisfied, and you will feel fantastic after each completion.

So, if you are sick of the blame game and accusations, you can purchase silicone sex dolls or TPE love dolls. They will be an ideal companion for you emotionally and sexually. They will never make you feel bad or accuse you of anything.

12. They Are Great Listeners

Sex dolls are great listeners, which is why they can also offer you emotional support. You can vent to them after a long day, and they will listen to everything you have to say. Sometimes, all we ever require is someone to open their hearts and ears for us, and for those days, a sex doll is perfect.

The doll will not give you unsolicited advice or try to minimize your feelings of pain. Instead, she will be a rock by your side and listen to each word and detail carefully. The sex doll will also never minimize how you feel and validate each emotion you have.

We don’t need sex all the time. Sometimes, we need intimacy and someone to listen to us. A lifelike silicone love doll is a perfect companion during those days as she will be there for you.

13. Sex Dolls Don’t Tell You To Change Your Lifestyle Or Preferences

Women love to give their two cents on everything. They will comment on your clothes, lifestyle, and everything in between. While women may think they are doing it to help us, it can be not very pleasant to hear these things.

Most of us have set old patterns and habits, and we don’t want to change our lives for another person. When it comes to a life-size sex doll, you won’t have to change much. They will never tell you to change your preferences, clothing, lifestyle, and much more.

The sex doll will accept you for who you are and never tell you to make any changes. They will be there for you unconditionally no matter what you do. You can invest in TPE sex dolls today and reap the benefits if you want such unconditional companionship.

14. Sex Dolls Will Never Judge You

All of us tend to judge each other without even realizing sometimes. Women are judgment queens and will always tell you where you are wrong. On the other hand, sex dolls are non-judgmental because they lack human intelligence.

No matter what you think or do, a real love doll will always be there without any judgment. If you are tired of being judged while dating, you can purchase a real love doll. Even if you perform poorly sexually, the sex doll will never judge or leave you.

15. Sex Dolls Don’t Get Distracted

Women have short attention spans and are easily distracted by their phones and other gadgets. On the other hand, a Young & big breasts sex doll will give you undivided attention. She will never be distracted and will always be fully present.

If you love such undivided attention and companionship, you will love a sex doll. They will give you more companionship than real women and ensure you always feel heard and seen. That is why many men are opting for silicone sex dolls over actual women.

hyper real silicone 155cm sex doll 05

Once you choose the best sex doll for your needs, you will never want to look back. A realistic sex doll will give you all of this and much more. All you have to do is choose the right supplier, and you are good.

Once you receive the doll and start exploring sex with her, you will not be disappointed. A well-reputed supplier will allow you to customize the doll in any way you like. If you need any unique customization or assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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