SINO Doll Options Explained

Sino Doll Options – Standing

The first Sino doll options is the standing version that can make the doll stand up straight.

Sino Doll offers 3 standing options for you to choose from: Non-standing, Standing with the bolts and Standing without the bolts.

The doll with the bolts outside feet may make sense of unreality. If you mind it very much, we highly recommend the Standing without the bolts optionwhich doesn’t affect the appearance while keeping standing function.

non standing

Non-standing (Free)

Standing with bolts

Standing with the bolts(US$40)

Standing without bolts

Standing without the bolts(US$60)

Sino Doll Options –Vagina

Sino doll offers 2 vagina options for you to choose from: Fixed and Removeable(Insert)

The fixed vagina is more real to the touch and the removable one is more user-friendly as it is easier to clean and change.

We recommend removable one to the first-time buyers because if you don’t like the insert for some reason, you can swap it for something else

However, there is an ultra-soft vagina option below, and please note the ultra-soft vagina option only works for the fixed version

Fixed Vagina


Removable Vagina


Updated Vagina – NOW IT’S FREE

Sino has updated the inner structure of the vagina as a new option.

The texture and ridge inside are more close to the real one, and the uterine orifice is added to this new vagina to enhance the pleasure.

Now the new vagina is the standard for all Sino sex dolls!

new vagina a1

New Vagina Details

new vagina 2
new vagina 1

Shrugging Shoulders – $60

With the new shoulder joints, the upgraded shoulder skeleton increases its range of motion and makes the shoulders look more real, you can shrug her shoulders in with ease

shrugging shoulders 2
shrugging shoulders 3

Sino Doll Options – Painting & Effect

Sino-doll has launched the new smooth matte effect and hyper-realism painting options for their doll customers. These added compose effects make these attractive sex dolls look much more realistic


Smooth matte effect = S effect (Short form);

Hyper-realism painting = R effect (Short form);

Hyper-realism painting+Smooth matte effect = R+S effect (Short form)


S Effect

Smooth Matte Head  $180

Smooth Matte Body  $250

Smooth Matte Head+Body $400

R+S Effect

R+S effect head  $280

R+S effect body  $390

R+S effect head+body  $630


The smooth matte surface makes their doll skin appearance very real as well as supplies a stylish touch to her eyebrow and lips

matte effect head
matte effect 3


The hyper-realistic paint option adds additional details to the sex doll body to provide your doll completely superior feel and look.
When combined both Hyper-realistic paints and smooth matte effect together can change the appearance of our adult doll considerably. Smooth-looking skin textures and blood vessels make her appearance life-like.

Sino R+S effect body 2
Sino R+S effect body 2
Sino R+S effect body 3
Sino R+S effect body 7
Sino R+S effect body 7
Sino R+S effect body 7
Sino R+S effect body 7

See R+S Effect Dolls Here:

Ultra Soft Parts

We all know that there are two types of sex dolls made of two different materials,

TPE and silicone.

Silicone makes the doll looks incredibly realistic but doesn’t as soft and elastic as the TPE.

The Sino doll uses a unique premium super-soft silicone material to produce the critical parts of the doll’s body to make these parts soft and elastic. It still doesn’t have the same feelings as the TPE. Still, they have a much better sense of touch than other parts of the body.

The essential parts are ultra-soft breasts, belly, hands, and feet, which are standard on all Sino dolls.

Besides these, you can also make below three parts to be ultra-soft

ultra soft butt

Ultra-soft butt ($60.00)

Ultra-soft inner thigh ($60.00)

ultra soft vagina

Ultra-soft vagina(Only for fixed version) ($60.00)

all these 3 options

All these 3 ($150.00)

Movable Eyes – $45

Eyes are removable, and once you have them settled, they will keep in the position.

This option allows her eyes to always track and stare at you

moveable eyes

Implanted Eyebrows – $110

This option is generally paired with implanted hair. Keep in mind that it is like pubic hairs, you can’t make its color match with the wig.

Following is the comparison of implanted and non implanted eyebrows (Left is implanted)

Implanted Eyebrows

A light tan skin color doll +  Implanted Hair + Bikini lines + Pubic Hair + R+S Effect show:

custom sex doll