Sino R+S Effect Dolls

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    R+S Effect

    When I got up in the morning, I opened the window and felt the breeze coming in. Suddenly I smelled the coffee and went to the kitchen and saw my wife preparing breakfast. I walked behind her and hugged her from behind; she was wearing A tiny white sexy dress, showing the entire back. The curve is very graceful. I gave her the gentlest kiss I can think of in her back groove. Her breathing immediately began to rush, turned and jumped on top of me, and we kissed from the kitchen back to the bedroom.

    She has silky, wheaten skin, and the faint freckles on her face are gleaming. I like these characteristics of her. Her tiny skirt V-neckline hugs her big breasts tightly, and I slide my hand in, then squeeze the breasts, they are so elastic and soft. I lick her nipple with my tongue. She starts to moan and gets goosebumps, which makes me suck harder. After a while, the sticky juice comes out of the nipple.

    She licks her wet fingers, blinks at me, and slowly reaches into my pants and rubs my hard cock. I bend down and bring my face close to her pussy; I could see the white semen flowing in her pink clit slit. I can’t resist this temptation. She also spread her legs wide to make it easier for me to get closer.I lick her sweet, wet pussy, teasing it with my tongue, making gurgling noises.

    The sexual desire that I suppressed for several days seems to be released instantly, and so does she. Her hips twitch up and down with my movements, and we all show satisfied smiles.

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    R+S Effect

    Megan is an American supermodel. Her figure is stunning, her facial features are exquisite, and She has a natural beauty with gorgeous features that needed little enhancement from makeup She has deep big eyes, and when she looks at me, I feel my body heat up.

    I stroke her smooth wheaten skin and begin to kiss her fiercely. Her full, E-cup breasts stood tall and looked spectacular on her slim body, rubbing against my chest. I unzip the zipper on her clothes and lick her juicy breasts. When she raises her head and looks into my eyes, I can feel the fire of desire in her heart calling me to speed up.

    When she started rocking, my thumb was teasing her ass. When my fingertips slip into her asshole while hitting her G-spot with a quick finger, she quickly reaches orgasm. After a while, she began to sweat and drenched all over; I bring her an incredible orgasm which makes her body twitching. She slowly turns her head to look at me; the satisfied expression on her face looks cute.

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    R+S Effect

    She is my little angel. When I first saw her, my heart throbbed. She is so real, so tender. I want to hold her in my arms, gently touch every inch of her skin, and lick every sensitive part of her, which fascinates me.

    She has a lovely round face and likes to smile, I often sit quietly watching her, she can relieve all my stress. I would talk to her about all the problems I encountered at work and all the bad things in my life, and she will listen to me intently and give me a look of affirmation. I am lucky enough to meet her; she’s always there for me, waiting for me, making my heart less lonely.

    She’s wearing a white lace bodice today, those little pink nipples leaping out from beneath the thin lace as if to pierce her lace. My libido begins to flow a lot; I pull off the shoulder straps on both sides of her. The two beautiful plump breasts immediately jump up, naturally falling on her lower abdomen like a balloon filled with water.

    I tease her tiny nipples; they all shake; this is my greatest pleasure. I smile and watch her lying next to me, sleeping soundly and sweetly, with her legs separated in front of me, her pussy shins in the moonlight.

    I am gently licking the white, tender skin of her inner thighs, right up to her moist pussy lips to her wrinkled anus. She moaned and stirred but went back to sleep.

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    R+S Effect

    I’m getting married to the woman I love most in my life. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and my eyes are full of tears of gratitude. She is magnificent! Her thick brown hair falls; she puts it into an elegant ponytail and stands there looking at me, smiling brilliantly with a dazzling light on her face. Oh, my God, I wish I could fully describe her beauty.

    We walked into a huge bedroom, and there was no doubt that this was a very high-end honeymoon. She stood there in a black lace thong, only her pussy was covered and thin strings were wrapped around her waist. She is gorgeous and sexy; her eyes seem to devour me, with a sexy smile; I am crazy about it. I gently kiss every inch of her soft and silky skin, she arches her back and leans her head back, and my nose touches her round breasts. I rub her nipples back and forth with the tip of my nose, and she lets out a low moan. While I continue to tease her, I look up into her eyes, and she smiles happily.

    “You are sexier than any other woman in this world,” I smile and say to her. She blinks at me, and my heart melted. She placed her hands on both sides of my face and gently stroking, my kisses move to her lips; her mouth felt soft, velvety, and smooth; I love the taste of her saliva. She closed her eyes with pleasure, her whole body seemed to glow, and we drifted off to sleep in an embrace.