Standing Foot Option For Sex Dolls

With the introduction of silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls, there are many ways of customization. You can personalize your sex doll depending on your needs and preferences. What you need to understand is the storage of the sex doll.

The standing foot option is a great storage option for your realistic sex doll. Keep reading to understand this standing option for your sex doll.

What Is The Standing Feet Option?

TPE sex dolls are incredibly soft, and if you keep the doll standing, the TPE sole will wear and tear quickly. On the other hand, the standing feet option resolves that problem and allows the doll to stand without wear and tear. There are three small metal bolt heads on the feet soles to help the mini sex doll stand upright.

standing feet

A standing feet option is suitable for:

  • Having sex with the doll in a standing position
  • Assistance in cleaning the sex doll
  • Help in making the sex doll dress
  • Photographing the sex doll
  • Storing the realistic love doll upright

A standing feet option is not ideal for:

  • People with feet fetish as you can see the metal bolts at the bottom of the feet
  • The flexibility of the foot as it will not be able to move to the side or upwards

Should I Buy The Standing Feet Option For Sex Dolls?

If you have a feet fetish, you should not purchase the standing feet option as the metal bolts will not turn you on. However, if you need an optimal storage solution for your doll, it is one of the most cost-effective vertical storage methods. Your realistic love doll will easily stand without the material damaging.

Besides that, you can keep the doll standing upright for many reasons. These include having sex, photography, and much more. If you want to benefit from these options, the standing feet option is perfect for you.

How To Use Standing Function Correctly?

Remember that because there is a standing add-on, it doesn’t automatically mean that the sex doll will stand with stability. The three metal holes are there to support the doll in staying upright and stable. That is why it is best to find a wall that can help the doll to stand upright even further.

If you plan on dressing your sex doll in shoes, it is best to fill the shoes with socks to avoid damage from the metal holes. You will have to find the correct posture and keep adjusting it to give your doll the balance and stability it needs. Once you do, there are endless possibilities that come with a stable-standing doll for sex.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the top FAQs to help clear any queries regarding the realistic love doll:

Q: What Doll Can You Order With Standing Foot?

A: All dolls from silicone sex dolls to TPE sex dolls can come with a standing foot option as an add-on.

Q: Can You Make The Doll Wear High Heels With The Standing Foot Option?

A: We recommend you ensure your doll wears flats while standing. If you plan to use heels, ensure the doll is leaning on a wall for support.

Q: Is The Standing Foot Option Included With The Sex Doll?

A: No, it is an add-on feature that you have to pay for.

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