Can l Take A Bath With My Love Doll?

Why does one buy a sex doll? To fulfill their sexual desire that they have been unable to meet with a real person. If you are single, in a long-distance relationship, or your partner is away from you during the lockdown, then a lifelike sex doll can be your perfect partner. It can satisfy you in various ways. You can even try different kinky stuff with it that you would feel weird asking your girlfriend. So if you can do all these other things with your sex doll, it begs the question; can you take a bath with your sex doll as well?

Taking a bath with your partner can be a very intimate experience; however, if you don’t have a girlfriend but still want to experience the intimacy of taking a bath with someone, then taking a bath with your sex doll might be the answer.

What to Consider Before Taking Her to the Shower

take a batch with your doll

The first thing you should think about when taking a bath with your sex doll is its material. There are two superior materials of sex dolls out in the market. I.e., Silicone and TPE. Now, if you have a realistic sex doll made with silicone, then you are in luck. You can bring it in with you in the bathroom, and enjoy it in the shower as you please. However, the TPE sex dolls cannot endure sweltering temperatures, so before you take them in the shower, make sure the water is at a tolerable temperature for the TPE sex doll.

Certain soaps and shampoo can also damage your sex doll, no matter the material. So you must do detailed and proper research before you use any substance on the doll; so you don’t damage it due to a lack of knowledge. Sex dolls are costly, and it would be tragic if you hurt them just because you didn’t do detailed research on what substance you can and cannot use on your sex doll.

After you are done with a bathing session with your sex doll, it is essential to do a thorough check-up of your realistic sex doll to see any damage to the sex or the water.

Tips for Showering With Your Love Doll

These are some tips that would come in handy when you are showering with your love doll.

Avoid To Putting Her Head under Water

Avoid putting your doll’s head underwater. If you want to enjoy this intimate experience over and over again, but if you damage it in the first go, then it wouldn’t do any good for you. So avoid putting her head underwater at all costs.

Dry After Shower

Right after you and your realistic love doll, take a shower together, dry it up with a soft cloth and check for any dents or other damage that may have occurred during the steamy shower sex.

Don’t use a towel; go for a soft cotton cloth as the towel might damage the skin of the realistic love doll.

Use a Plastic Bag during Shower

Use a plastic bag over the face of the sex doll when in the shower. This will avoid water from getting in your sex doll, and it will also protect its beautiful and silky wig that you so delightfully customized to look like your dream girl. So it would be wrong if the sex doll gets damaged. If your sex doll is already damaged, then it’s better not to take it with you in a bath or a shower. However, if the damages have been fixed and you think it will be able to tolerate the water and steamy sexual experience, then you can take it with you in the shower;

However, it is essential to cover the dents and other ‘injuries’ as the water might further damage them.

Sex Idea to Do With Your Love Dolls

The idea of having a shower or a bathing session with your sex doll is to enjoy the intimacy that you crave, cannot get from a real person due to any reason. It would be best if you made the environment and the surroundings as romantic as possible. Try lighting scented candles around the bathroom to create a captivating atmosphere for hot and passionate shower sex. Ensure that the temperature isn’t that hot; otherwise, it can damage your TPE sex doll.

The Best Sex Position in the Shower

Well, this is very subjective. You can try anything with your sex doll that you want to try with a genuine girl in the shower. Choosing sex positions is all up to you; make sure that you don’t damage the realistic sex doll in the process.

The Chairman

You can sit down and make the sex doll sit on you like you were a chair. This will give you access to both vaginal and anal openings, and you can have all the fun you want inside a steamy bathroom. This is a great position and a fantastic way to get sexual satisfaction in the shower.

Against The Glass

Another excellent position for you and your sex doll during a steamy shower is to place her against the wall and have sex with her from behind. Just imagine the scene from the steamy car scene from titanic. That is what you are looking for. It works best if you have a separate glass compartment for showering in your bathroom.

Upstanding Citizen

This is another perfect way of getting sexual satisfaction in the shower. Just stand up and place your sex doll in a sitting position on your penis. So your sex doll is in a sitting position while you are having sex with her standing up. If you face issues with holding on to the realistic sex doll due to her weight, you can slightly thud her against the wall for extra support. Don’t put too much intensity; otherwise, you would damage the doll.


Sit on the toilet and make the sex doll sit on you while she is facing you. You can kiss her and then penetrate her at the same time while sitting on the toilet. It can be a very erotic experience. One that you will always want to try when you are having sex with your realistic sex doll in the shower.

These are just some of the positions you can try with your sex doll in the shower. The posts you choose are all subjective and based on your personal preference. So choose anything you like, but make sure that you don’t damage the doll during your steamy sexual adventures.

So, Can I Take A Bath With My Love Doll?

Well, up till now, you have already got the answer to this question. To answer it in simple words; Yes, you can take a bath with your realistic love doll, but there are certain things you need to consider and certain positions you have to avoid. From the material of the sex doll to the temperature of the water, you need to care about each of these factors. You also need to avoid using certain chemical materials like soaps and shampoos that might affect your sex doll. So proper detailed research is required before you can take your sex doll to the bathroom with you.

Sex dolls are costly so you have to save them from getting damaged at all costs. Enjoying something in the shower you want to do, but you don’t have to do it at the expense of your realistic sex doll. Not only will this be a waste of money, but it will also ruin the connection you have with your doll. So can sex with your realistic sex doll in the shower, but be very mindful of what you should avoid and what you need to do after the shower. Try not to do it regularly, as the water might damage the doll over time.

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