Twin Sisters Love Story

They are twin sisters. Milk-like white skin, the delicate little face is so beautiful, their innocent eyes looked at me, and my heart melted.

They have perfectly shaped breasts, firm, large and round, with two large balls stretched forward at the top, as elastic as a balloon filled with water. I like to have sex on their warm and soft breasts.

They pouted mischievously as their hands slowly reached for the waistband of each other’s thongs. She was pinching the sensitive buds, biting the lips, both suppressing moans. Her face was red, her breasts were heaving, that breathing was getting heavy, and she looked particularly sexy. Her pussy was soaking wet, the labia glisten with juice, like dewdrops on the grass in the morning; the clitoris was also engorged and protruding from the teasing. They play with each other, cum dripping over her fingers and down her legs. They screamed as wave after wave of orgasm followed.

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