What Does Sex With A Sex Doll Feel Like?

What is the feeling about having sex with a love doll? Many people wonder about this but are too ashamed or embarrassed to ask anyone else. However, there is no reason for embarrassment as it is perfectly normal to explore sex with a real love doll. They are designed so that sex with them feels real and can help you with completion.

You can try all kinds of things with your doll and explore whatever you like. If you wonder what each part of sex feels like with a doll, you are in the right place. Here is everything you need to know about having sex with the best sex dolls out there.

What Is It Like To Kiss A Sex Doll?

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That is the question that many people have because sex dolls can’t kiss back, but it needs to feel realistic. Keep in mind that a lifelike sex doll for men & women will have an open mouth and a soft face. You can quickly start kissing your sex doll, and you will feel no difference as it is an authentic and intimate experience.

The doll will have teeth, a soft tongue, gentle lips, and realistic features of an authentic human mouth. The most exciting part is that you can even use your tongue for this purpose. You can feel free to french it as much as you like.

You can also customize each part to suit your needs. For example, if you like full lips, you can customize the lips accordingly. The real love doll even has a deep and penetrable throat for your pleasure.

What Is It Like To Touch A Sex Doll?

All sex dolls created in recent times are built to feel like humans. Their skin is smooth, soft, and gentle to touch. They even have soft and squeezable boobs to help you initiate foreplay and derive more pleasure.

You can also customize the size of chests for your pleasure. Each body part of the real love doll is designed keeping your needs in mind. Their butt is firm, their nipples are perky, and you can customize all this too.

By the end, you will have an ideal love doll that you will take great pleasure in touching. If you wish the entire body to be soft, all you have to do is tell the manufacturer.

What Is It Like To Have Oral Sex A Sex Doll?

Oral sex is one of the most satisfying pleasures for men and women. The best sex dolls are designed with an open mouth and deep throat to provide you with satisfaction. However, you will not get suction from the doll as you receive during a real blow job.

If you want a realistic sensation, you can use some lube and heat to help you finish. Keep in mind that the oral cavity of the doll is a tight fit. However, you need to be gentle with it because they are designed to be realistic.

If you want to reciprocate oral sex, the vagina of the sex doll is also realistic to touch and lick. You can heat it up, and it will feel genuine to you. Of course, the anatomy is also precise to give you an authentic sexual experience.

Please note that there is no oral function for most silicone sex dolls.

What Is It Like To Have Vaginal Sex With A Sex Doll?

That is the most critical question to answer because it is why people invest in a real love doll. The vagina is the most vital part, and it is made by paying attention to each detail while molding. These dolls are based on real women and are designed to give you the best pleasure.

If you are tired of masturbating, a sex doll is leveling up your pleasure. That is why vaginal sex with a doll will feel incredibly realistic to you. It will offer you a more fulfilled and complete experience.

Many dolls also come with vagina warmers to provide a better sex experience. You can keep going inside their heated vagina for as long as you last. You can also use lube and try different sex positions as they are flexible.

How’s The Anal Sex With A Sex Doll?

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Silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls also have anatomically correct and realistic anuses. If you want a tight sensation during anal sex, you can also heat the sex doll from behind. The doll will stimulate the real sensation of real anal sex, giving you the experience you want.

The exciting part is that you can do doggy style and spank the butt as they are realistic and firm. The butt will also jiggle to ensure you are turned on when you look at it or touch it.

So, the vagina is not the only thing to explore with the sex doll as you can explore the behind. If you prefer having sex from the back, you can select a doll with a bent-over pose. It will allow you to fulfill all your fantasies.

How Can I Get A Better Realistic Experience?

Not everyone feels they are getting an authentic experience. That is why there is always room for improvement when it comes to a real love doll. If you want an authentic experience, you will have to invest a bit more in the doll.

A modern sex doll will give you all the real feelings if you spend a bit extra on them. Investing more will ensure that the doll feels realistic, lasts longer, and is sturdy while having sex. The more additions you select to create your ideal doll, the better realistic experience you will have.

Keep in mind that a cheap doll will not be sturdy, and it will not give you a realistic feeling. Going wild with a cheap doll can lead to its breakage, and your money will go down the drain. Investing in a realistic doll will allow you to try any position and get the real deal.

High-quality real love dolls are up for any position and sex adventure. You can do anal, missionary, and anything else you like with them. So, if you want a realistic experience, you have to spend more.

Once you do, you will get the most out of your sex doll for a long time to come. It will be your companion for when you need to have sex, but there is no one available to fulfill your needs. During such times, a sex doll is better than the real deal.

How To Sex With A Sex Doll- Sex Positions

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Here are the top positions you can try with our real love dolls:

1. Standing Doggy

Do you like your partner standing against the wall while you have sex with them from the back? If you are that person, you need to try standing doggy with your sex doll. Make your doll stand in the corner of the room facing outside.

That means that her behind should be near you as you hold her from the back. The corner of the room will work best as the walls will support her and ensure she stands upright. You can also spread her arms on the wall to balance the body.

After that, lift the right leg, and enter her without any issues. It is one of the best kinky positions that offer deep penetration. If your doll is too tall, you will have to spread her legs wider for better penetration.

2. Cowgirl

Do you love it when a woman is on top of you? If you do, then the cowgirl position is ideal for you. Lie on your back and place your doll on top of you.

You can also position her in a reverse cowgirl style to add more spice. You can slide inside her and start pumping, or you can let her ride you. The choice is yours, but both of them will be fun to experience.

3. Magic Mountain

The position is similar to doggy, but the doll will kneel on the bed while you enter from behind. Place your doll kneeling on the bed and start banging her with her face downwards. You will have to raise the arms of the doll slightly to ensure she is balanced.

While you are kneeling on her, spread her legs, and hit it from the back. All of this will help her to stay balanced while you go. If you want a quick orgasm, this is one of the best positions to try.

The Doll Is Your Best Investment

The real love doll is one of the best investments in your pleasure. It will open the realm of sexual possibilities for you to explore. They are ideal for experimentation and having great sex.

That is why more and more people are investing in them. You can buy a better one by selecting your ideal elements. For example, you can customize each part to get one of the best sex dolls for yourself.

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