What Kind Of Shoes Can I Wear for My Sex Doll?

Your sex doll’s appearance matters a lot, especially. It is always great to keep her dressed and well-groomed. Shoes are a vital part of your sex doll’s entire outlook. Your sex doll can wear all types of shoes, from heels to sneakers. However, keeping the shoes on your sex dolls can be a tricky task. Not that your sex doll would ever refuse to wear any type of shoes. They are loyal, and they would never say ‘no’ to you on anything. Just, due to the sex doll’s smooth skin, the shoes can sometimes slide off their feet. This is why it can get tricky to understand which shoes can work best on them.

We compiled a list of a few tips that can help you keep the shoes on your sex doll and make the shoes look good on their feet.

Sex Doll Shoe Tips

Never let them wear heels or shoes for more extended periods as that can create a crease on their ankles or feet.

Always wear socks. Put socks on their feet to protect their feet even if you are not using the sex doll.

Don’t go for a shoe size more extensive than one size up than your doll’s feet size.

The Silicone sex doll‘s feet are very delicate. They can easily get damaged or even break if they are not cared for properly. So always be careful when you are putting shoes on their feet.

You can also use baby powder on your sex doll’s feet to slide the shoes on their feet more quickly.

Different types of shoes may require different levels of care, for example, if you want your sex doll to wear boots, then it is recommended to go for boots that have zippers in them, especially if they are long boots; otherwise, they could twist or damage the feet.

You can use DIY techniques to make your sex doll stand upright and firm in heels which is very difficult for most sex dolls as they usually need support from the wall or other items to stand upright in heels.

You can use gel or memory foam insoles to protect your sex doll’s feet.

Never make your sex doll wear pointed heels or any other shoe type with a pointed front design that can damage the toes. It will squeeze the toes together and damage your sex doll’s feet.

If after removing the shoes from your sex doll, the toes are joined together, then you can use baby powder to separate them.


You might ask yourself why you need your sex doll to wear shoes. Well, it brings a whole new perspective to your experience. To make your silicone sex doll look more realistic, you need to dress them up like a real person. This will be great for role-playing and will make for an extraordinary sexual experience. So to get the desired look for your sex doll, it is essential to get the right shoes for her.

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