What’s The Difference Between Standard Skeleton And EVO Skeleton?

Are you thinking of purchasing a wonderful love doll and confused about the skeleton choice? Well, you have two options: standard skeleton and upgraded EVO skeleton. So, which sex doll skeleton should you choose?

The Standard Skeleton

The standard sex doll skeleton will only bend backward and forwards as it will not allow you to do kinky sex positions. Besides that, they also will not be able to shrug their shoulders. And, can only bend the elbows of a standard skeleton sex doll at 90 degrees.

The Upgraded EVO Skeleton

The best part about the upgraded EVO sex doll skeleton is that it is much more realistic and will bend in many ways. Because of this, you can assume various positions with your sex doll. In addition, the EVO sex doll skeleton will also ensure your sex doll can shrug its shoulders.

The spine of the EVO skeleton is also more flexible. Finally, you can bend the sex doll skeleton downwards to touch her butt or in a W position, and it will allow you to have more fun with your sex doll.

EVO Skeleton Upgrade

Final Verdict: Which One Should You Choose?

The EVO sex doll skeleton is a much better and realistic choice because it will allow you to take advantage of the doll’s flexibility. You can also choose various poses and photograph your sex doll. Just like an actual human, an EVO sex doll skeleton can do many things.

skeleton of doll

However, you will have to pay more than the standard sex doll skeleton. So, if you don’t want more flexibility and just need a sex doll for basic postures, you can opt for the normal sex doll skeleton. On the other hand, if you want a more realistic experience, play more fun, you can choose the EVO sex doll skeleton.

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