What’s The Lubricant-Free Vagina?

There is no doubt that the invention of sex dolls is one of the most innovative inventions the world has ever seen. However, new updates and improvements have been introduced in sex dolls, and Lubricant free vagina is one of those new features. It is also known as water lubrication vagina.

In traditional sex dolls, you may need to use a lubricant for an ideal sexual experience. However, with a lubricant vagina in your sex doll, not having a lubricant is not a problem. You can use water for the said purpose. When water is poured into the vagina, it gives the vagina a lubricating effect immediately. That’s incredible, but it’s true.

How to Use It?

In this case, water is used in the same way as you would use a lubricant.

How Does It Work?

It works the same way as a lubricant. As it only uses water for an ideal sexual experience, it is effortless to clean. The more you use it, the better it gets.

How Does It Do That?

When the realistic sex doll is being made, the vaginal material is mixed with condensed lubricant. When you pour water into the vagina of your sex doll, it is this condensed lubricant that absorbs the water then turns into the lubricant that can help you with a smooth sexual experience.

How Many Times Can I Use It?

In general, you can use it more than 20 times; But, as already mentioned, when you add water into this vagina, the condensed lubricant present in the vagina dissolves into the water, which gives it its lubricating properties. So after each use, the condensed lubricant decreases. It all depends on the way and time you use it. If you have longer sexual sessions with your love doll, it will run out relatively sooner.

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