Why is The Cheap TPE Sex Doll Not Your Best Choice?

As human beings, we always associate quality with price—the more expensive the product, the better the quality. More often or not, this statement is true. When large amounts of effort and money go into the materials and process of making a particular product, then the product naturally becomes expensive. The same is the case with sex dolls. Like all products globally, you can find sex dolls of different qualities and in various price ranges. However, if you want to have an ideal sexual experience with your realistic sex doll, then it is recommended to avoid buying a cheap one.

Many people have a question while buying sex dolls: “what is the difference between the expensive sex dolls and the cheaper ones?” Is it only the brand name? Or is there a big difference between the two? High-quality sex dolls are costly, which is why people compare them with cheap love dolls and see if they can get the same fun experience at a lower cost. However, one should realize that the price of sex dolls doesn’t just depend on the brand name. The high prices of sex dolls indicate that high-quality material has been used to manufacture the doll. Lower price rates show that the materials used in manufacturing the sex dolls weren’t up to standard.

About the toxicity and smell of TPE entity dolls

Properties of TPE

Don’t get us wrong; pure TPE is one of the best products to manufacture realistic sex dolls. They are soft and flexible. However, this is why sex dolls made with pure TPE will always be expensive. Hygienic TPE contains mineral oil, which is the main reason for the doll’s softness. When low-quality mineral oil is used to make the sex dolls, it can lower the total production cost; however, this will result in a substandard sex doll that can be sold cheaply. The worst thing about these dolls is that they can easily get damaged in extreme temperatures. So if you take it with you in a shower, water won’t be the only thing spilling down the drain; it would be your money as well.

Low-quality mineral oil can be dangerous for the human body as well. So when you come in contact with it, it can damage your skin, which you should avoid entirely.

Another thing that manufacturers do is that they replace high-quality TPE with TPR material. TPR has been used to manufacture sex toys for a long time now. TPR is cheaper; however, it has a short life. Not to mention the horrible smell. So in some cases, TPR can be even more problematic than using low-quality TPE. They may be a good option for small adult products, but they are a no-no for realistic sex dolls.

Many manufactures use recycled TPE. There is nothing wrong with recycling your products; however, as we already mentioned, TPE has mineral oil in it. The mineral oil was first heated when made the doll, and now when the manufacturers melt the TPE again, it causes the mineral oil to lose its quality. This will also shorten the life of the doll and ruin your entire sex doll experience. One way to identify a doll made with recycled TPE is the bad smell. If you feel like your sex doll has a unique scent that doesn’t smell like TPE, then it’s because the manufacturers are trying to hide the pungent smell of recycled TPE.

The demand for sex dolls is increasing rapidly. More and more people have wanted to buy realistic sex dolls; however, the price tag restricts them. So mixing cheap material with TPE to reduce the cost of the product may sound like a sensible business decision, but it will cost the manufactures in the long run. Furthermore, once the clients find out about the quality of the products, no one will buy from them again.

Poor Quality TPE Sex Dolls Can Cause Harm To the Body

One of the most crucial things people don’t realize when they buy cheap sex dolls is wasting money, but they are also causing problems for their bodies. The manufacturers mix up many cheap materials in the TPE to make the sex doll less costly. This may help them lower the doll’s price, but it increases the toxicity level of the doll by significant margins. When you enjoy a sexual experience with any such doll, its toxicity will negatively affect your skin.

The softness of a TPE sex doll is due to an ideal amount of mineral oil in the doll. When the proportion of the mineral oil in the sex doll is changed by adding cheaper materials, this can affect the softness of the sex doll. As a result, the rough exterior of the sex doll may not feel that realistic, which may stop you from having an optimum sexual experience with the doll.

Substandard material used in the sex doll isn’t just bad for the user but also for the sex doll as you will always have to be extra careful with where you place the doll, what posture you store it in, what range of temperature you can take the doll in the bathroom for a bath and many other things.

Malignant Price Competition

The demand for realistic sex dolls has increased a lot over the last decade. Many new companies have joined the competition, and the market has gotten tricky. With adult products brands offering high-quality sex dolls, many small and medium-sized manufacturers have sorted to using cheaper materials to offer low-priced sex dolls to compete with the heavyweights in the market.

The price competition is so tough that the sex dolls are being sold at the minimum profit margin. This price competition has compelled companies to not care about the quality of the products. The manufactures are too busy trying to beat each other on the prices of their products that the quality of the product has become a low-ranked priority for them. This may help them win their competition for the time being, but in the long run, it will not be suitable for any of the companies who use cheap materials in the production of their sex dolls.


Keeping in mind the above things. For physical health, you should buy a high-quality realistic sex doll. Sex dolls are expensive, which means it is a long-term investment; it isn’t something you can buy every month. Once you buy a sex doll, you get attached to it. There is so much more to sex dolls than the sex itself. So it is better to invest in a quality and durable product rather than something that has a short life and won’t give you the ideal sexual experience you desire.

When you are looking to buy a realistic sex doll, always go for well-known and respected manufacturers. Check for reviews online and see which store or supplier has got great reviews. We don’t suggest going out of your budget when buying a sex doll but avoid the too cheap ones. As long as it has a reasonable price and the supplier is legitimate and has good credibility in the market, you are good to move ahead with the purchase.

We make sure that our sex dolls are manufactured with the highest quality standards. We only work with quality-assured brands; Every sex dolls undergo layers of quality assurance screening to ensure the high-quality standards we set for ourselves and our clients. You can buy them without any worry.

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